31 August 2010

A Century Turns: New Fears, New Hopes--America 1988 to 2008 (Review)

A Century Turns
New Fears, New Hopes--America 1988 to 2008
By William Bennett
Published by Thomas Nelson

Based on the author own experiences and contemporary notes, from momentous history to America's recent, the New York Times Best-selling author, William Bennett, reveals his insights at America between 1988 and 2008 in A Century Turns. This book records significant events in America in the past two decades, which consist of the contentious election of 1988, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of global Communism, the presidency of William Jefferson Clinton, the technological and commercial boom of the 1990s, the war on terror, and the election of American's first black president...

30 August 2010

4 Ways to Look After Our Brain.

This is a video from BBC about how to look after our brain in such a way that we will have a health brain. The four important factors will be discussed, that are, drinkinng enough of water, having a good night sleep, having nutrient meals, and havig enough of exercises.

29 August 2010

How to distinguish Stationary and Stationery

This is a video from BBC about how to differentiate Stationary and Stationery. Indeed, sometimes it is quite confusing for us about them. The tips given from this video is the E in Stationery means Envelopes, A in stationary, on the other hand, means Attention. So, next time, when you buy stationery, remember to consider envelopes as well.

28 August 2010

Using Imagination and Creativity to Remember a List of things

As you probably know that there are lots of methods to improve our memory in such a way that we can remember a list of things (a least 10 things) in seconds. Actually, most of these methods are using both our imagination and creativity to link all things together. In other words, people who have both high imagination and creativity always have powerful memory.

Now, let's us to do a small experiment to justify this fact.

Experiment: Can you remember the ten things below within 30 seconds since you are going to buy them in the supermarket?

27 August 2010

Fundamental Analysis: Balance Sheet: Total Assets = Total Liability + Total Equity

Balance sheet in a financial report shows the financial portfolio of a company. Three components can be found in balance sheet, that are, total assets, total liabilities and total equity. Therefore, from the balance sheet, value investors can figure out whether this company is using lots of debt to expand their business and boost their income or has ability to improve their financial condition in such a way that and thus reduce the risk of bankruptcy or others.

Balance Sheet: Total Assets = Total Liability + Total Equity

Yes, this was very strange for me as well when I first saw the formula of total assets equal to the sum of total liability and total equity. Don't worry, an example below will help you have a better understanding about the role of balance sheet in a company.

26 August 2010

Windows Live Account: 4 Important Things You Need To Know About

Today, I suddenly forget my Windows Live Account password. After reset my Windows Live password, I found some useful information from the Windows Live official email. Therefore, I have decided to share them in Xaivier Blog.

1. This official email was sent from "postmaster@windowslivemail.com" instead of any other XXX@live.com as what spammers always do.

2. In this email, it was found that it is a good idea do not click any links in e-mail. This is because fraudulent ("phishing") e-mail often uses misleading links. The recommended solution upon it is copy and paste the link into browsers directly.

25 August 2010

New Features: Traffic Source, Statistic and Comment Monitoring of Blogspot

After the useful design feature, two more new features available for blogger now at http://draft.blogger.com/.

1. Stats
This feature allows blogger to track and identify which are their popular posts and which are the traffic source in their blog. The information of traffic source consists of referring URLs, referring sites and search keywords, which are very useful for blogger, as a reference, to improve the content of their blog. This is because blogger can use these functions to identify their strength, that is, which content can attract visitors. After that, blogger can move forward toward that particular direction to improve their blog and provide more related post to fulfill their visitors. 

24 August 2010

Laurie Santos: A monkey economy as irrational as ours

It sounds familiar that human being always repeat their mistakes. But is it true?

In this talk, Laurie Santos has presented that the mistakes which human being made are predictable via a clever experiments in "monkeynomics". Through the decision-making of our primate relatives, this experiment reveal the roots of human irrationality.

Let's do the two experiments first,
Experiment 1. Choose a better investment return if you have $1000.
(a) The return is either $1000 or $0 when you have invested $1000 in a fixed period.
(b) The return is guarantee $500 when when you have invested $1000 in a fixed period.

23 August 2010

High supply, High Demand and Not Profitable Business Ideas

It is quite common for us to hear about high demand and high profitable business. If there are demands in the market, then I can make a profit from them by fulfilling these demands. Therefore, many entrepreneurs are looking for them. However, do you think about "what is high demand but not profitable business"? Is such business exists in this world? This is the topic today.

First of all, let's see the relationship between price and demand. Since high price might cause low demand and vice versa, the price and the demand are negative relationship to each other. From this statement, we know that the demand of a business can be boosted via lower its goods and services price. For example, if you are selling a meal which is 50% cheaper than the similar meal on the market, people who are used to eating this kind of meal will go to your shop. As a result, you have managed a high demand but not very profitable business.

