30 December 2012

Automated Enforcement System (AES) system in Malaysia: Insight

The number of Automated Enforcement System (AES) has been gradually increased in more areas in Malaysia. Although the number of negative feedback, apparently, is more than its opposite, in the long term, I believe the AES will gradually improve the 'quality' of Malaysian drivers.

We all hate irresponsible drivers, yet, unconsciously, we were one of them. Sometimes we were 'forced' to be one of irresponsible drivers when we tried to 'protect our right as road's users'. Therefore, there are some other functions that AES should consider to 'take care' as well. For example, giving 'lessons' for those illegal 'cut queue' drivers.

All people are rush. In other words, you are not alone. But please queue and respect other.

27 December 2012

Star Publications (Star, 6084): Investing Insight

The market price of STAR PUBLICATIONS (Star, 6084) depreciated approximately 20% to RM2.60 within two months. Is it a good chance to invest Star (6084)? Personally, I still cannot find a strong reason to invest STAR PUBLICATIONS (Star, 6084). There are three aspects I used to evaluate the value of STAR as follows:

1. Business prospect
The business prospect of local newspapers is ambiguous in both short and long terms. On one hand, I can easily obtain lots of free-of-charge conventional (hard copy) reading materials such as TheSun and ThePearl (from Jusco). On the other hand, latest news updates can always accessible via Internet. From Internet, you can access the content from local or even international publishers (such as, BBC and The Wall Street). So, do you have any specific reason to read a local hard-copy newspaper while you can easily access latest online content via Internet? One thing I am quite sure is I am less frequent to read hard-copy newspaper now.

25 December 2012

Never Use Limited Capital to Exchange Unlimited High Risk Return in Stock Market Investment


The risk of stock market investment

The risk of stock market investment is proportional to the ignorance of an investor. If an investor have little or no idea what kind of business/company has been bought, then the risk of this kind of investment is extremely high. It is worthy to highlight that even both investor A and investor B have bought the shares of the same company, their investment risk levels are still different. If investor A have done sufficient homework and expect that there is a reasonable return for the investment for next 2 years, he or she will have a strong commitment and patience to wait for the expected fruit. Investor B, on the other hand, who simply followed the decision of the investor A, does not have such discipline and determination to wait for that expected fruit. As a result, investor B will always sell the potential good investment during the so-called negative atmosphere.

21 December 2012

Six Difficult Essay Topics to Write About

Writing essays is part of student-life, whether you are in primary school or at graduate level.  One would think that since we were taught early on the basics of essay writing, it would be easier to do in the long run.  However, that isn’t the case. 

Having worked as a professional writer, I guess I’ve seen lots of challenging assignments. When being asked, I’m proposing the next list of complicated essay topics a student may be asked to write:

1.  Disadvantages of adding emulsifiers to food

Biology or Food Technology students may not find this difficult to answer.  For an ordinary student lacking a scientific background, however, this may prove to be a trickier assignment.  According to the Food Information website, emulsifiers are molecules with one water-loving (hydrophilic) and one oil loving (hydrophobic) end. That is only the definition; now try to explain the disadvantages in approximately 2,000 words.

20 December 2012

Unhealthy or Common Condition of Recent Properties Market in Johor

Instead of discussing whether there is a bubble or not in the properties market in Johor, Malaysia, recently, while I was helping my friend to find a nice room in Johor area, I find out that it is not easy to find a room for rent. But, it is quite easy to find a house for rent. It is worthy to highlight that the monthly rental fee is somehow higher than monthly mortgage instalment. What a surprise! I was wondering why people who are capable of renting a whole house do not want to buy a house for them?

16 December 2012


Today, I see an interesting news from China Press about FACB INDUSTRIES INCORPORATED BERHAD (FACBIND, 2984). The article mentioned that the cash per share of FACBIND will be increased to RM1.90 after disposing its Steel business. With closed price of RM1.05 on Friday, FACBIND attracted my attention immediately with more than 50% potential profit. Thus, in this article, I would like to share my "homework" regarding FACBIND.

Firstly, based on the announcement from Bursa Malaysia entitled:


15 December 2012

Happy Investor Vs EQ Investor: After Bought Shares - "If there was a chance,..." spell

In general, there are three situations after you have bought some shares of XYZ company (assuming XYZ company is a fundamentally excellent company, instead of profitability, cash flow and dividend return).

Situation 1: When the acquired XYZ stock UPs

EQ investor: WHY? Why I bought it so FEW. If there was a chance, I would buy more.
(Mood is down since the chance is gone. Mood downs few days even EQ investors earns money from XYW company. In the mind of EQ investor is "If there was a chance,... If there was a chance,... If there was a chance,...")

Happy investor: No bad. Mr Market eventually agrees with my judgement. Let's wait for good price to close the deal.

10 December 2012

Pacific & Orient (P&O, 6009): Divestment review

Finally, Pacific & Orient (P&O, 6009) announces its detail of divestment, according to the announce as follows:


From the details, if the share purchase agreement (“SPA”) is completed accordingly, P&O is expected to have a one-off gain of RM0.71 per share. Based on this price, we can approximate the total value of POI asset to around RM1.41 per share.

08 December 2012

Solution for Minimum Wages In Malaysia: Insight

Minimum wages will be implemented officially in Malaysia from 2013. It is a strong sign from the country to business owners, that is, high value-added business is preferred, instead of conventional business that highly depends on cheap labours. Indeed, one of the ways to raise people attention is through 'punish and reward' system.

While many Malaysian say we need to be more competitive as our neighbour countries, few people turn the words into actions. To be competitive, it means we need to replace conventional approach with advance technology so that efficiency and effectiveness can be improved. Consequently, more competitive products can be produced to survive in world wide market. However, it appears that few companies are willing to take such adventure that can improve the competitiveness of Malaysian products. As a result, a punish system is vital and needed to punish those companies.

05 December 2012

Guest Post: Review and Appreciation 2012

In order to provide sufficient fascinating original articles in Xaivier Blog, Guest Post service has been established to accept world wide authors who are interested in sharing their ideas with the readers via this blog. The objective of this blog is simple - sharing personal points of view that will benefit to readers ultimately. Therefore, we are strongly negative to those self-interested sharings.

This post reviews their works to appreciate their contributions that have benefit to many readers.

