28 February 2014

Free Financial Education by BNM in Malaysia

I always tell my friends that good stuff is seldom popular as paid one. Indeed, especially those provided and subsidised by government. The main reason could be that nobody is responsible to share good yet free stuff with you. Paid stuff, on the other hand, is financially motivated and highly promoted in the market.
Luckily, our Bank Negara (BNM) actively promote "free-of-charge" basic financial education to public. Thus, it will be a good idea to acquire these basic financial knowledge first before considering or participating other financial education.
In the following content, I am going to concisely introduce some "free-of-charge" financial services that you may consider to improve your financial intelligent.

21 February 2014

Recurrent Related Party Transactions (RRPT): A Review

Typically, most companies involve some amount of Recurrent Related Party Transactions (RRPT) for their day-to-day operations, mainly, for the purchases of raw materials and supplies. Generally, listed companies will seek their shareholders' approval for their RRPT for the following rationale and benefits. 

14 February 2014

Cut Your Home Loan 50% Time and 50% Interest


Last week, I unintentionally went and listened a public talk in a local bookstore about a Plan that could help us save 50% loan interest. Well, my first thought was - this Plan must be a scam! Because banking industry is very competitive. Thus, I decided to spend a couple of minutes to investigate the PLAN via listening the 'shows' .

A Costly Basic Knowledge   

After the speaker introduced lots of unrelated 'knowledge' such BLR, interest, debt, small story, out-of-debt, into-debt and bla bla bla, finally, I figured out that the Plan really works! However, I really cannot see any point to subscribe their service. This is because I really do not think that a basic knowledge about housing loan should cost us few thousand dollars (maybe even more). Therefore, I hope my sharing in this post can save your precious time and hard-earned money. 

07 February 2014

Annual Report Vs Annual Audited Report in Bursa Malaysia: 1st Step for Evaluation

I still remember when I was just getting started investing in Stock Market in Bursa Malaysia, I read a couple of books about how to evaluate a company or business. The most important thing is to ensure the financial report that used for evaluation is audited. Thus, I was quite frustrated when I found difficulty to find an Annual Audited Report of some companies in Bursa Malaysia.
After struggling few days, finally, I realised that, in Bursa Malaysia, all the financial statements or reports in annual report have been audited. Consequently, some companies only publish annual report in Bursa Malaysia.