30 April 2012

HeveaBoard Berhad (Hevea, 5095) : Introduction and Background Study

In this post, I am going to share my homework about HeveaBoard (Hevea, 5095). Still different strategy I use to evaluate Hevea Board since Hevea made a Restructuring Schemeunder Section 176 of the Companies Act 1965 pursuant to the Court Order dated 14 December 2009 to overcome the unprecedented drastic fluctuation in currency exchange rates against the USDollars at the end of 2008/early 2009. Therefore, as you can see from the table below, Hevea only managed to earn 1sen in the financial year 2008 and its market price reached less than 20sen only.

25 April 2012

Get a Scholarship from Public Listed Company in Malaysia: Advantages, Procedure and Example

 Previously, I shared about "Scholarship, Sponsorship and Education loan in Malaysia" and "List of Scholarship for Malaysian students to Pursue Full-Time Degree Programmes" in Xaivier Blog.  After being an stock market investor for years, I find out that lots of public listed companies in Malaysia also provide attractive scholarships for youth to continue their higher education without worrying about financial issues.

Yes, it is very competitive to outperform other when applying those well-known scholarship. Therefore, I would like to recommend a different channel so that those needy can have a scholarship to pursue higher level education.

22 April 2012

Roger Doiron: My subversive (garden) plot

"A vegetable garden can do more than save you money -- it can save the world. At TEDxDirigo Roger Doiron shows how gardens can re-localize our food and feed our growing population."

This is another fascinating TED I love, which inspires us to plant our own food. Moreover, you can find out "The history of Gastronomy in 15 seconds". Isues e.g. food crisis, population, obesity, hunger also are discussed by speaker in this video holistically.

20 April 2012

Abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN) ?

Is it a good idea to abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN)? Personally, I quite disagree with the above suggestion in this moment. Let me share with you the reasons why I disagree it as follows:

1. More than 50% of PTPTN loan is used for living expenses for local university students.
Yes, as you all probably know, 90% of the tuition fee is already paid by government. In general, tuition fee is only around RM800~1100 per semester (depends on courses). If you receive full loan of around RM3500 per semester, after excluding tuition and hostel fee, you still got around two thousand ringgit for other living expenses per semester. Therefore, without PTPTN loan, how can a poor student like me focus on my study (without enough money for living expenses)?

15 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook to Attract People Login Daily: Notification

"somebody sees your picture just now.""somebody comments / tags your picture somewhere"
"somebody updates their status."
"your name appears in somebody discussion."
"your friend added new friend just now."
"somebody added you as his or her friend."
"somebody posts something on your wall."
"somebody LIKEs your post"

and so much more.

Are you enjoying these notifications?
Do these notification make you look like a very busy person or a person with lots of friends?
Is it necessary for us to know every up-to-date information of our friends or relatives every hour or minute even when he or she is doing "big business" in a toilet?
More specifically, is it necessary for us to update our current status every hour or daily? such as, I am eating; I am leaving; I am busy; I am in relationship; I am reading; I am sleeping.

10 April 2012

Insurance Saving Plan: Guaranteed Returns ( >4.25% annually) after Pay for 6 or 10 Years Premiums Only

Recently, I helped my friend to analyse her Saving Plan Policy (Insurance plan, of course) sentence-to-sentence without consulting those conflict of interest agents. Based on my analysis, she find out that this saving plan is not the one she wanted to buy initially, even though she has paid the premium annually for more than 7 years. I always tell my friends that we should always be neutral from any news or explanation from other people so that we can make better decision without biases. Let me use a simple dialog to explain my statement based on my previous experience and observation related to insurance saving plan.

09 April 2012

From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investment

I believe most of the investors hope to acquire a penny company, and hold it for years so that it will ultimately be a blue chip, don't you?

Why? Simple. To earn lots of money which can be at least few hundred percent to thousand percent in few years.

Is it possible. The answer is, of course, YES.

How to make it happens?
Do your homework, then build confidence on your homework, then be patient and let time to evaluate value of your homework.

07 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook 1: Understands the Weakness of Human Being - Selfish

In the last post, I asked two questions as follows:
1. Do you log-in your Facebook few times per week?
2. Do you have a strong desire to check / update your Facebook status?

If the answer is YES, then WHY? Kill your free time? or simply because you just like it?

I believe the secret of Facebook to make so many people crazy about it is because Facebook understands the weakness of human being. Just like Warren Buffett, who knows the weakness of human being, become the great value investor in this world.

What is the weakness of human being?

04 April 2012

Time saving: Connecting Blogger to Twitter to Facebook

After connecting Xaivier Blog update to Twitter and Facebook accounts, all latest updates from Xaivier Blog will be posted to my Twitter and Facebook pages automatically and immediately. It is good to help me save lots of time via more systematic way to maintain and manage my online accounts.
Since I did not find any attractive Facebook logo, I only add an interesting twitter logo in the side bar of Xaivier Blog.
Initially, I was confusing whether I want to register an account for Xaivier Blog or not. After a deep thinking, finally, I realize I must admit the power of Facebook in internet or even in this world recently.

Before I share with you about my thought about the power of Facebook, let me ask you two questions:

1. Do you log-in your Facebook few times per week?
2. Do you have a strong desire to check/update your Facebook status?

If the answer is YES, then WHY? Kill your free time? or simply because you just like it?

02 April 2012

More Specific Title and Direction for Xaivier Blog: From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investmen - Announcement

Start from today, I have set a more specific title and direction for Xaivier Blog after around two years blogging in Xaivier Blog and investing in stock market.
The main reason for me to make this change is I have found out what I can share with in this blog in the long term, that is, "From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investment". As a value investor, I like to find potential Blue chip companies and buy them when they are still penny stock. Although somebody may said what I invest in this kind of companies is the so-called growing company, it doesn't matter. Because the core objective of investment is to earn money instead of distinguish the terms or jargon used. In fact, for me, growing is also one of values which investors should consider as well.