30 November 2012

Inflation Eats the Value of Money Silently and Endlessly

Yesterday, I was shocked by a recruitment advertisement that indicated the payment per hour for a cashier was RM5.00. WHY? Because I still remember the offer for such position was only around RM2.00 last ten years ago...

So, what is the problem? The problem is if you were doing the job and kept all the salary in the bank for 10 years, is your RM2.00 appreciated to RM5.00 now?? NO, the answer is very obvious.

How about your investment? Have you turned your RM200,000.00 to be RM500,000.00 in last 10 years?

No? Then you should revise your investment strategy.

Almost there? Then you have managed to protect the value of your saving.

Outperform? Then you should try to help those victims around you, if possible.

27 November 2012

ECS ICT BERHAD: Re-evaluate Q3 EPS after Bonus Issues

The quarter 3 (Q3) EPS of ECS ICT BERHAD (5162) was 5.40sen. In a comparison to its market of RM1.00, PE was only 5. What a good deal.

Wait!! ECS has issued bonus recently. In other words, we need to re-evaluate or examine whether its reported EPS has been corrected or not.

According to the announcement from Bursa Malaysia,

25 November 2012

Positive psychology: From Inner to Outer

More and more studies from positive psychology indicate that happiness is achievable for everyone. Many people, however, still do not achieve the so-called happiness in their life. This is simply because they spent too many time focusing on negative things daily. Obviously, simply "stop" doing what does not work, and proceed with any workable solutions suggested by those gurus, I believe all of us can achieve happiness in our life.

I believe lots of gurus already try their best to convey the message via different ways so that everyone in this world can achieve the so-called happiness as follows:

20 November 2012

Where to Lodge Complaints In Malaysia

After reading the leaflet from SIDC about the "right to lodge complaints", I think it will be a good idea to list out all sources for complaints so that the atmosphere of complain in Malaysia will be increased. To me, feedback or complains are very important to improve the quality in any matter.

Bursa Malaysia
  • Issues with stock broking companies
  • Complaints against PLCs. 
All complaints to Bursa Malaysia should be addressed to:
Customer Care Centre
Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Lower Ground Floor
Bukit Kewangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2732 0067
Fax : 03-2732 5258
Email : aduan@bursamalaysia.com

15 November 2012

Create more Values, Make more Money and Wealth

After explaining what is money and the risk of saving previous, I believe another misleading mindset is that creating or making more money can create more wealth in our life or society. As a result, many people have dream or target to make one million or one billion dollars in their life. They spend most of their time to think about the ways to create more money via various "resources" in order to achieve that dream or target faster. They even risk their limited money and life so that the dream/target can be achieved quickly. However, they almost forget what is money and why money exists.

10 November 2012

Investment, Speculation and Gambling: First Things First

Recently, I create the first filter to make my investment decision more wisely, that is, I must answer the question as stated below:

"Is this purchasing a good investment, or a good speculation or simply a gambling?"

Criteria of Investment:
  • Good price to buy a historical proof asset that provides good and stable cash flow instead of dividend yearly.
  • Good price to buy a special asset that has very high potential to grow sustainable and significantly.

05 November 2012

Summary of the Facts from Celebrities and Science 2011

I always prefer to take advices/suggestions from independent people (or third party) who
do not have the conflict of interest with me. Besides, I seldom agree with the suggestions from those people who have self interest (such as, advertisers, celebrities, business owners and salespeople). Recently, I find one interesting website, http://www.senseaboutscience.org/, that provides lots of advices from independent scientists that reveal the true and the fact in our daily life.

I always curious whether it is necessary to spend so many money to buy the so-called supplements or power food to make our life to be more healthier by boosting our immune system. My previous thought was if they were so useful, why I cannot find any scientific peer review article that published such a big contribution to human health? Besides, more of the so-called functions are simply spreaded by "mouth" instead of written black and white, that makes me more suspicious about their functions.

01 November 2012

AHB Holdings Berhad: Qualification of Opinion in External Auditors' Report

"Qualification of Opinion in External Auditors' Report on Audited Financial Statements for the Financial Year Ended XX XXX XXXX"

The above statement is one of the red flags for investors. If your invested company has received such 'warning' sign, you must be very conscious now, and take necessary action for the company - SELL or HOLD or BUY. If you have no idea why you have such company in your portfolio, then you probably should consider to clear them out immediately.

So, what we can learn from AHB Holdings Berhad case?

Firstly, open the latest quarter report of AHB via the following links:

Next, please take note on its "Revenues" from its income statement, that is, 3.5million per quarter and 17.4million per year.

31 October 2012

Everything is Electronic Now: Bursa Malaysia SMS me!

"RM0.00 COMPANY NAME dividend RM AMOUNT paid out to your bank a/c on DATE - Bursa Depository."

This is the first SMS from Bursa Malaysia to my personal mobile phone. It tells me that one my invested company bank-in dividend to me. What a good idea. However, why it is just started to be implemented? Maybe nobody thought this idea previously. Or simply because the technology is just completed (due to security issues, most of the time).

29 October 2012

5 Useful Writing Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is one of the fastest growing forms of media today. Blogs can reach a wider network of readers than traditional media. However, bloggers are too quick to publish, and this often creates the quality huff in the market. Many half hashed blogs are published by the day, most of them inaccurate, false and poorly written. To optimize the quality of blog posts, this article provides some useful and practical tips for you.

25 October 2012

Review: 4 Investment Myths and 1 Truth

Adam Hartung summarized the 4 Investment Myths and 1 Truth in Forbes(http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung/2012/10/18/remembering-the-87-crash-4-investment-myths-and-1-truth/2/ last visited 24/10/2012). It is a very fascinating and useful contribution. However, I believe value investors are very unique, all of them has own personality and investment philosophy. Based on my investment philosophy, I do not totally agree with the Myths. In this post, I simply list out my points of view regarding the Myths:

Myth 1 – Equities are Risky
Partially agree. Because all investments have their own risks in nature. These are unavoidable and very normal in general. However, I do not recommend people to take unnecessary risks. My view is doing sufficient homework can ultimately reduce unnecessary risks and increase the probability to make a right investment decision.

19 October 2012

Two Effective Ways to be Famous in the Short Term

One of the most effective ways to be famous in a very short period of time is to say something or do something that many people curious about but only few people dare to say or do so.

