30 August 2011

My Road Map to Achieve Financial Freedom: 10% + 20 years + 720K = 6k passive Income

Financial freedom means you are no longer work for money. But you still can work for fun, joy, personal interest, pursuing your dream or contributing to social. First and foremost, we must have enough passive income to support our daily life in achieve financial freedom. Personally, I believe that if I have 6k passive income, then it is the time for me to quit my routine job and focus on the life I want for the rest of my life (Except I am quite enjoying my job which gives me some sort of satisfaction from time to time). But the problem is how to generate this 6k passive income.
After having this goal (that is, to generate 6k passive income per month), I have identify two essential tools for me to achieve it. The first is the ability to generate at least 10% return annually; and the second is to accumulate enough capital.

29 August 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Selamat Hari Merdeka!!


Best wishes,
Xaivier Chia

27 August 2011

Stock Investment: The Reason of Panic Sell or Buy and How to Overcome them

The only reason that makes people panic sell or buy is – Greed.

Panic Sell
People who panic sell because they do not want to miss the “chance” to buy-back later with lower price to earn more profit.

Panic Buy
People who panic buy because they do not want to miss the “chance” that the growing market price will keep growing and there always got “other” people who willing to buy from them with higher cost (market price).

25 August 2011

VIS: My first 200% Profit Return from Bursa Malaysia 2011 - Experience Sharing

VIS is my first 200% ++ return from Bursa Malaysia 2011. I bought VIS when it was only RM0.12. “Are you crazy?” My brother asked me. “Its market price is only RM0.12. Don’t you fear it will bankrupt suddenly? Besides, its volume is so low, only few shares or even no transaction per day.” However, after my fear made me regret few times previously, I decided that I must believe in my study and analysis.  As a result, I bought VIS when its volume was low and its market price was only RM0.12.

I still remember that when I analysis VIS, I found that VIS was very profitable with profit margin of around 50% and EPS of 1.5sen in consecutive three quarters. What is good deal! I told myself. EPS of 1.5sen per quarter is equivalent to 6sen per year or PE of 0.12/0.06 = TWO!!! What is surprise!! After I bought VIS, it dropped to RM0.11. And then, after few weeks, VIS soared to RM0.15-0.18. I was so happy because it meant I got profit of around 50% if I sold it. But when I recap my analysis again, it was too cheap to sell VIS at RM0.18. So I decided to keep it. And then, its market price dropped back to RM0.13-0.14. At this time, the voices which advise me to sell it surround me every day.

22 August 2011

Identify and Invest in CASH MACHINE to Succeed in Stock Investment

Recently many people used BEAUTY CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED as a lesson or a reference to "advice" investors get rid of China IPO. They emphasize the similarity of current China IPO with BEAUTY CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED, that are, large amount of CASH and low PE. Hereby, I would like deliver some different point of view via analysis BEAUTY CHINA HOLDINGS LIMITED based on its annual report from 2006 to 2008 (which is free and available from SGX website) to give some fair for other China IPO.
Personally, I still believe that most of the time, a particular company will become the so-called SCAM is because the owners of the business cannot further its business to earn money. Therefore, all we need to do is to find a profitable business. Remember, no one will try to turn a profitable business into a SCAM to earn a one-shot profit; but it is possible for a bad business.

20 August 2011

How to Search a House or Room for Rent / Buy

Finding a room for rent is one of the problems that many people, who are going to work far away from their hometown, must tackle it. Some lucky people can stay with their relatives or friends. But most of us need to rent a room as soon as possible. Hereby, I would like to share the free but effective tools that I use to find a house/room for rent/buy, that are, Google Maps and Google Search Engine.

1. Location
The first step is to find the company, which you are going to work, in Google Maps. It could be as simple as typing the address of the company and then click search.

2. Scope
After that, do try to list out all local residential areas you can find around the workplace from the Google Maps. This is to narrow the scope of search areas and ensure your prospect living place will not far away from your workplace.

