28 December 2009

Creative Thinking: Test Yourself with Tough Interview question (mathematic 2)

You are given one 3 litre container and one 5 litre container.

This is one of the tough interview questions which I have found. It will basically test your logic thinking and lateral thinking skills via mathematic approach. The question is:

How to use this two containers to measure 4 litre water accurately and what is it minimum step to achieve it.

Note: There is no any label on the container and it is impossible for you to obtain 1.5 litre water in half full 3 litre container. It is because all of them are in strange shape.

24 December 2009

Bursa Malaysia tips: Free Effective Analysis tools in investment

These are some free but effective tools to start your investment in Bursa Malaysia
In other to success in stock market, first hand information plays a crucial role on it. The traditional newspapers are no longer effective in this fast-paced world, keep update the latest information will increase your probability to win in a stock market. Here we go with three related online newspapers:

1. The Edge is a Malaysia business newspaper, which provides daily e-mail alerts and NextView investment portfolio (Coming soon) when you register an account.

22 December 2009

Google tips: Free comment box from Google friend connect

Google friend connect service have provided us a very user friendly comment box in order to help webmaster to more understand their visitors. This comment box is not only free of charge, all comments can also be moderated my webmaster to avoid spam. I feel very sad about my friends who have be spam just because using free comment box which do not allow webmaster to moderate their comments. Thanks again to our big provider, Google, here.

12 December 2009

Main Reasons Why Men Like To Stare At Beautiful Girls

Why my husband or boyfriend or friends always like to or "unconsciously" stare or look at other women or girls? Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to help men to defend their behaviour, rather presenting it in different perspective. I believe that this article can help you to be more discipline, if you are man; or to be more understanding, if you are woman. The  main reasons why men like to stare, see, watch or look at beautiful girls are stated below:

Bursa Malaysia: Stock Investment and Analysis - SCOMIMR (7045)


After some analysis as stated below, I believe it is the time to enter this stock.

Target buying price : RM 0.40
Target selling price  : RM 0.60

Main Industry: Oil and Gas industry

06 December 2009

SEO tips: Add your site to Yahoo! Search Engine

Using the Yahoo! Site Explorer system to optimize your blog or website is definitely free and easy. It will add your site link to Yahoo search engine for free. I have had my blog about few years. But I still cannot search my site from Yahoo search engine. As you know, it will be very pitiful if your site link is not recorded in the famous search engine directory. Five steps here to boarden your point of view by using Yahoo! Site Explorer.

04 December 2009

Laptop tips & tricks: Install Windows Xp in FreeDOS based laptop

Solution for Error 0x0000007B, 0xF7802524... while install Windows Xp in laptop with FreeDOS for MSI CR600, MS-1683 laptop. I just brought a MSI CR600, MS-1683, FreeDOS based laptop yesterday. Instead of spending another 100 dollar to have Windows7 startup OS(operation system), I believe I am quite satisfy to the performance of Windows Xp and there is no point for me to try another new version OS. However, reality is always unpredictable. I was stuck while trying to install Windows XP. After spending one hour for troubleshooting, in the end, the solution are stated as below:

Blogger tips & tricks: 10 Reasons To Have Your Own blog

There are 10 convincing reasons to explain why you should have your own blog today. I had "abandoned" my blog once I signed up at 2007. It was not because I am lazy or have no idea to carry out my blog. But because I was too crazy about my achievement, my result and my performance in university. I was too crazy to improve my ability and intelligence by keep study, research and discover them. Until one day, I found that it is just nothing but a dream unless you are willing to share all of your knowledge with everyone.