31 January 2010

PPStream: Display Chinese language at PPS in Windows Xp

Due to default setting, PPStream might not be able to display in Chinese or Mandarin in our Windows Xp. But it should not be a big problem. All you need to do is to change the language display option in your Windows for non-Unicode program. In this post, I am going to show you how to change your Windows Xp language service for non-Unicode program.

First of all, go to
 Control Panel
   Regional And Language Options

Next, in the "Advanced" window, select any kind of Chinese language, e.g. Chinese (PRC), in the Language for non-Unicode Programs box as shown below.

Last but not least, don't forget to restart / reboot your computer so the setting of your system can be updated.

29 January 2010

Blogger Tips & Tricks: Add New Pages In Blogspot

Add a new page in your blogger account is not a problem anymore. You are no more required to purposely create a post as a page which I did it before. In other words, you can create a page with a link like http://xaivierchia.blogspot.com/p/about or http://xaivierchia.blogspot.com/p/contact.

Windows Tips & Tricks: 10 useful mathematic symbols' shortcut


26 January 2010

Blogger Tips: 3 Steps to Make NavBar Disappear In Blogspot

This is a tip for you to hide or disable or remove your blogger navbar in blogspot. It is quite important to let your blog always fit to the window.
1.  Firstly, save your template as a backup by clicking "Download Full Template".
2.3. Next, add the below code to area of  <head> as illustrated above.

23 January 2010

Google Analytics + Google Adsense = Improve site and increase marketing ROI

Thanks Google again which provides another fascinating tool yet free of charge for all webmaster here. Without spending any money, you can use this tool to track up 5 million page views per month. Users with an active Google AdWords account are given unlimited page view tracking. Besides that, all you need to do is create an account and past the code in your website.

22 January 2010

Webmaster Tips: Detect plagiarism of the contents on your site

I found a free service from http://www.copyscape.com/ which provides a free public service to detect whether the content on your website is plagiarized or not. Besides that, this site also provide several important links such as online copyright, introduction of web plagiarism, vary copyright laws etc. http://www.copyscape.com/resources.php

21 January 2010

Free online Learning: Learn English language - Guess a word

In order to increase our English vocabulary, "guess a word" plays an important role on it. It is quite often to heard from somebody who seems know lots of vocabularies, but saying that he or she just guesses the meaning of a word. It is very frustration at the first time for me because I thought they were selfish and not willing to teach me the way he or she have used to memorizing those seldom used vocabularies. Finally, I find out a guild line to guess a word as illustrated below.

19 January 2010

Webmaster Tutorial: Add PayPal Donate Button to your site

In order to give your readers have another option to show their support to your site, putting a donate button in your site will be a good idea. There are three simple steps to accomplish this task. Firstly, login your PayPal account. If you did not have it now, register a free account now.

18 January 2010

Take a break: Fun Typing game - Word Frenzy


Word Frenzy is a fun typing game to train your typing speed. All you need to do is type as fast as possible. Besides that, you can be either a rabbit to run or a monster catch rabbit.

17 January 2010

English learning: Could Vs Can and Could Vs Would


These are some of the summary from my english lecture today. Albeit these are not a rocket science, I think these will be a good refreshment about our english language.

What is the difference between 'could' and 'can'? For example, "could you please show me their difference?" and "can you show me their difference?". 'Could' has a meaning of possibility and 'can', on the other hand, has a meaning of ability. As a result, the former sentence has a meaning of "Is it possible for you to show me their difference" which is more polite compared to the latter sentence which has a meaning of "You have the ability and show it to me".

13 January 2010

Take a break: Jokes & Fun - Employee Vs Boss

How to ask your Boss for a salary increase..?

One day an employee sends a letter to Her boss asking for an increase in her salary !!!

Dear Bo$$
In thi$ life, we all need $ome thing$ mo$t de $perately. I think you $hould be under $tanding of the need$ of your worker$ who have given $o much $upport including $weat and $ervice to your company .

I am $ure you will gue $$ what I mean and re$pond $oon.

$incerely Your$,
Marian $hih------------ --------- --------- --------- --------- ----

11 January 2010

You Tube Tips & Tricks: Download Youtube Video Without Installation

It is quite often for us to watch some interesting video from Youtube. Of course, it is a good idea if we can download and store it in our computer as a collection. Without installing any software in your computer to avoid any spyware or malware, I would like to introduce you how to download Youtube video from website directly to your computer without using any software. It is totally free of charge and do not need to register any account.

09 January 2010

Optical Illusion: Avoid Cheating and Shift Your Paradigm

There are some of my optical illusion collection from various resources. I am also not very sure the creators of this great stuff. You may have an illusion if you are tired, not calm enough and anxiety while looking the picture below. I not very encourage you to "crazy" this optical illusion, because I believe it may "damage" our daily life. However, I do believe it is necessary to understand this optical illusion to avoid any cheating and shift our paradigm.