1. Critically Comment Celebrities
For example, you can simply critically comment some celebrities so that their "fans" or "opponents" will be attracted by your comments. What a brilliant idea to leverage celebrities' influence. Yes, celebrities may tend to ignore you in the short term. However, celebrities and people are not silly in the long term. If you are really talented, then, maybe, people may still will to buy "Nasi Lemak" from you. But, if you keep doing the same trick without "innovative" and "creative", eventually, you will be hit by "Badminton Racket".

17 October 2012

Visitors Overview via Google Analytics: Review

After around 15 months since the time I analysis the visitors of Xaivier Blog via Google Analytics tools, new statistics data shows that the I have successfully increased the percentage of Returning Visitors from 8.3% to 11.12%. This is very encouraging because maintaining the loyalty of visitors could be the toughest task for many writers.

15 October 2012

Value Investing Strategy: Review and Future Forecast - Bull Market End?

When we talk about future forecast, most people will focus on economy trend, business cycle, currency, supply and demand, politic etc. As a "tiny" value investor, I am not capable of predicting these uncontrollable events. So, what is the future forecast from a value investor like me? Since most value investors are very independent and unique, this post only discuss my personal points of view.

Yes, the only future forecast from me is just about those controllable investing decision. For example, when I decided to buy a stable dividend payout company, I could predict how much the cash in terms of dividend will flow-in to my pocket in the future. When I decided to buy a growing company, I could predict the amount of appreciation if and only if the assumptions are fulfilled in the future.

10 October 2012

About Book Voucher and Schooling Assistance from Malaysia Government

It is good for me to have another book voucher to buy my favourite books in the coming year. Suddenly, I feel that the primary and secondary students should have book voucher as well instead of the RM100 Schooling Assistance. Why? Because I believe to nurture reading habit should to be started as early as possible.

Besides, with book vouchers, the interest of students also can be protected compared to cash that can be used to buy irrelevant things. Parents also can accompany their children to use their vouchers.

Most of us know that there are few students abuse their book vouchers to buy irrelevant things. I believe most of them do not understand and appreciate the value of book so that they simply abuse their privilege that could increase their knowledge. Some people may simply have no idea what book should buy because they do not have reading book habit.

25 September 2012

Save 300 DPI High Resolution Image Files from Power Point

Although MS has provided a step-by-step solution to produce 300DPI high resolution image files from MS Power Point (ref: URL 1) and tested by many people (as shown from internet sources), it is still not working in my laptop computer (PC). After spending few hours for troubleshooting, I am still have no idea why the solution does not work in my PC. Therefore, I decide to use my old-fashion approach to complete my task a.s.a.p.


Tools Needed:

21 September 2012

A Life of GO OUT and COME IN - From the beginning to the end

Our life is enriched by abundant of uncertainties. When the uncertainty is what we want, we call it as "surprise"; when the uncertainty is what we do not want, we call it as "accident". We always have no idea about what will happen at the next second in our life. Yet, we are always curious about it and lots of us always crazy about supernatural ability. As a result, we still have little idea about our life.

In fact, our life is just an iteratively "Go out and Come in" process, from the beginning to the end of our life. In the very first moment we reach this amazing yet risky world, we are actually "Go Out" from the body from our mum. After that, the journey of "Go out and Come in" begins:

16 September 2012

Insurance: 4 Misleading Statements Salesperson Told You

Insurance is an indispensable financial tool that helps us to offset potential risks in our life such as illness and accident. However, due to some irresponsible agents (or I prefer to call them as salepersons) who only concern about their "pocket", there are lots of misleading statements to cause consumers make bad decision. Therefore, in this post, I try to highlight few of them so that my readers will have a better understanding about insurance products.

Misleading 1:
The younger you are, the cheaper the Insurance premium;
so it is a good idea to buy insurance when you are still young
This statement is only partially correct. The medical card premium is based on your age, and it will increase every 5 years (no matter how 'young' you are when you buy the insurance). (Please check your policy.)

29 August 2012

Kota Tinggi, Johor 1 Day Trip 2012: Eat Bak Kut Teh + Visit Crocodile World

The first destination: Kiang Kee Bak Kut Teh (强记肉骨茶)
Address: Batu 8 1/2,, Jalan Mawai, Kota Tinggi, Johor
Tel: 07-8821290/019-7479416
Business Hours: Morning
GPS: N01°49.661' E103°57.503'
Off Day: Every Monday

Review 1:
This is my second time to travel more than 45 minutes for a breakfast. Of course, it was because we were going to visit Crocodile World that is located "around" Kota Tinggi. So it is still worth to enjoy this delicious Bak Kut Teh. However, all you need to prepare is time and time. First, after travel around 50minutes from Terbau Johor, then you need to wait until somebody has finished their breakfast then you got place for visit, then you need to wait around 30 minutes for cooking, of course. So, it is quite suitable for those who have spare time of around 2 hours to be "killed" before having this delicious Bak Kut Teh. But as you know, when you go out with best friends, two hours chit chat is just a peanut.

22 August 2012

Kulai, Johor 1 Day Trip 2012: Three Fascinating Places for Visiting

The first destination was Nanyang Natural Gallery (亚逸文满南洋大自然艺术展览馆)
Address : MLO 197, Air Bemban, 81020 Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.
Contact No : +6013-7147000 or +6012-7706889
Operating Hours : Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday (10:00am ~ 06:00pm)

Review Visit 1:
We have be informed by the local people about the Nanyang Natural Gallery has been closed since the Chinese New Year 2012. What a disappointment. Luckily, the Nanyang Fish Farm is just located few foot steps from the Nanyang Natural Gallery. So, we can still spend some time visiting the fishes of the farm.

20 August 2012

Two Kinds of Strategies and their Pain in Stock Market Decision Making

There are two kinds of Strategies in making a decision of sell or buy in stock market investment. It is up to you to choose your either one of them. However, once you have decided, please do not change it frequently. Because it will make chaos in your investment.


Strategy 1:

Never buy high; Never cut loss without rational reason.
This is my currect investment strategy. This strategy helps me avoid lots of potential paper loss. The rational reason is only made based on fundamental analysis. However, the pain or the side effect of this strategy is that it is quite normal for me to miss the chance to gain attractive profit from irration stocks. Additionally, patience is also very important to optimize the power of this strategy.

19 August 2012

MyFreeCopyright.com is a SCAM? A Short Review by Ex-User

Recently, I feel more and more uncomfortable when I have still not received any Fingerprint or MCN or copyright record from MyFreeCopyright.com. After doing some searching via most general use tool, Google, it turns out that my account has been deleted without prior notice. In other words, my account disappears as its "Terms & Conditions" written. What a surprise!!!

