31 March 2010

Bursa Malaysia: THONG GUAN INDUSTRIES BERHAD (Stock review)

"The Group is principally involved in investment holding, trading of plastic & paper products, tea & coffee, machinery & other consumable products.(from: shareinvestor) TGP is one of Asia Pacific's largest plastic packaging companies with over 30 years of experience and distinguished track record. We are the largest producer of cast pallet stretch film in this region with annual combined production output in excess of 100,000 metric tons." (www.thongguan.com)

Fundamental current financial statement analysis 2010.

30 March 2010

Blogspot tips & trick: Modify Comments Display Now


Again, I have found a way to optimize my blog design by customizing Blogspot template. This brief introduction will show you how to change your Blogspot comment display to any sentences you want.

27 March 2010

Warning: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation NR.81118. Spam. Scam

Again, this is the third scam email which I received within 2 weeks, (Previous post: "Warning: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Support. Spam. Scam" and "Warning: Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Customer Message. Spam. Scam")

15 March 2010

Windows Tips: Enter special symbols|characters by using keyboard


It is awesome if you can type various special characters or symbols such as ♡, ®, ♣ etc, by using your keyboard to impress other people in forum, blogger, facebook etc. It may be an everyone's secret unless you willing to discover it yourself. This post will show how to using your keyboard to type several popular special characters or symbols to impress your friends.

The procedure to display ♡ is shown below:

13 March 2010

8 ways to identify spam email & avoid be cheated(Verify your Account To Avoid Suspension)

Today I have received an email from "Yahoo!" with title "Verify your Account To Avoid Suspension", which required some private information from me. Besides that, they said that if I didn't reply them within 24 hours, my favourite Yahoo! account will be suspended!!! However, after I oversee this email several times, I have successfully verify and justify this email is a spam email, again. Eight ways, which I have used to justify this spam email, are shown below:

1. Firstly, let' check the email box as shown above, the spam email did not have the Yahoo! official logo.

11 March 2010

Windows Solution: Windows Installer Service could not be accessed

What is a "surprise" today. My Windows Xp sp3 is crashed. The error message "Windows Installer Service could not be accessed" is appeared whether I am trying to install or uninstall a software. After doing some researches, such as reinstall the update package, check it registry etc, finally, the solution for my Windows Xp is just two steps with two command lines:

06 March 2010

Change Hidden File to Visible File After Attacking by Virus (Windows Tips)

It is very troublesome when our pendrive or removable storage devices have been attacked by virus after plug-in to a "infected" computer. All files and documents in the removable storage device may seem "disappear" after all the virus has been removed by an anti-virus software. In fact, it is very rarely that "virus" will delete your file. Usually, "virus" will just hide your file or make it "invisible". In other words, the file is become a hidden file.

In order to get rid of this problem, this tutorial will show your how to convert a hidden file to a visible file, again, manually.

01 March 2010

Free Online Learning: English English - Learn English at BritishCouncil

These are some of the summary from http://www.britishcouncil.org/ which are very useful for everyone who want to improve your English language. A very thank you here for www.britishcouncil.org who have provided various free of charge and very helpful resources to help everyone in this world improve their English language. The purpose for this summary is to record those useful links for everyone's time to time revision.