22 August 2010

World Clock - Current time

This is a quite user friendly world clock I found in internet. All you need to do is point to the location which you want to know about its current time.

Personally, I think this application is very useful for tourists who are traveling in other country and want to keep in touch with their family or friends by phone call. Without knowing the current time in their hometown, tourists might call back during a sleeping time for their family or friends.

21 August 2010

The 6 Characteristics of a Successful and Competent Teacher

Besides having the right materials and sufficient training, a competent teacher should possess certain positive characteristics which cannot be purchased from a teacher supply store. These kind of positive characteristics are already within you and just waiting to be unlocked, developed and honed. Therefore, you should consider the six characteristics below if you aspire to become a successful teacher.

1. Treat all students fairly
Of course, sometimes we do have our favorite students who are both hardworking and smart among other students in the class. However, the duty of a teacher is not only teaching, but also nurturing good characteristics to the students.

20 August 2010

How to Find Out When You are Chatting with Spam Bot

Personally, I believe a chatting spam bot is fulfilled the following criteria:
1. Random post something to attract your attention or curiosity.
2. Simply ask your question with a general answer. (not specific regarding your question) 
3. Cannot answer a simple question if its programming does not cover them. (in this case)
"For example, are you a spammer?"

Last few days, I feel very suspicious about an account which are constantly trying to chat with me. Since I got some free time, I had decided to figure out who was there. Guess what, another spammer was confirmed within 20 minutes. The content of this verification testing is showed below:

----- Our chat on Tue, 27/7/10 14:38 -----

17 August 2010

Project - Financial Statement Analysis

This post is going to show you an article about financial statement analysis of the performance of a company from scribd.com. Personally, I believe that this article is very comprehensive and straight forward for newbie. Nevertheless, experienced investors can also use this as an revision for their financial statement analysis tools such as liquidity ratios, activity ratios, solvency ratios and market analysis.

16 August 2010

6 Cute Ideas to Make Anyone’s Birthday Unforgettable

Want to impress your friends, family or partner during their birthday? Besides giving a unique birthday gifts, here are some birthday ideas to put a smile on their face during this special event.

1. Express your greetings and wishes
A simple birthday greetings and wishes always make birthday celebrants happy by telling he/she that someone actually remembers his/her special day.

2. Write a poem or a song
Next, writing a poem to express your warmest greetings and wishes to birthday celebrants is not only very unique, but also adds to the value of the occasion.

15 August 2010

Six Principles of Life: Limited life versus Unlimited Money

"Obstacles are those frightful things you can see when you take your eyes off your goal." ... Henry Ford

Sometimes, we might miss in this complicated world.
Sometimes, we might lost our principle of life while pursuing so-called fortune and treasure.
Sometimes, we might even forget who we are just because we are too busy and no time to think about it.
Sometimes.... we might let these 'sometimes' to be 'often' in our life unconsciously.

Therefore, we should always recall our self with the following principles:

14 August 2010

Relationship: 6 wonderful 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary is not only an ordinary milestone, but also it is a great achievement of love, loyalty, and dedication shared by two persons with one heart and one dream for fifty long years. Here are 6    suggestion to celebrate a couple's 50th anniversary:

1. Revive those oldies music
Those oldies music during the time when they were still lovers will always bring back those fun memories by playing hit music of their past.

2. Paint everything with gold
Make a celebration magical by choosing gold as your motif since 50th anniversaries are also known as golden anniversaries.

13 August 2010

What is the different between Scam Email, Spam email and Phishing Email

Usually, all scam email and phishing email are spam emails. This is because most of them(scam email and phishing email) are just trying to "test their luck" in a mass of internet user. As a rule of thumb, normally 80% of your spam emails are scam emails or phishing emails. Next, all the phishing emails are scam emails because they are trying to cheat you in different method.

For a phishing email, it is usually targeting people who are panic and low awareness. A common example of Phishing Email is your bank account is going suspended now, please log on to verify it to avoid any lose. Therefore, please calm down and call your banker immediately instead of log in your account. Usually, phishing email will redirect user to a "duplicate fake official website". Once the user enter they password and username, the money in the account will gone in seconds.

12 August 2010

6 Effective Steps in Writing a Request to Get Free Promotional Gift Items

In order to effectively write a letter requesting free promotional gift items for your business, the following easy steps can be considered:

1. Write a proper format request letter
A proper format request letter should includes a proper letter heading, address, greeting, body, complimentary close, and signature. It is because a correct format will help to create a decent letter, and subsequently increasing the chance of being approved with your request.

11 August 2010

6 Delightful Gift Ideas: Newborn Babies and Toddlers will Surely Love

Buying gifts for newborn babies and toddlers is easy but to choose something special and something that they will surely love certainly is not an ABC thing. To make sure you give the best gift, you should give something that is really appealing to the senses of the baby, something that the baby or parents need, or something that satisfies both. Below are some great ideas for you:

1. Look for some RBW items for newborn babies
A toy or decor (balls, baby mobile decors, flash cards, crib decors, and even socks) that has RBW (red, black, and white colors) is one of the greatest gifts since the contrasting colors of black and white are the first colors that babies can see, and later on, red. These colors attract babies a lot and also help for the baby's brain development.