In my e-mailbox, I got 350 emails from MyFreeCopyright.com. It means that my 350 copyrights have been deleted immediately due to the irresponsible service provider. More terrible, it means I got 350 spam emails in my e-mailbox from MyFreeCopyright.com.

16 August 2012

Happy Investor Vs EQ Investor: When stock price is DOWN

Day 1:

When Happy and EQ Investors have seen Stock XYZ falls 20% from $1.00 to $0.80, both of them have the same idea - What is good chance to cheap buy some XYZ company's shares.

After few days
The price dives further to $0.75.
Happy investor: Nobody can predict future or can predict other people behaviour in short term, so who knows got people want to cheap sell Stock XYZ in the short term. I am not able to predict human being behaviour and thought, especially I have no idea who are going to buy or sell or hold the stock.
EQ investor: My money is stuck!!! Bad stock!! Shit!!! Lame!!!

07 August 2012

Happy Investor Vs EQ Investor: When stock price is UP

Day 1:
When Happy and EQ Investors bought Stock XYZ at the same price of $1.33, and immediately the price drops to $1.30.
Happy investor: Nobody can predict future or can predict other people behaviour in next seconds, so who knows got people want to cheap sell. It is very normal as the change of weather daily.
EQ investor: I bought it too earlier. If I just wait for seconds, then I could cheap buy Stock XYZ. If..., then... If..., then... (unlimited possibility of IF..., Then.. in his mind for days)

05 August 2012

Three Free Software from Microsoft to Protect your Computers

As genuine Microsoft Windows users, there are few useful and free securities software provided by Microsoft to protect our laptop or desktop computers. In this post, I am going to list out and mini-review all of them that I have used for years.

"Because computers can appear to function normally when infected, it's a good idea to run this tool regularly even if your computer seems to be fine. "

1. Microsoft Security Essentials
-to guard against viruses, spyware, and other evil software.
-provides real-time protection for your home or small business PCs.

The 360 Degree Leader By John C. Maxwell: Book Review

The 360 Degree Leader Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization
By John C. Maxwell

The 360 degree Leader starts with the 7 myths believed by many people who lead from the middle of organizations, followed by the 7 challenges, the 9 principles to lead up, the 7 principles to lead across, and the 7 principles to lead down. The 360 degree Leader explains clearly that leadership is important for everyone at every level of an organization (i.e. lead up, lead across and lead down); leadership is about influence instead of position. Influence means to become a person whom people will want to follow. Besides, John C. Maxwell also shows the difference between developing versus equipping people. A workbook is also provided so that readers can immediately validate their understanding about the idea of the 360 degree leadership. A free of charge 360 Degree leadership assessment is provided to those have purchased the book.

30 July 2012

Median is more reliable than Mean (or Average) in Statistics Description???

Mean is an average of data. That is, the sum of data divided by the total number of data. Median, on the other hand, is simply the mid point of data. In this post, I quote an interesting and useful insight from a scientific journal paper about how can someone manipulates descriptive statistic by using Mean or Average value to depict data as follows:

“...Regular hourly employees, however, seldom earn more than $50,000 annually. Because the top management salaries are so high, the mean is strongly distorted by the very few extremely high salaries. Thus, the mean salary is much higher than a typical factory worker could ever earn. For example, if 1,000 employees earn $40,000 each, two top executives each earn $10 million, and the chief executive earns $20 million, the median salary is $40,000, but the mean salary is $79,670
almost $80,000 per year, and double what the average worker earns.

25 July 2012

Free Online Multivariate Regression Learning Resources

Recently, I find out three comprehensive free online multivariate regression learning resources as following. Hereby I list out their table content and links so that you can have a quick look for your interested topics.
ST111: Regression and analysis of variance

22 July 2012

Free Educational Booklet on "Understand mini-stroke" from Hovid

"Hovid (formerly known as Ho Yan Hor) carries with her years of invaluable experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Listed on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange, Hovid spells familiarity and quality among healthcare providers. With the various divisions in the organization that have been established through years of experience, we are able to deliver speed, excellence and above all, Continuous Innovation and Quality." hovid.com

Instead of sharing my investmemt analysis about Hovid (a listed company in Bursa Malaysia), I am going to share with you a Free Educational Booklet on "Understand mini-stroke" that is provided by Hovid.

19 July 2012

Renew or register Business Registration: RM50 for 5 Years: SSM

Good news from Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM)!!

Under "pakej insentif", you can register or renew your business registration with only RM50 for 5 Years!!!

Normal price are:
Sole proprietorship using personal name as in identity card –RM30.00
Sole proprietorship or a partnership using trade name -RM60.00

What a big saving.

Additionally, in case you got any outstanding fines due to your expired business registration, there is a 50% reduction for the fines.

These offer is only valid from 1st June 2012 to 31th December 2012.

10 July 2012

About Stock Investment: (Unknown*Uncertainty)^(Conflict of interest) = Mission impossible.

If we can succeed in stock market investment by simply "monitoring" the price and the volume plus some sort of "insiders' news or tips", then the probability to succed in stock market investment via this approach is proportional to the product of "unknown" and "uncertainty", and divided by the "conflict of interest".
We have no idea who are the traders everyday.
We have no idea why they bought or sold in a particular day.
But we do know they must have their own reasons to make such decision.

07 July 2012

RHB platinum card: Be aware: Salesperson - Too good to be true

Today, in a shopping mall, a slightly fat credit card agent approached me and shown me how good a RHB platinum card is as follows: (I only list out what I was interested in)
1. Petrol - 10% cash-back every first week; 5% cash-back in any petrol station
2. No cap for cash-back
3. RM50 cash award (to offset the government tax)
4. others

Since I was quite interested in the saving from the petrol expenses, I went with him for further information. Although I told he I did not have EPF, he insisted to scan my ID card via EPF machine and said that monthly contribution of RM200 in EPF can have a try to apply this card. The funniest thing was he shown me his ID card and told me that he was already more than 30 years old, so what he said was reliable. In addition, he kept repeat that only he knew about the petrol cash rebate matter!!!

However, the thing is, based on RHB official website: (http://www.rhb.com.my/cards/credit-card/cc_platinum_main.html) I feel I was lucky since I was not eligible to apply this platinum card. Let me highlight the two things that I concern about from RHB website as follows:

05 July 2012

Charlie Chaplin: The Great Dictator speech - in the name of democracy, let us all unite!

