30 July 2013

PayPal in eBay: Transaction cannot be completed.

Recently, I found difficulty to make a payment in eBay via my Paypal account. Sometimes it works; sometimes it does not work.

As a buyer, a quick payment is one of ways to maintain reputation in eBay. However, the technical failure of payment system may make a quick payment impossible.

25 July 2013

Investment in Higher Education for Better Future?

Face it. Nothing in this world is certain except taxes and death. No single rule of thumb is applicable for everyone. Yet, I believe there will be a suitable and unique rule of thumb that is only applicable to each individual. So, invest or not your limited resources to pursue higher education is extremely dependent on your 'uniqueness'.

I believe all people are suitable to learn and harvest knowledge and wisdom from formal education.
Some of them prefer to learn through practising or experiencing. Some of them prefer to learn through self-learning. Some of them prefer to learn through interaction with others. So, which one is the best. Well, I think the most important concern is to identify which method helps you to learn more. If you find one, please don't be hesitated to stick with that method through out your life.

20 July 2013

Portfolio Review July 2013: Margin of Safety - Bull Ends soon?

Since my last portfolio review in May 2013, there was a busy trading season. After realizing some of my speculated counters, such as MISC, COMCORP, FACBIND, and LBS, I invested more of my capital in safer counters. Please note that speculated counters were still appreciated. Did I make a bad decision again? Hmmm... I think no. This is because I am incapable of predicting the future. As long as my decision is based on my valuation and strategy (instead of EQ), then the only thing I can do is keep sharpening my valuation skills and investment strategy.

11 July 2013

Windows Live Mail: Backup and Restore Emails in sub-folder files - a simple way

Sometimes we may create folders or sub-folders in our Windows Live Mail to store our important emails as records or references. Personally I have used more than 10 self-created folders to classify my important or interested received emails. Thus, it is very important for me to figure out a better way to backup these stored emails. 
In order to backup these emails in an extra hard disk, all we need is to simply find these folders and duplicate (Copy and Paste) them in another place.



1. Firstly, you need to selection the option to view invisible folders.
Open 'my computer' -> Tools (type Alt if you did see it) -> Click 'folder options...' -> View -> select "Show hidden files, folders, and drivers".