27 December 2013

One Word to be Financial Savvy: Effective Return Rate

Recent years, many "attractive, innovative, new" financial products have been provided to "fulfil the needs of consumers". Interestingly, all of them always loses their "charm" for me after I take few minutes to get the most crucial information I want to know - Effective Return Rate.

Typical Examples of "attractive, innovative, new" financial products

There are lots of financial products in the market, from Insurance to Fixed Deposit. In the following context, I am going to talk about Insurance and Fixed Deposit.

26 December 2013

EKSONS (9016) - DISPOSAL OF LAND: A Mini Review

After doing some reviews about proposed of disposal by FACBIND (2984) and LBS (5789), recent disposal of land by Eksons (9016) attracts my eye balls. Nonetheless, my homework indicates that this case appears less attractive compared to my previous case studies, as that stated as follows.

100% Vs 60%

First, it is worthy to highlight that we should only consider 60% of the total potential profits from the deal taken by Eksons (9016). This is because this proposed disposal is going to be taken by its 60% owned subsidiary.

20 December 2013

The Investmet Checklist of Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad for AS 1Malaysia: Review

In Malaysia, besides those investment fund (or unit trust fund) that provided by private sectors, Amanah Saham (AS) Nasional Berhad also provides this kind of financial products for Malaysian to manage their hard earned money via long term investment.  Typically, the return of the AS fund is much attractive compared to fixed deposit. Moreover, due to its historical profit records, many people have perceived that this investment tool is zero risk.  Nonetheless, I should highlight that all investment has risks and all investors are responsible to find out this information. 


In this post, I am not going to encourage or convince you to do any investment decision. Rather, I would like to share some information that I found interesting from the annual report of the Amanah Saham (AS) 1Malaysia. According to the investment strategy that written in the annual report of the Amanah Saham (AS) 1Malaysia 2013, five investment criteria have been highlighted by the fund manager as follows:

13 December 2013

Proposal is still a plan that subject for change: MBSB (1171) - Rights Issues


From knowledge to experience

My mentor once told me - unless a proposal has been accepted and implemented, and there is an attractive potential profits, please do not risk your limited fund. Finally, I do experience this 'prophecy' from portfolio recently, that is, MBSB.

Case study: MBSB

According to the announcement dated 10 October 2013,  MALAYSIA BUILDING SOCIETY BERHAD (MBSB, 1171) proposed to issue two (2) Rights Shares for every five (5) MBSB Shares held, with Issue price RM2.04. Again, in the proposal, it clearly highlights the proforma effects of the Proposed Rights Issue, and emphasises that the proforma is purely for illustration purposes.
Since MBSB is one of my long term invested "business", I have decided to acquire all rights shares. Consequently, in my last acquisition, I decided to buy in extra 5lots to save some transaction fee and to avoid odd lots.

06 December 2013

Six Advantages (or Myths) of Genetically Modified (GM) Fruit: Case study - Tomato

Basically, farmers are required to harvest tomatoes earlier when tomato is still green to ensure that the tomatoes can reach market before it rots. However, the problem is, those earlier harvested tomatoes have less chance to develop flavor, colour, and nutrients naturally.

Genetically Modified (GM) tomato, on the other hand, has been claimed to have six advantages as follows.

(1) Slow ripening process

Yes, according to an article from the “discover magazine” at February 2010, the world’s longest-lasting tomatoes have been developed by biologist in India. This tomato can retain its qualities up to 45 days without refrigeration compared to 15 days which a conventional tomato can.

However, my question is, do you dare to eat this longest-lasting tomato?