An inspiring speech that should be shared with everyone in this world.

Script (Start from 1.02)
"I'm sorry, but I don't want to be an emperor. That's not my business. I don't want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible; Jew, Gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other's happiness, not by each other's misery. We don't want to hate and despise one another.

10 June 2012

5 Years 100% Capital Appreciation: Example: JT International Berhad (JTINTER, 2615)

So, do you want to own high dividend payout counter? How about JT International Berhad (JTINTER, 2615)? JTINTER is going to give special dividend of Special Cash Dividend of 24 sen per share less 25% tax and 38 sen per share, tax exempt under the single-tier system in respect of the financial year ending 31st December 2012. In other words, with market price of RM6.70 and gross dividend of 62sen will be given, its dividend yield is approximately 9.25%, it seems a good deal, don't you think?

However, if we review JTINTER last five year achieve, its EPS is gradually increasing from 31sen (2007) to 47sen (2011), dividend amount is 30sen in last three years (2009, 2010 and 2011). This explains why JTINTER is able to give special dividend ( from its retained earning in last three years: 2009, 2010 and 2011 after 30sen dividend paid). In other words, do you think the 62sen dividend will be given again in next fiscal year? Maybe, if and only if, its EPS will increase significantly.

05 June 2012



Profit after tax in 2011 is RM1,014,665,000.
Net asset in 2011 is RM5,483,830,000.

However, last three months ended at 31 March, PAT is only RM192,165,000 compared to RM359,048,000 in the same period in the preceding year (2011).

Total IPO share number is 2,188,890,900 shares (institution offering up to 1,915,279,900 shares + retail offering of 273,611,000 shares.

31 May 2012

Income statement, Balance Sheet, Cash flow statement - Which one is the most important?

One friend told me that somebody said balance sheet is more important than income statement in the long term. However, personally, I believe all of them (Income statement, Balance sheet and cash flow statement) are equally important for us to evaluate the intrinsic value of a particular company. In this post, I am going to explain the function of these three statements for us, as an investor, to figure out the value of a company.

Income Statement
Income statement shows the profitability and efficiency of a particular company. For example, from income statement, we can answer some critical questions, namely, how much will be earned from every 100 dollar sales in this particular company? Is the fix cost reasonable or too high? How about the profit margin of the company products?

21 May 2012

GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD (GASMSIA) : Little Analysis and Insight

Based on the Prospectus notes of GAS MALAYSIA BERHAD (GASMSIA) from Bursa Malaysia,
page 159: Historical audited consolidated Financial information: profit after tax (PAT) in 2011 is around RM229million.

Next, go to page 187: 12.4 Proforma consolidated balance sheets: Proforma II - After proforma I and IPO: total number of share is 1,284million.

Based on these two informations, we can get EPS of GASMSIA = 17.83sen.

Since the IPO price for retailer is RM2.20, PE = 2.2/0.1783 = 12.34.

NTA = RM0.71.

Compared to KENCANA PETROLEUM BERHAD PE, GASMSIA looks more attractive.

However, can GASMSIA maintains or even grow its EPS in future? More investigation and time are needed.

15 May 2012

Human Weakness in Stock Market Investment: The grass is always greener on the other side

The grass is always greener on the other side - this idea is as normal as any natural law or phenomena in this word. For example, most of us always admire other people around us, don't us? When we have motorcycles, we admire those have cars; when we have cars, we admire those have helicopters; when we have helicopters, most likely, we will, once again, admire those have private aeroplanes. However, what we will see sometimes is, those have private aeroplanes do enjoy driving motorcycles, isn't it? However, what I am going to tell you is that there is never wrong or right in this world, but suitable or not. 

10 May 2012

HeveaBoard Berhad (Hevea, 5095) : 2011 Performance Review

Since the annual report haven't come out, this review only based on the last four quarter reports of HeveaBoard (Hevea, 5095).
Firstly, let's have a look at the activities from the four quarters as follows:

Quarter 1, 2011
"The lower PBT was due mainly to the lower USD exchange to Ringgit as more than 80% of the Group’s revenues were derived from the export market and transacted in US Dollars that had resulted in lower revenues and profit margins.
The production volume for particleboard was lowered due to short supply of wood material caused by the severe flood encountered in the early part of the year and prolong rainy season.
Prospect for the current financial yearThe Group expects the particleboard prices to improve further and RTA furniture to be stable with
increasing demand.

07 May 2012

OPCOM (0035): RM82million variation order from TM Berhad: Review

Recently, OPCOM announces that it has secured RM82million variation order from TM Berhad which is expiring on 19 April 2013. In other words, the period of this contract is around four quarters or approximate to one year.

Based on previous four consecutive quarters' revenues and profits:
2011 Q3: R = RM33M,   PAT=RM4.4M, EPS = 3.42sen
2011 Q2: R = RM22.6M PAT=RM3.8M, EPS = 2.92sen
2011 Q1: R = RM33M    PAT=RM5.4M, EPS = 4.21sen
2010 Q4: R = RM34.2M PAT=RM4.8M, EPS = 3.73sen

(note: R = revenue, PAT = Profits after Tax, EPS = Earning per share, Q = quarter;)

05 May 2012

HeveaBoard Berhad (Hevea, 5095) : The Potential of China Market and its Operation Segments

In the previous post, we have study some background information of HeveaBoard Berhad (Hevea, 5095). But two questions haven't been discussed, that are:
1. How are the profits of Particleboard manufacturing sector and Ready to Assemble (“RTA”) furniture sector, and which one has better profitability?
2. Is it significant for HeveaBoard to export 50% of its particle board to China market? These two questions will be discussed further in the coming post.

Therefore, in this post, we will step-by-step discuss two of these questions?

1. From the fourth quarter quarter report of Hevea, Segmental Reporting, as stated below:

04 May 2012

Free One Month P1 Broadband by using Autopay to Settle Monthly Bill Automatically

Finally, I have used P1 for more than 12 months. Since I have used autopay for 12 months, one month free is given in the 13th month in terms of "rebates & discounts" in my 13th month statement.
Indeed, there are lots of ways to pay your P1 monthly payment, such as, using ATM (Automated Teller Machine), CDM (Cash Deposit Machine), Online Bill Payment, Walk in Payment, Phone-in Payment and Postal Mail, Autopay is still my favourite method to avoid hassle and save time. In addition, I can review and record my spending by using my credit card statement.

