30 March 2013

Reasons Why You are still Single: Myths and Solutions

I think this topic describes quite appropriate to most of people in my cycle. Most of them are smart, no bad looking, friendly, good career etc. However, most of them are still single. WHY? Why these kind of people who accumulate the so-called good "criteria" are still single? Yet, other people who might not have these "demanded" criteria are already engaged, married or even having few children.
I had tried to figure out ways to identify the potential solution so that my friends will eventually find their Mr./Miss Right. Last night, an crystal clear idea appeared on my mind while I was falling in sleep. Immediately, I used all my energy to wake my body up and picked up a pen to jot down this idea to explain this "popular phenomena" in my life. There are three main reasons why you are still Single.

29 March 2013

Brilliant Questions Vs Silly Answers: Fail or Succeed

This is a story that edited from a true story in a planet.

Boss: Why this method does not succeed?
People: Because this method fails.

Boss: Why this method succeeds?
People: Because this method does not fail.

Boss: Why this method fails?
People: Because this method does not succeed.

Boss: Why this method does not fail?
People: Because this method succeeds.

Boss: What the...

Written by:
Xaivier Chia

(P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight. Please do not take it seriously. However, your valuable feedback are very welcome. You are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage for latest sharing.)

25 March 2013

Spot and Remove Spam Reply to Increase the Quality of your Websites

Personally, I always manually delete spam replies because they simply degrade the quality of reader's experience on my Blog. In this post, I share my experience to deal with spam reply and list some examples in the footnote of this post.

Spot a Spam Reply

Spam reply is a reply that can be used repetitively in different website so that the "spam action" can be accelerated. A reply will be considered as Spam must fulfill at least two criteria: First, it is quite general; and Second, it contains advertising purpose (re-direct link).  The core idea of spam reply is to put a link in your website so that the number of "external link" of the spammer's website can be increased.

20 March 2013

Seven Habits of Highly Unsuccessful Investors in Stock Market

After few years of stock market investment, I have experienced a constantly failure if I applied one of these BAD habits when I made a decision. This post summarises these 7 habits that cost me make bad decision previously.

Habit 1: Predicting future trend

Look, volume comes, more buyers than sellers: it is a good entry point.
Insight: Volumes can be manipulated, so the number of buyers and sellers. Three of them actually have no point for a long term investors.

17 March 2013

A mini review of the stocks that stated by Cold Eyes: Do your homework

I did not go the talk last Saturday because the place is too far from my living place. Luckily, Nanyang newspaper published some information regarding the talk. After making a mini review, I found out that some of them are incorrect. Although I am not sure whether it is reporter's or writer's mistakes (or others), by doing some homework, we do can avoid misleading crisis.
In this post, I am going to state some stocks that appears to be incorrectly stated in the newspaper or some important information one may miss them.

1. L&G, 3174

L&G earned 2.4sen during last quarter ended 31/12/2012. However, most of the profit is due to one-off earning as stated in its quarter report:

15 March 2013

Six Reasons to have Printed / Hardcopy Books instead of e-book

It is undeniable that the invention of electronic archive saves lots of our space to store those apparent important yet unnecessary files and documents. E-archive is much accessible due to its powerful index system that let us easily to find a wanted document faster and easier. Consequently, lots of information is accessible from Internet via Google Search Engine.
Since I am going to receive my 1Malaysia Book voucher in the coming few weeks, I think it is the time for me to figure a good reason for me to own a printed book. Firstly, I will identify those e-friendly book that will be excluded from my must-buy list. Then, I will finalise few criteria to help me make a better decision for the coming book shopping.

10 March 2013

Positive and Negative Value Investing Strategy: Optimistic Vs Pessimistic

Personally, I believe that value investing strategy can be categorised as Positive value investing and Negative value investing. Both of them are the complement of each one. Thus, to optimise the potential profit and diminish the risk of each investment, we need to use them flexibly.

Positive (or Optimistic) Value Investing

People who implement positive value investing is optimistic about the future of a particular business. They project the future value with some assumptions. If the assumptions are fulfilled, we are going to maximise the profits.

08 March 2013


In previous post, I highlighted the attractive area of INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED BERHAD (FACBIND, 2984). However, the latest annoucement slightly disappointed me. Although it appeared that the disposal will be completed soon (after approval from EGM), FACBIND only planned to
invest almost all the "Profits" into NEW BUSINESS*. In other words, no special dividend will be announced. This causes another uncertainty for me.

In a comparison with P&O's divestment that at least planned to allocates some portion for its shareholders, the uncertainty of FACBIND is higher than P&O, obviously.

05 March 2013

The Endless Cycle of Birth, Rebirt and Redeath of Buddhist: Insight

Samsara (also known as cycle of existence or wheel of suffering) is the endless cycle of birth, rebirth and redeath, according to Buddhist. As an ordinary human being, I cannot justify it via scientific experiment or observation. However, I do find an interest similar phenomenon in our daily life. In this post, I draft and share my idea as a record for future thinking.
Instead of the so-called six realms of existence and a relatively long period in each realm of existence, I believe that the six realms of existence occur in our life, daily.

God Realm (Blissful State)