28 July 2011

GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD (GTRONIC: 7022) - Summary and Overview of 2011Q2 report

This is some summary and overview of the second quarter report of GLOBETRONICS TECHNOLOGY BERHAD (GTRONIC: 7022):
Revenue Summary:
Revenue from external customers during the 6 months ended 30/6/2011 Vs 30/6/2010:
Malaysia = RM101,367,000 (2011) Vs RM81,802,000 (2009)
China = RM5,549,000 (2011) Vs RM0  (2009)
United States = RM17,615,000 (2011) Vs RM36,245,000 (2009)
Singapore = RM11,757,000 (2011) Vs 11,270,000  (2009)

Obviously, the improvement was mainly supported by local market (Malaysia) and new market (China). As most of us know about the condition of US, the revenue from US was dropped about 48%. Luckily, this negative impact was offset by the strong Asia market.

22 July 2011

Website Review Service - Receive Your Website Experience Feedback Now

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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20 July 2011

5 Steps to Save Your Money

Your wealth is not dependent on how much you have earned, but how much you have accumulated. But the first step to accumulate our wealth is through saving. In this post, I am going to state five steps I have used to save my money.

1. Never Trust the Salesperson.
Generally, all salespeople have some sort of conflict of interest about our money. The duty of salespeople, of course, is to close a sale or deal as quickly as possible in order to maximize their income. Nevertheless, if salespeople who only get month paycheck without any bonus regarding their sales performance, then most of the time this salesperson will not so hardworking to pursue you to buy their products. In short, we must think twice about the words from salesperson specially who has conflict of interest about our money.

15 July 2011

SAPIND (7811) - SAPURA INDUSTRIAL BHD - Fundamental Analysis 3 - Intrinsic Value

After knowing the Business strategy, Segments and Prospect of SAPIND (7811) in first Fundamental Analysis and its financial condition plus profitability in the second Fundamental Analysis, in this post, I will going to show how to make a good deal.

14 July 2011

Home Services Directory: Promote and Find Home Services In Malaysia

homeloq is a Home Services Directory website in Malaysia. Homeloq provides a platform for business owner to expand their business via online marketing. Various information of Home Repair, Home Improvement and Home Decoration related Services is available in homeloq now. No matter you are a business owner and a smart consumer, homeloq is a place for you to promote your business and to find a good deal.

Personally, I found homeloq is a very useful website for both home services business owners and consumers. In this post, I summarized my experience after using homeloq to promote a business and to find my desired home services.

10 July 2011

SAPIND (7811) - SAPURA INDUSTRIAL BHD - Fundamental Analysis 2 - Financial Condition and Profitability

After knowing the Business strategy, Segments and Prospect of SAPIND (7811) in last Fundamental Analysis, in this post, I am going to discuss the financial condition and profitability of SAPIND. This is my strategy in stock market investment, that is, first of all, I must understand its basic business structure. After that, I must make sure that the financial condition is healthy. And then, I must investigate whether this business is profitable or not. Finally, I will calculate whether its market price makes it a good deal?

Let's go back to the today topic, SAPIND (7811), Fundamental Analysis 2 - Financial Condition and Profitability.

Part 1 : Financial Condition

Based on the last seven years data (2005 to 2011), the current ratio maintained around one, the acidic or quick ratio also maintained around 0.8, and the cash ratio also maintained around 0.2. However, it is worth to highlight that although the working capital also maintained around 4.8million, the net income to working capital ratio increased from 88% (2008) to 432% (2011). That was the reason why SAPIND able to give 14sen + 13.8sen (proposed) in 2011 fiscal year.

05 July 2011

SAPIND (7811) - SAPURA INDUSTRIAL BHD - Fundamental Analysis 1 - Business strategy, Segments, Prospect

In this first fundamental analysis of SAPIND (7811), we will focus on the business strategy, business segments and its prospect.
Business Strategy of SAPIND:
"Despite the positive business environment, the Group is aware that we cannot rely purely on market trends to fuel our growth especially given the highly competitive nature of our business. Therefore, we took strategic steps to empower our potential in the three core aspects of our business, namely our commercial, technical and operational capabilities during the year under review."


Sapura Industrial’s Business Strategy:
“Be Competitive: Commercially, Technically and Operationally”.
"The Group’s focus will be on building business scalability with domestic market players. SAPIND is also looking forward to work with leading global players in the local market and are confident that they will be able to appreciate the value that SAPIND can bring to the table in terms of the quality of our products and services."

01 July 2011

For Beginners: 4 Free Classes That'll Improve Your Finance / Investment Skills

Those who did not focus on finance or business applications in school may find themselves in a really big bind as they grow older and realize how important these two subjects are in maintaining and maximizing their personal income. But if you do not have the time and/or money to return to school to acquire a formal education in these principles there is fortunately another alternative you can take—free online courses. These courses are provided by note-worth sources located in both the U.S. and the UK and although you can't claim credit (and thus can't technically be "certified" in these areas) the old class materials offered by these institutions can in fact help you become better acquainted in these fields. With that said, the classes listed below are perfect for those that do not have the slightest clue about finances or for those looking for a "refresher course."

1. Economics.
It might prove to be extremely difficult to understand the financial markets and investing without having a firm understanding of money-making principles learned in an economics course. Thus this "introductory package" is comprised of 5 different mini-courses—Intro to Economics, Intro to Microeconomics, International Economics, Managerial Economics and Macroeconomics for Managers— in an effort to teach beginners the core principles of economic institutions, including property rights, markets, business organizations, labor unions, money and banking, trade, and taxation. [Utah State University: >http://ocw.usu.edu/economics]