30 April 2012

HeveaBoard Berhad (Hevea, 5095) : Introduction and Background Study

In this post, I am going to share my homework about HeveaBoard (Hevea, 5095). Still different strategy I use to evaluate Hevea Board since Hevea made a Restructuring Schemeunder Section 176 of the Companies Act 1965 pursuant to the Court Order dated 14 December 2009 to overcome the unprecedented drastic fluctuation in currency exchange rates against the USDollars at the end of 2008/early 2009. Therefore, as you can see from the table below, Hevea only managed to earn 1sen in the financial year 2008 and its market price reached less than 20sen only.

25 April 2012

Get a Scholarship from Public Listed Company in Malaysia: Advantages, Procedure and Example

 Previously, I shared about "Scholarship, Sponsorship and Education loan in Malaysia" and "List of Scholarship for Malaysian students to Pursue Full-Time Degree Programmes" in Xaivier Blog.  After being an stock market investor for years, I find out that lots of public listed companies in Malaysia also provide attractive scholarships for youth to continue their higher education without worrying about financial issues.

Yes, it is very competitive to outperform other when applying those well-known scholarship. Therefore, I would like to recommend a different channel so that those needy can have a scholarship to pursue higher level education.

22 April 2012

Roger Doiron: My subversive (garden) plot

"A vegetable garden can do more than save you money -- it can save the world. At TEDxDirigo Roger Doiron shows how gardens can re-localize our food and feed our growing population."

This is another fascinating TED I love, which inspires us to plant our own food. Moreover, you can find out "The history of Gastronomy in 15 seconds". Isues e.g. food crisis, population, obesity, hunger also are discussed by speaker in this video holistically.

20 April 2012

Abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN) ?

Is it a good idea to abolish the Higher Education Corporation Load Fund (PTPTN)? Personally, I quite disagree with the above suggestion in this moment. Let me share with you the reasons why I disagree it as follows:

1. More than 50% of PTPTN loan is used for living expenses for local university students.
Yes, as you all probably know, 90% of the tuition fee is already paid by government. In general, tuition fee is only around RM800~1100 per semester (depends on courses). If you receive full loan of around RM3500 per semester, after excluding tuition and hostel fee, you still got around two thousand ringgit for other living expenses per semester. Therefore, without PTPTN loan, how can a poor student like me focus on my study (without enough money for living expenses)?

15 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook to Attract People Login Daily: Notification

"somebody sees your picture just now.""somebody comments / tags your picture somewhere"
"somebody updates their status."
"your name appears in somebody discussion."
"your friend added new friend just now."
"somebody added you as his or her friend."
"somebody posts something on your wall."
"somebody LIKEs your post"

and so much more.

Are you enjoying these notifications?
Do these notification make you look like a very busy person or a person with lots of friends?
Is it necessary for us to know every up-to-date information of our friends or relatives every hour or minute even when he or she is doing "big business" in a toilet?
More specifically, is it necessary for us to update our current status every hour or daily? such as, I am eating; I am leaving; I am busy; I am in relationship; I am reading; I am sleeping.

10 April 2012

Insurance Saving Plan: Guaranteed Returns ( >4.25% annually) after Pay for 6 or 10 Years Premiums Only

Recently, I helped my friend to analyse her Saving Plan Policy (Insurance plan, of course) sentence-to-sentence without consulting those conflict of interest agents. Based on my analysis, she find out that this saving plan is not the one she wanted to buy initially, even though she has paid the premium annually for more than 7 years. I always tell my friends that we should always be neutral from any news or explanation from other people so that we can make better decision without biases. Let me use a simple dialog to explain my statement based on my previous experience and observation related to insurance saving plan.

09 April 2012

From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investment

I believe most of the investors hope to acquire a penny company, and hold it for years so that it will ultimately be a blue chip, don't you?

Why? Simple. To earn lots of money which can be at least few hundred percent to thousand percent in few years.

Is it possible. The answer is, of course, YES.

How to make it happens?
Do your homework, then build confidence on your homework, then be patient and let time to evaluate value of your homework.

07 April 2012

The Secret of Facebook 1: Understands the Weakness of Human Being - Selfish

In the last post, I asked two questions as follows:
1. Do you log-in your Facebook few times per week?
2. Do you have a strong desire to check / update your Facebook status?

If the answer is YES, then WHY? Kill your free time? or simply because you just like it?

I believe the secret of Facebook to make so many people crazy about it is because Facebook understands the weakness of human being. Just like Warren Buffett, who knows the weakness of human being, become the great value investor in this world.

What is the weakness of human being?

04 April 2012

Time saving: Connecting Blogger to Twitter to Facebook

After connecting Xaivier Blog update to Twitter and Facebook accounts, all latest updates from Xaivier Blog will be posted to my Twitter and Facebook pages automatically and immediately. It is good to help me save lots of time via more systematic way to maintain and manage my online accounts.
Since I did not find any attractive Facebook logo, I only add an interesting twitter logo in the side bar of Xaivier Blog.
Initially, I was confusing whether I want to register an account for Xaivier Blog or not. After a deep thinking, finally, I realize I must admit the power of Facebook in internet or even in this world recently.

Before I share with you about my thought about the power of Facebook, let me ask you two questions:

1. Do you log-in your Facebook few times per week?
2. Do you have a strong desire to check/update your Facebook status?

If the answer is YES, then WHY? Kill your free time? or simply because you just like it?

02 April 2012

More Specific Title and Direction for Xaivier Blog: From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investmen - Announcement

Start from today, I have set a more specific title and direction for Xaivier Blog after around two years blogging in Xaivier Blog and investing in stock market.
The main reason for me to make this change is I have found out what I can share with in this blog in the long term, that is, "From Penny to Blue chip in Stock Market Investment". As a value investor, I like to find potential Blue chip companies and buy them when they are still penny stock. Although somebody may said what I invest in this kind of companies is the so-called growing company, it doesn't matter. Because the core objective of investment is to earn money instead of distinguish the terms or jargon used. In fact, for me, growing is also one of values which investors should consider as well.

30 March 2012

Insurance Saving Plan: "pay" 6 years and "cover" 20 years - Personal Experience Sharing

Finally, my "pay" 6 years and "cover" 20 years insurance was matured last year. Let me summarise what I receive from this so-called "Education/saving plan" in this article.