15 August 2011

How to Make an Area Clean and Clear - Do not provide rubbish bin anywhere

During the day I visited Singapore, I found that I had difficulty to find a rubbish bin to throw litter and yet the place I visited was so clean. Luckily, I used to collect those things in my pocket until I see the rubbish bin. From this experience, I come out some ideas that may useful to make our environment clean.
Do not provide rubbish bin anywhere.

Why? It is because more rubbish bins in an area means it encourage people to throw their rubbish. Don't get me wrong, it is good to encourage people to throw litter into rubbish bin. However, the fact is you are nurturing people to throw rubbish anywhere!!! So, when these people, who have used to throwing rubbish anytime anywhere, reach an area which do not have rubbish bin, they will feel uncomfortable. After that, surprisingly, they might give you an "strong" excuse such as "it is the fault of the authorities since they do not put more rubbish bin to suit people NEED!!".

11 August 2011

TED: Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

Thanks for Philip Zimbardo raises up the awareness of our social problems. I believe this kind of social problems is globally instead of locally. Greed and fear is the ultimate Mass Destructive Weapon in this world. So, the question is: do we have enough determination and commitment to overcome it and put aside our self-interest?

10 August 2011

Be Smart Consumer: Tesco, Giant, Carrefour Malaysia

All of us know that to be smart consumers, we need to make a price comparison first before any purchasing. However, it is quite troublesome and time-consume if we go to each hypermarket to collect promotion press releases. Therefore, in this post, I woud like to share a simple tips to save your precious time to be smarter consumer.

First of all, we can go to the official website of each hypermarkets e.g.  TESCO, GIANT, CARREFOUR. Their website addresses are stated below:

TESCO : http://www.tesco.com.my/
GIANT : http://www.giant.com.my/
CARREFOUR : http://www.carrefour.com.my/

08 August 2011

A strategy for Market Collapse: Panic Sell or Cut Loss?

When market "seems" will collapse soon. Debt crisis, political crisis, etc. Suddenly, Cash returns as the King, again. Brokers and friends suggest that 20% cut loss is essential to retain our capital. However, what I think about is to implement a strategy to avoid being a victim of panic sell or selling my shares with lowest point.

Until today, I still cannot figure out why do we need to cut loss. Yes, you may say that we can buy back when the price of the stock drops even further. But, as value investor, the stock I bought is already undervalued. Cut loss maybe means I have no faith in my choices.

05 August 2011

How to Use Social Network to Earn Money: ChurpChurp: Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines

Nowadays, many people have successfully use Internet to earn extra money. Some of them earn money via blogging (like me^^). Some of them earn lots of money via providing useful services such a platform for us to communicate with each other (e.g. Facebook, Friendster, Tweeter), to make our life easy (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing), etc.

However, you may wonder where the source of money they earn from is. How can they simply provide a service or platform free-of-charge but still can earn lots of money. The answer is advertisement. Yes, advertisement is one of the important parts of a business. The only income of a particular business is from selling products and services. In order to reach their potential customers, advertisement plays a crucial role.

04 August 2011

Download TESCO RM10 Cash Voucher

Download TESCO Cash Voucher to get RM10 cash discount when your purchasing is RM100 or above. This cash voucher is for Malaysian Tesco and valid from 5 to 7 August 2011. One of the the terms and conditions I would like to highlight is: One voucher per transaction per day. Besides, please print it out instead of photocopy it. Last time I have been informed that only printed voucher is acceptable.

Happy shopping.

Updated: 5/8/2011: 10.50pm
I just went and used this printed Voucher. I had been informed that the printed Voucher must be printed directly from Tesco website. In other words, the webpage address should be listed in the printed paper. In short, all you need to do is click on the Voucher and print it directly from the webpage. Happy shopping!!

For more information: Do visit Tesco Official Website: http://www.tesco.com.my/

KEN HOLDINGS BHD (KEN (7323)): Notice of Shares Buy Back - Immediate Announcement

Updated: 24/8/2011
Today, KEN buy back its own shares, again. What make me so surprise is today only got 150lots trading volumn, and KEN managed to bought back 150lots at RM1.03. In other words, what I saw the queue volumn of 300lots at RM1.03 was actually queued by KEN. What a surprise. This is my first time see a company queue in the market. Previously, what I think was the company will buy directly from sellers in the open market.