30 January 2011

Free Windows Antivirus Software: Microsoft Security Essentials

In this competitive world, providers try their best to fulfill and attract their customers in the market. Free side-products, such as free versions, free viewers and free scanners are used to promote their main software. Besides, it is also a good idea to provide some "free gift" to "reward"  their customers. If you are using Genuine Windows, congratulation, you have privilege to install Microsoft free anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials, in your Windows now. In this post, I am going to share some my experience after using this software several days.

25 January 2011

Free Windows Xp Virtual Drives : Accessing ISO Images without Installation

Previously, I used to use Daemon Tools to assess ISO image files. However, it is not a free software. Therefore, I decided to put some afford to search a free software to do the same thing. Finally, I realized that, in fact, Microsoft has provided such free tool that called "Microsoft Virtual CD Control Tool". Without any hesitation, I download and test it immediately. Here is some sharing based on my experience toward this free tool.

1. Green
You do not need to install it to your hard disk. In other words, you can use it directly after extract it to your desktop.

22 January 2011

Yahoo Alert : Warning!Verify Your Account !! (VX2G99AAJ) - Scam Email

This is definitely a scam email. Why? Yahoo! or any providers never send such thing to require their users to send password or personal details for verification. Other methods to justify a scam email can be found in my previous posts in this blog. (You can also simply click the label of Scam Email to check my previous explanation about this matter)

The content of this scam email is stated below: Guess what, your account will be interrupted if you try to reply this kind of scam email. The rule of thumb is to drop an official email to the providers directly if you really afraid that this kind of thing is "true". In fact, we can just ignore them because they just like a dust in our room, which need be cleared up everyday. Because you never be surprised that your room has dust, don't you?

20 January 2011

The Meaning of Real Life: To Be Yourself - Appreciate

Life is short. No time to take care all expectations from other people. Existing means knowing who you are NOW instead of predicting who you are tomorrow. Let go nonsense and selfish comments.

True is still true. No matter you want it or not. You still need to drink, eat and breath to survive regardless you are the richest person, the smartest person or powerful person.

No matter you want it or not. You still need to earn money to buy water, meal etc to survive. Unless you have achieved financial freedom.

17 January 2011

Your Teen Can Own a Micro Business : How to Launch It in Ten Simple Steps

“I want to walk dogs; what do I need to do to get started?” asked a teen boy. I had inspired him to think about starting a micro business and he was ready to get going!

I encourage teenagers to start very small businesses—micro businesses. A micro business is a one-person business that can be started easily, usually without any up-front cash, using what a teenager already owns. Micro businesses are usually home-based and very flexible so a busy student can keep up with homework, sports and a social life.

15 January 2011

The Difference between Acronym and Abbreviation

Acronym is a word which created from combining the initial letter of few words. Abbreviation, on the other hand, is a word which created by shortening its original word.

Example of acronym includes:
FYI (For Your Information)
FYA (For Your Action)
WRT (With Reference To)
cc (Carbon Copy)
Bcc (Blind Carbon Copy)
ASAP (As Soon As Possible)
COD (Cash On Delivery)

13 January 2011

Thanks for Blogger: Filtering Spam Comment Automatically

New year new resolution. I guess spammers and scammers also got their new resolutions. Don't they? So, what kind of new year resolution a spammer supposedly want? Spamming at least one thousand users in Internet every second? How about scammers, what they supposedly want in this new year? To increase 20% successful rate in email scam activities in this new year? Haha, actually, I also no idea about these kind of stuff. I am just a blogger.

Anyway, the main purpose of this post to say "Thank You" for my provider, Blogger.com. Your spam filtering system is really good. It really saves me lots of time by throwing those "rubbish" away automatically. Besides that, I would like to thank you for providing lots of useful new features in 2010, such as, Traffic Source and Statistic indicators, New Template Design, Pages, etc.

11 January 2011

Procedure of Selling / Buying a Second-Hand Car in Malaysia

1. Document preparation
i. Get a set of transfer forms needed in the nearest J.P.J. branch.
a) Borang Semak (TM3).
b) Transfer of ownership form (JPJK3). (JPJK3A is for deceased owner)
c) Form to certify new ownership (TM-AB). (It is needed only if the new owner does not able present to JPJ)

ii. Fill up the form and sign it wherever necessary.

iii. The new owner’s identification card or MyKad have to be certified by:
a) An officer of the Transport Department.
b) A Commissioner of Oaths.
c) A Justice of Peace of J.P.
d) A Judge from the Session Court.