Background:This insurance was bought 20 years ago.
Premium around RM330* annually.
Sum of insure is RM10,000.00.
Purpose: A gift from my parents for my education (supposedly).

Problems:In the 15th year, I was too free, so I bring the insurance policy to the insurance company to ask some questions. But I had been informed that this insurance was going to terminated if the Surrender Cash Value became negative (Surrender Cash Value = Total Cash Value - APL ).

25 March 2012

Who are investors? Time, Money, Knowledge and Skills

Answer: All people are investors.Yes, we all are investors. The differences are what we invest and why do we invest?

All of us have time, do you?
Some people invest their limited time to 'earn' unlimited things, such as money, knowledge, confidence, and status;
Some people invest their limited time to 'exchange' priceless things, such as true love, true friendship, true kinship;
And some people even invest their limited time to 'gain' temporary pleasure, e.g. drug, violence, and sabotage.

21 March 2012

Online Car Advertising Service Provider in Malaysia: Get paid to drive your own car daily

In this new era, there are many ways to make money. We can use almost everything around us to make money. Generally, people use their time or skills to earn money (i.e. active income). Passive income, on the other hand, means the money will “flow” into our pocket even though we do not do anything for them. The things that can help us to generate passive income are the so-called assets. For example, a house or land can be rented out for monthly rental income, a company’s share that gives dividend etc.

However, do you know that your vehicle (e.g. car, van, bus, truck) can make money (generate passive income) as well? Please don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to be a taxi driver. Instead, I would like to introduce a useful website that could help you to “transform” your vehicle from “liability status” to “asset status” in your “balance sheet”.

Get paid to drive your own car daily?
Yes, it is possible to make money while driving your car on the road daily. But, first and foremost, you need to find someone who wishes you to drive your car on the road daily.

20 March 2012

How to do Home Work Before Buying an Insurance or Saving Production: Common Mistakes & 5 Important Considerations

Firstly, after a very impressive / attractive introduction / explanation about a particular (limited) saving or protection or insurance plan from your (closed) friend or relative, all we should do is to require a sample contract for further study before making any decision.

Common Mistakes
Yes, the agent is your trusted (closed) friend / relative and you should unconditionally support him or her. But please think twice, an insurance plan is a whole life planning, and it deserves your full attention. And you should only support them by buying a suitable product for yourself or your family. Whole life plan means you are required to pay the premium annually until the termination/maturity date of a particular plan. Any early termination of any agreement / contract can cause pain in your financial status. Therefore, we should spend enough time in this kind of whole life (or long term) plan product.

15 March 2012

The Importance of Grow, Dividend, Long Term Period in Stock Market Investment

In any investment, reasonable growing and return are two very crucial benchmarks we should consider about. For stock market investment, the grow can be the grow of a company we have invested. The return should be in terms of dividend for long term investment, generally.

Now, let me give you an example about how grow multiply to dividend equals wealth after few years.

Company A:
Dividend payout 20%,
Growing rate 20%,
Investing period of 5 years,
Entry point is dividend yield (DY) of 5%: Market price: $0.40
EPS of 0.10
Dividend of 0.02

10 March 2012

Insight: Is Fast always better than Slow in investment?

"... teaching a fish to walk; a bird to swim; a dog to fly...."

Maybe Fast is commonly recognized better than Slow. But, is the reality the same? I don't know. Maybe it only got suitable or not. If you want to drive  F1 race car, please keep fast. But if you want to walking, please walk carefully. Both of them have their own  pros and cons.

Driving F1 race car
-You can reach your desire destination faster and even reach some places who walks never reach.
Potential risk:
-You may not able to full control the car movement if the speed is over of control.
-You cannot enjoy the atmosphere along the journey because you need to focus your drive in such fast movement.

05 March 2012

Don't Save Your Money Before Read This: Money, Currency, Inflation and Investment

Firstly, we should understand what is money. Money is a currency which we use to exchange some things we want. Money is a replacement of barter system. This is because the latter system is no convenience and hardly to be implemented fairly. For example, how many fish can be exchanged to a chicken? And how can you carry out those chichens to the market for bartering?

Next, what is inflation. Inflation is an effect that decreases the purchasing power of every dollar we have from time to time. For instance, one dollar in ten years ago can buy a fish or a chicken. But now, a fish or a chicken will probably cause you five dollars. It is worthy to highlight that the 'value' of a fish is still same as a chicken regardless of the value of a dollar. That is, you still can exchange a fish by a chicken today as you did in ten years ago in this example.

The price of one fish is $1.
The price of one chicken is $1.
Therefore, we can sell one fish to exchange $1, then use the $1 to buy one chicken
After 10 years (1990):
The price of one fish is $10.
The price of one chicken is $10.
Now, we can sell one fish to exchange $10. But since the price of one chicken is also $10, we can only buy one chichen after exchange (sell) one fish for $10. In short, the value of one fish equals to the value of one chicken is still the same as last 10 years, regardless the change of the value of the currency.

25 February 2012

Value Investors: More Passion in Study, but Less Transaction and Prediction

After being a value investor, my life and thought change significantly. I realise that the difference between market value and intrinsic value. I also become very enthusiatic in studying and analyse the intrinsic value investment, and understand a particular company based on most reliable first hand information, that are, annual reports and quarterly reports. Abundance of useful information such as how a particular company operates, future prospects and business strategies, are available for us to read. The most importance is they are total free-of-charge. However, when I share my passion with my friends, most of them response that we cannot trust the information from annual reports due to some scam cases. But I still maintain my passion because it is not a very convincing reason for me to be lazy and invest based on news, other people's opinions or even secret tips.

23 February 2012

M-MODE BERHAD (MMODE, 0059) - Quarter Review Q4 2011 : Suspicious Profits? Red Flag? Mistakes?

Income Statement:
EPS: 1.16sen
Total 4 quarters: 7.77sen
NoteL Provision for and write off receivables and inventories increased.
Gross profit margin decreased.

Balance Sheet:
Cash amount increased
Term loan (noncurrent and current) increased marginally.
Net Tangible Asset: 24.53sen

21 February 2012

KEN HOLDINGS BHD (KEN, 7323) - Q4 2011 Quarter Report Review: Growth momentum is expected to continue?

