30 June 2011

Computer Dependency Test - How Many Foot Do You Have?

Nowadays, most of us have too dependent on our computers in our life. Here is a simple question to assess whether you have dependent on computer or not.
Question: How Many Foot Do You Have?

To find out the answer, please look down...

29 June 2011

Google Page Rank Drop: From Three to One - A Review

Today, I found out that my Page Rank become ONE instead of three suddenly. What a sad news!! After Google some news about Google Page Rank, I realize that it is normal case especially when Google modify their algorithm to calculate Page Rank. In other words, every time when Google re-evaluate Page Rank, the Page rank of some website will be either increased, reduced or maintained.
Here are some reasons which explain why my PR drop:

1. Lack of New Post Update
In 2011, I only update Xaivier Blog once per week compared to almost everyday during 2010. That is why I only spent around 6 months to get PR of THREE when I started this blog during 2010.
2. High Bounce Rate
Bounce Rate is the percentage of one-page viewers in the website. In order words, higher bounce rate means the contents of the website do not relate to each other well, so the visitors only read the particular post. (Note: We can use Google Analytic Tools to check the Bounce Rate. Read More.)
3. Traffic Source
More than 80% visitors of Xaivier Blog is from Search Engines. It may be good to Google Adsense Revenue. But in the long run, I hope I can use this advantage to increase more direct traffic or the number of returning visitors.

25 June 2011

How to do homework: EPS, Market Price, Profit Margin, Acid Ratio, Cash Flow, Dividend

In this post, I am going to list out five important indicators which I often use to assess whether a particular company is worth for invest or not. These five indicators consist of safety margin (PE), business profitability (Profit Margin), financial condition (Acid Ratio or Quick Ratio), cash management (Cash flow), and shareholders' return (Dividend).

1. PE = Market Price / EPS
Before making any investment decision, what I am interested in is how many money a particular business or company can earn in terms of Earning per Share (EPS). This is because the market price of the business is in terms of price for one Share. For example, the market price of XZY company is $5.00 with EPS of $0.50. This means that if we acquire the whole business of this company with the market price of $5.00, and if this company can maintain its earning with EPS of $0.50 annually, we can breakeven by 10 years (10 years X $0.50) (with the assumption that the profit will be maintained). If we expect that the profit will grow, of course, we will break even within shorter period of time (faster). Therefore, we need to ask ourselves: Is it a good deal to break even for ten years? or five years? Is the assumption logic, reasonable and achieveable in the future? In fact, the ratio of market price to EPS is the so-called PE. In other words, PE of 10 shows us that our investment is possible to be breakeven by 10 years if the assumptions are true. Therefore, we can use PE as a reference to determine whether the market price of a particular company is over-valued or not. Personally, I prefer PE less than 10. However, some exception is possible. For example, if we expect the growing rate of EPS is 30% annually, with purchasing price of RM1.20 for EPS of 10sen or PE of 12 (1.2/0.1), actually, we are going to breakeven by six year as stated below:

Year 1: 10sen
Year 2: 13sen
Year 3: 16.9sen
Year 4: 21.97sen
Year 5: 28.561sen
Year 6: 37.1293sen
Total: 127.56sen

20 June 2011

Having a Strong Reason to Invest in Stock Market - A Simple Concept to Succeed

The first step is to identify the reasons why you want to invest in stock market. Is it to earn more wealth and money? If yes, how do you define more wealth and money? How much money you want to earn from stock market? Why you want to earn so much money? To provide better lifestyle to your family? To have more money to enjoy life?
Personally, the reason why I invest in stock market is - I hope I can learn some skills which can spend my free time wisely and can generate more money to improve my life and the people I know. And then, ultimately, I can use this skill to achieve financial freedom.
So far, I am quite satisfied my progress and results in stock market investment for last 18 months. In the beginning, I spent around three months full time to study what value investment is. After that, a value investment senior mentored me in stock market investment for another three months. His advice and experience sharing are vital for me to succeed in stock market investment with confidence and peace of mind.

17 June 2011

My Favourite Music from mydoodlesongs.com

This post simply record or bookmark my favourite music from http://mydoodlesongs.com/ so I can go and play them from time to time when I free. Of course, there are many of music you can find out in the mydoodlesongs.com.