10 August 2010

Parenting Technique:Ten Smart Ways to Get Newborn to Sleep Longer

One of the most challenging task for new parents is to get newborn baby to sleep longer. In fact, newborn baby sleeps for about 15-19 hours a day. However, it may not done continuously which may usually make parents getting really sleepy and tired before the baby does. Some of the tips below will certainly give you a hand for getting your baby sleep longer:

1. Create a conducive environment for sleeping
Same as adults, babies need a soothing place for rest so he will be able to sleep longer. To get the rest that you need, it would be better to get your newborn sleep longer during the night. Differentiate your baby’s afternoon nap and his night time sleep will help to adjust his sleeping hours. Dimly lit the room at night will help your baby differentiate night and day.

08 August 2010

Book Review: The Marshall Plan(R) for Novel Writing. by Evan Marshall.

The Marshall Plan(R) for Novel Writing
A 16-step program guaranteed to take you from idea to completed manuscript
by Evan Marshall

To be a writer or student, novel writing skills are very important to be distinction among others. This is the main motivation for me to read "The Marshall Plan(R) for Novel Writing".

This book is divided into 5 parts, from "Planning" to "Marketing". A total of 16 steps are used to clarify make reader easier to adapt these skills in a step-by-step format. 

07 August 2010

Webmaster Tips: Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Bing Search Engine

To submit the site maps of your website to Bing Search Engine, all your need is a Hotmail account or any other Bing accounts. Next, go to the Bing Webmaster Tools to start this valuable journey.

1. Add Site
Use the Bing Webmaster Tools to improve your site's rank across all search engines, submit your URLs, and Sitemaps to Bing, get data on which pages of your site have been indexed, and your sites performance on Bing.

06 August 2010

Getting Started in Investment in Stock Market: Fundamental Analysis Vs Technical Analysis

After about one year observation and six months study about stock market investment, I believe that this is the time for me to summarize what I have done and learned in order to rearrange my strategies of investment in stock market.

Basically, I have spent more of the time to study fundamental analysis instead of technical analysis. Although it is highly recommended to combine both analysis strategies, it would be a good starting point from fundamental analysis. This is because fundamental analysis can provide you a comprehensive information about a company or stock background information which is very crucial in selection of stock. Technical analysis, on the other hand, uses the assumption of history will always repeat itself and human behave to predict the trend of stock price.

05 August 2010

Getting Started in Investment in Stock Market: Fundamental Analysis: Introduction

By using fundamental analysis, one can figure out the intrinsic value of a company according to its (1) financial statement and (2) business perspective.

Fundamental Analysis in Financial statement:
There are three very important sections which that investor needs need to look around for in financial statement or financial report, that are, (1) balance sheet, (2) income statement and (3) cash flow statement.

1. Balance sheet in a financial report tells the financial portfolio of a company. Three components can be found in balance sheet, that are, total assets, total liabilities and total equity. Therefore, from the balance sheet, value investors can figure out whether this company is using lots of debt to expand their business and boost their income or has ability to improve their financial condition in such a way that to reduce the risk of bankruptcy or other.

04 August 2010

Protect Your Friends' Identities When Forward an Email (Email tips)

Sometimes, we are used to sharing our interesting email by pressing a forward button and then entering all our best friends' email address in our email account.

Be careful, this kind of behave will indirectly expose your friends' email address to strangers unconciously.

Therefore, the best to forward your interesting email to your friends is using BCC instead of CC and To. According to WikiPedia, "blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc:) refers to the practice of sending a message to multiple recipients in such a way that conceals individual email addresses (mentioned in "to" field of the mail) from the complete list of recipients." Therefore, this is the best way to protect your friends' email address while sharing interesting email.

01 August 2010

4 Essential Factors that Make Up a Good Web Page

With many advantages of Internet, most business owners are willing to pay to the professionals do the programming for a quality web page in their business. As a result, many programmers are now accepting this kind of jobs like marketing. As a client, you should consider certain factors, which are listed below, to distinguish whether the web page is good enough for you business:

1. Purpose - Always make sure the purpose of web page can be aligned to your business goal. Make one with product navigation and payment methods, for example, if you plan to make the web page as a company’s outlet to accept orders

2. Content - Always make sure the contents are clearly stated and can be easily understood. The information like item descriptions and prices should be placed where it is prominent and readily accessible by the customers, for instance, if the website is more on advertising products. Besides, don't forget to update the website on a regular basis; make sure that all links are working; and the website can be browsed in different browsers e.g. IE, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.