From KEN HOLDINGS BHD (KEN, 7323) - Q4 2011 report: 

Income Statement:
Lower Revenue, but better profit margin.
EPS = 7.76sen
Total 4 quarters EPS = 25.53sen

Balance Sheet:
Cash amount: RM62,149,000
Cash per share: RM62,149,000/(95,860,000) = 64.83sen per share (Including Treasury shares and it is approximately only)
Zero borrowing.
Net assets per share = RM1.61

19 February 2012

OPCOM (0035) Q3 2012: Quarterly Review - Slower Cables Take Up But More Supply of Materials for Cables Manufacturing

Income Statement:
Revenue dropped slightly.
Variable cost increased slightly.
Q3 2011 EPS: 3.42 sen
Total Three quarter: 10.59sen

Balance Sheet:
Inventories and Receivable maintains as previous level.
Cash amount reduced due to special dividend.
Borrowing Status: Zero Borrowing

Cash flow statement:
Maintain a very low CAPEX
Paid back some payable.

15 February 2012

Review: Money Secrets of the Amish - Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving

Money Secrets of the Amish
Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving
By Lorilee Craker Published
by Thomas Nelson


"Money Secrets of the Amish" contains a list of savvy thrift tips to help you accumulate your first capital for your dream house, car or investment based on the generation to generation money secret from Amish. Craker collects and provides a comprehensive explanation about smart, applicable and creative thrift ideas to enhance your financial intelligent. Waste less, Want less and Spend less are not only avoid unnecessary expenses, but also save our environment and limited resources in the earth. Inspired idea such as "Money doesn't buy happiness", "Creating memories together is priceless", "The best things in life are priceless (Free)" and "Work that muscle until it was strong and lean and powerful enough to withstand temptations of all kinds" give us a better understanding about want and need, and ultimately control our desires and personal financial conditions.

10 February 2012

Cat Mario - The Funny and Cruelness Game


07 February 2012

8 Advices from a Respected and Experienced Businessman about Life and Business

Yesterday is the 15th day of lunar new year 2012. I was lucky to meet my girlfriend's friend's father in the celebration party last night. I believe it is the so-called 'luck' or 'destiny' to have a chance to learn lots priceless lessons and advices from an experienced businessman about his life and business.
Here I summarise the top 8 advices from the respected and experienced businessman about life and business.

1. Success people must 'drink'.
Personally, I think that 'drinking' is a way to respect the one who treats you, especially when your customers treat you. There are lots of arts in 'drinking'.

05 February 2012

Making mistake is not a shame, but refusing to acknowledge and correct it


03 February 2012

1Malaysia Book Voucher: Insight

Finally, I have my favourite books by using 1Malaysia Book vouchers yesterday. These books have significant influence in my life, they give me motivation and insight to improve the quality of my life. Since they are quite costly, I did not plan to own one of them and I can only read them for awhile in bookstore and library previously from time to time. Now, luckily, I can not only re-read them from time to time in my living place, but also can recommend and lent them to my sibling and friends for free.

30 January 2012

A Retailer In Stock Market Investment

For me, stock market is just an open market for buyers and sellers to complete deals every working day. Every day when I have free time, I will go to "the market" to see whether I can buy one or two discounted "goods". Since most of the time I could not find attractive deals, once I find a good deal, I will definitely buy it regardless the time is bull or bear market.

To be a retailer, I also know that I must use one of the advantages provided in stock market, that is, zero maintainance fee. In addition, I believe the fundamental logical in this world, that is, everyone like to buy good investment. For me, a good investment in stock market is buying a good business which can breakeven as soon as possible, can provide attractive cash flow (dividend), and can keep growing in the future. Is it the same as your? I don't know. But at least I know what I am going to buy is a good investment which fulfills what I want.

22 January 2012

Five Benefits in Stock Market Investment

Stock market is probably the most convenient place for people to buy assets. Some advantages of stock market investment are stated as follows:
1. Low Cost
The transaction of buying or selling a share of a company in stock can be less than 0.5%.

2. Zero maintainance fee
No maintainance cost is charged even you hold a particular company's shares for whole life.

15 January 2012

Stock Market Investment: Focus on What You can Control

In stock market investmet, there are plenty of uncontrolled or unpredictable events (natural disaster like earthquake and tsunami) that affect the trend of the market in short term period of time. Besides that, unless you are insiders, retail investors like me are lacking of first hand information. Therefore, what we can do is to control what we can control to redure the impact of uncertainty. Here I list out three things we can control in stock market investment:

1. What company to invest?We can choose what we want to invest. Therefore, make sure you have more than 95% confidence about your choice based on your personal homework and study.

10 January 2012

No Fee Charged for Basic Saving Accounts in Malaysia

Sometimes, I was wondering why I need to pay some annual fee for my saving accounts, while other friends do not need to pay. After doing some searching, I find an relevant letter from Bank Negara Malaysia who replied the editor of The Star, regarding an article entitled "Ironic that I 'Paid' bank to use my money" on 24 August 2009.

In fact, Bank Negara tended to create awareneness and provide guidance to public regarding the imposition of fees and charges by banking institutions via the letter. From the letter, "No fee charged for basic savings accounts" is highlighted.

05 January 2012

Investment Insight: Fact and Rumous In stock Market: Plywood Companies Case

Previous information in stock market:
The orders of plywood and construction materials will be increased due to re-construction in Japan after the tsunami disaster.

Current Fact:
The orders of plywood and construction materials will be reduced due to over-orders and overstock-ing of materials immediately following the earthquake in Japan and the slower than expected re-construction exer-cise.

Current information in stock market:
"The manufacturing sector slowed to 2.1% (1Q 11: 5.5%) due mainly to the weaker global environment and the pro-duction disruptions following the disaster in Japan in March 2011. For example, orders for plywood and construction materials reduced in 2Q due to over-orders and overstock-ing of materials immediately following the earthquake in Japan and the slower than expected re-construction exer-cise."(Source: IM BizWatch 8/2011)

01 January 2012

New Year Resolution 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

This is the third New Year resolution which I have published in my blog. After re-read the New Year resolutions for 2010 and 2011, I felt that they are quite silly. But it also means that I have improved my thought, philosophy and insight compared to last few years. It is a good thing to encourage me keep move up in my life and help me to get rid of the same mistakes in my life.

In order for me to make a holistic New Year resolution, I have separated them into non-recurring and recurring resolution. This is because I have learnt that some of the resolution should be maintained annually. In the same time, some of them are needed to be modified to suit present conditions.