10 January 2011

6 Facts to Help You Protect Yourself from Human Ehrlichiosis

Human Ehrlichiosis is a tick-borne bacterial infection that can cause mild or serious conditions. Human Ehrlichiosis can lead to very serious conditions, especially, if this type of infection is not diagnosed and treated immediately. To prevent and treat this type of infection, here are six useful facts to help you protect yourself from Human Ehrlichiosis.

1. What is Human Ehrlichiosis
Human Ehrlichiosis is an infection caused by the bacteria Ehrlichia. It is passed into the human bloodstream through the bite of an infected tick, such as lone star and deer ticks. However, it cannot be transmitted from one person to another. Ehrlichiosis cases have been found in the south-central and southeast regions in the United States. Incidents have also been reported in California, as well as in the mid-western and north-eastern states.

07 January 2011

Properties: 6 Important Things to Remember Before Buying Your First House

If you are planning to buy your first house, you can look through classified ads or browse through relevant listings online (Here are some online listing in Malaysia). From there, you will see that there are a lot of homes for sale, each with different specifications and corresponding price tags. However, here are some important considerations that you should remember to avoid unnecessary troubles.

1. Work on your credit rating
If you are planning to get a mortgage to pay for your new house, you should put attention on your credit scores. Since financial institutions will be reviewing your credit history, it is important that you review your personal credit reports to ensure that all the figures and details are correct. Work on this prior to getting the mortgage so you will not have problems later on.

06 January 2011

Insurance: 6 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid

Insurance may be considered a necessary thing nowadays. However, buying the right policy is not as easy as it sounds. This is because of the availability and generation of Insurance Leads, insurance companies can easily bombard potential customers with their products. Besides, with a wide range of available insurance products, you can easily become confused. As a result, it is a good idea to know what mistakes can be avoided as showed below:

1. Buying a wrong insurance
If you buy a wrong insurance, you could end up paying for unnecessary policies. Therefore, please read and understand the policy and being aware of its fine print in order to determine whether it will really prove useful to you in the future.

05 January 2011

Google Warning: Verify Your Information or Account Suspension (Scam)

This is too ridiculous. Haha. I received an stupid scam, obviously. Why? Please read the content of the email as stated below first. 
From: Gmail (mailboxdata@gmail.com)
Sent: Wed, 5 January, 2011 12:28:38
Subject: Google Warning

Due to anonymous registration of our email service, We have come to realize that your account information on our database system are out of date, as a result of that we require you to verify your Information. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension.

Online Backup : The 4 Key Features that You Should Understand

Online backup is also called remote backup. Online backup is essential especially when you have some important documents or files stored in your computer. We have no idea about the "expire date" of the hardware of a computer. Therefore, online backup  your important data can help you to avoid unnecessary troubles in the long run. However, it is good idea to understand some key features about this process as stated below.

04 January 2011

6 Useful Techniques for Getting Life, Health and Auto Insurance Leads

People in the insurance business know the importance of having a stable source of leads to market their insurance products to. Having a good source of prospects could mean higher insurance sales and can lessen the possibility of making cold calls to the wrong people. Whether you are looking for auto insurance, life insurance or Health Insurance Leads, you should practice effective techniques for finding a good source of leads. In this post, six useful techniques for getting Life, Health and Auto insurance leads are stated as follows:

1. Market your products to the heads of local businesses
You might be able to yield larger and more immediate results if you arrange a group presentation to promote your products to the heads of local businesses. You can include owners, managers and presidents of the human resource departments of different companies. Create a convincing marketing proposal and tell them how the products you offer can be advantageous to their individual employees as well as their whole company.

6 Effective Techniques to Generate Life Insurance Sales Leads

In other to succeed in the business of selling life insurance products, the first step is to find a good and steady source of life Insurance. Besides, one should practice the ways of generating insurance leads. In this post, six effective techniques to generate life insurance sales leads are presented as follows:

1. Ask for referrals from family and friends
This tip is very helpful especially for the people who are just starting out in the life insurance leads business. If you don’t have that many contacts yet, you can ask for help from the people you already know such as your family, friends and any other acquaintances. List out their names and contact them. Although not all of these people may directly need life insurance, they may refer you to someone else who does.

01 January 2011

New Year Resolution 2011

First of all, Happy New Year 2011 to all my visitors.

Referring to my New Year Resolution 2010, I'm pleased to announce that I have successfully accomplish them generally. In fact, I quite enjoy doing these activities since these make my life more meaningful. Therefore, I decide to further these resolution to 2011.

In the year of 2011, another five MUST resolutions are proposed and hopefully can be accomplish them, again. These resolutions will be more specific compared to the previous resolution.