Hereby, I would like thanks mydoodlesongs.com for providing this free tool to let have some experiment to play music. Nevertheless, the music is too short, so I look forward to the full script of the music.

16 June 2011

Add +1 to Blogger to Stand Out Your Blogspot Content

Supposedly, all Blogger.com users only need to click on "Show Share Buttons" in their "Configure Blog Posts" (which is in Design, Page Elements) to show the +1 button. However, this feature does not happen in my XaivierChia.blogspot.com account! Maybe I have modified its HTML to suit my need, so my Blogger.com cannot generate the +1 button even though I click on the "Share Share Buttons" box already.

Nevertheless, luckily, I have unintentionally re-activated this plus one feature in Xaivierchia.blogspot.com. For those who have same experience as mine, all you need to do is copy the code from the Google website (Link is provided below), and then paste it in your HTML template just after the < Head >.

15 June 2011

Current Social Issues: Parenting? - Unlimited Money versus Limited Time

Nowadays, parents invest most their time on other things to earn more money. And then use the money to buy somebody time to take care their next generation.
They lose the chance to look after their own kids themselves.
After that, their kids become youth "suddenly". Parents spend more time to earn more money to hire someone to "teach" their kids to excel in academic etc.
When kids become adults, what will happen to the parents? Yes, they just spend more time to earn more money in such a way they are affordable to hire someone to look after their parents....
The history keeps go on and go on.

The lesson I learn from this scenario is: please don’t spend too many limited time to earn unlimited money. Our limited time should be spent wisely on our invaluable assets, such as our kinship and friendship.

10 June 2011

Money cannot solve problems. Nurture correct attitude can solve all problems.

In this Mini View, I am going to share with you what is the greatest gift you can give to your children in this world. This gift help your children solve lots of problem in their whole life. This gift is priceless and cannot be brought.
Most of the people believe money can help them get rid of many problems. However, without correct attitude, money, in fact, will make your life more miserable.Money cannot solve problems. Nurturing correct attitude, on the other hand, can solve all problems. People with correct attitude will always feel appreciate and content in their life even they are not rich or wealth.

Investment: Gold Acts as A Safe Heaven During Crisis?

Here is my point of view about one feedback from my previous post, i.e. Investment: Gold Vs Stock Market - Can we eat gold for survive?
The feedback:
"We can not say we can eat gold for survive.But we can say gold is the way with the help of which we can survive.In this economic crisis of market gold is only way to invest and it acts as a safe heaven during crisis. Gold has an intrinsic value that never fades."
My views:
I do agree that gold has an intrinsic value that never fades. In fact, it is just like any other raw materials, e.g. silver, diamond and wood. But the question is - How do we assess or evaluate the intrinsic value of gold?

07 June 2011

CIMB Clicks Account Alert - Scam Email

Last few days, I received two scam emails which were trying to phishing my CIMB account and password.

The reason why I am 100% sure that these are scam emails is because I did not have CIMB Click account. What a silly scammer. In addition, for those have received this kind of email, please simply move your "mouse pointer" to the re-direct link in the email, you will find out that you will be redirected to other website (phishing website) instead of the real (official) CIMB Clicks website, that is, http://www.nifterick.com/pf/cimbclicks/Login.html instead of the real website of http://www.cimbclicks.com.my/.

The main reason for me to highlight these emails in my blog is due to the fact that the email address of sender is too real, that is security.alert@cimb.com.my  and clicks@cimb.com.myTherefore, it is necessary to point it out and share it with my visitors so that anyone can get rid of this scam email. 

The content of these scam emails are copied and pasted as follows:

05 June 2011

Running a Micro Business ( for Teens ) by Carol Topp - Book Review

Running a Micro Business
by Carol Topp
Running a Micro Business consists of nine chapters, which provide comprehensive guidance for teenage who is interested in running a micro business. This book discusses sales, marketing, customer services, record keeping, bookkeeping, insurance and time management.

After read Starting a Micro Business, it motivates me to read this book - Running a Micro Business in order to find out a proper way to starting a micro business. Surprisingly, the content of this book is very concise and easy to digest.
This is good to see that the first chapter discusses about Sales. I agree with the author that Sales is vital in a business. This is because Sales is the main source of income for any business. Moreover, several famous quotes enrich the content of the book and inspire me.