30 May 2011

Regret Free Parenting - Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Righ (By Catherine Hickem) (Book Review)

Regret Free Parenting Raise Good Kids and Know You're Doing It Righ
By Catherine Hickem
Published by Thomas Nelson

Regret Free Parenting discusses seven principles for being intentional mum to have regret free parenting. These principles consist of understanding your purpose, knowing and affirming your child, being a vision keeper, developing emotional intelligence, maintaining your position, addressing your fear and being God-dependent. At the end of this book, both parenting plan and additional resources (i.e. website, tools, books and movies) are provided to help mum get started in their Regret-Free Parenting journey.
From this book, I have learnt that parent should invest in the areas of the greatest impact on their children’s quality of life (e.g. using their authority to teach children the important lessons of life), instead of try to make children happy about obeying them. For example, parent should teach their children that happiness is not about what they posses but is a contented state of mind that gives meaning and security to their lives.

28 May 2011

A bad day today - Internet Connection + Parking + Fine

In this morning, my internet connection did not work. The software kept search for network endlessly. I was so nervous since I need to send out some important emails and do online transaction.
Without hesitate, I called the hot-line of my internet service. Guess what, this line was really "HOT". I was forced to hear abundant of advertisement before I can ask something about the service. After few minutes of "online Q&A" session, the technical people told me that my device was malfunction, so I need to bring it to their technical office for further investigation and can change a new one.

25 May 2011

Investment: Gold Vs Stock Market - Can we eat gold for survive?

Firstly, let's back to basic, what is the essential thing for us to survive? Gold? Company Share? Money? or food? (Ans: Food, water and air)If the crisis will really happen, then we better buy a house + few lands for plantation (Note: buying price and other criteria needed to be considered first). Then we can get rid of crisis. Simple.
In fact, if we don't have enough of money to buy farm or land, we can simply invest in some good company to share their profits.

Give you an example, if Group A got 100% gold in this world, and Group B got 100% land in this world, who will survive at the end of the day?
Again, can we eat gold for survive? Land can produce unlimited food, but a gold may only used to pay one food, for instance.

20 May 2011

Experience Sharing: Pen-Friend

Ten years old, the use of Internet was not so general. Besides the so-called ICQ, knowing new friends via mail was still very popural. It is very hard to imagine Facebook, MySpace, Friendster etc. in the time. In this post, I am going to share with you about the so-called Pen-friend, which was a popular word in last decade.
Having few pen-friends was exciting. Your life will full of expectation, such as when the mail will be received and replied. You need to have enough patience and belief to maintain this kind of friendship. Guess what, I have zero pen-friend now. In fact, just like any other relationship, it requires mutual patience and belief. One hand cannot clap.

15 May 2011

Three Scam and Phishing Emails - Important Alert from Maybank ?

Recently, I receive few scam emails which were trying to phishing my Maybank account password, I guess. Based on the rule of thumb which I mention before (i.e. 8 ways to identify spam email), we can identify this kind of scam or phishing email in seconds. The details of these three phishing emails I received are stated as follows:

First Scam Details:
Subject: - URGENT ! Attention Required -
From: Maybank2u.com mbb-berhad3@freenet.de>

Redirect URL: http://connectmbbi01.addr.com/a3.htm

Second Scam Details:
Subject: 1 Alert Message "[URGENT]"
From:     Maybank2u.com @freenet.de>
Redirect URL: http://mmbnewm2u.addr.com/tac4.htm

Third Scam Details:
Subject: Important Alert for M2U Customers
Important Alert from Maybank :
From: Maybank2u.com @freenet.de>
Redirect URL: http://cvbupdate-m2u.addr.com/4.htm

Their contents are the same as follows

09 May 2011

Tricky mathematics : Let's reverse engineer 6 / 2(1+2) = 1 or 9 ?

Recently, people are arguing the answer a simple mathematic solution of 6 / 2(1+2).
Generally there are two possible solutions for this tricky question.
1. The anwer is NINE. This is because the general rule of mathematic tells us that we should always calculate the thing inside the ( ) first, and then do the calculation of multiplication or division from left to right, and finally do the calculation of sum or minus.
That is, 6 / 2(1+2) = 6 / 2 (3) = 3 (3) = 9
2. The answer is ONE. Why? Let me do a simple "reverse engineering" from ONE.

05 May 2011

Experience Sharing: Ones Determination is Stronger than the Help from Other

When I was in secondary school, I was very bad. To me, teachers were stupid because they always said something I did not know in the class. As a result, the only motivation for me to go to school was chatting with friends. Computer game was everything in my life. I was thinking to be the best game player among my friends. In fact, I was satisfied be the best in the virtual world. Therefore, I spent most of my time to "train" myself succeed in virtual world.

In this period of time, my parents were so worry about my future and they had no idea how to guide me to the right direction. Luckily, something "miracle" happened in my life after I went for a part-time job during school holiday.