29 October 2010

My Favourite Song: Bring me to life

""Bring Me to Life" is a song by American rock  band Evanescence. It was released on April 23, 2003 as the first single from their debut studio album, Fallen, and as the lead single for the film Daredevil. It was written by Amy Lee and Ben Moody. It features guest vocals from Paul McCoy of 12 Stones. It is the band's most successful single, and has peaked within the charts of more than 15 countries internationally, and won Best Hard Rock Performance at the 46th Grammy Awards. 

Later in December 2009, Katherine Jenkins, who (born 29 June 1980) is a Welsh  mezzo-soprano, a classical-popular crossover singer, performed "Bring Me To Life" at The Royal Variety Performance.  " (Wikipedia)

27 October 2010

Value Investing Conference 2008 by Whitney Tilson

Value Investing Conference 2008
Speaker: Whitney Tilson
Duration: 2 hours

In this talk, Whitney Tilson had explained what is value investing and some myths of value investing such as
"Grown is not always good". After that, two main points of value investing are discussed, that are, how to calculate Intrinsic value and what is your margin of safety in value investing.

Value investors always buy good business in good industry with good management.

24 October 2010

How to Exempt PTPTN Loan / Convert It to Scholarship

As you all probably know, undergraduate with "First Class Honours" is not required to pay PTPTN loan and can convert it as scholarship. If undergraduates who hope to exempt PTPTN loan, one simple thing can do is do your role as students and get first class at the end of the Undergraduate Degree Journey.

All latest information about this exemption scheme can be found in PTPTN official website. Basically, all we need to do is to prove a official letter, a verified copy of the degree certificate, and a verified copy of transcript. But for those from private university, a verified copy of program accreditation is required; and for those the degree certificate does not mention about "First Class Honours ", a verification letter is required to prove the certificate is equivalent to "First Class Honours" status.

22 October 2010

Money as Debt by Paul Grignon (No Debt, No Money)

"Money is a new form of slavery, and distinguishable from the old simply by the fact that it is impersonal, there is no human relation between master and slave." ~ Leo Tolstoy

Paul Grignon demonstrates how to create money by recycling mortgage and loan in this video. First of all, "The Goldsmith's tale" is shown to explain the history of how and the money come from. Few important perspectives are described such as "No Debt, No Money", "Loans and Deposit", "Bank create money from nothing", "Inflation" etc. Some suggestions about this phenomena can also be found in this video. Finally, I hope you will enjoy it.

20 October 2010

Why EPS, P/E ratio, NAV, ROE, ROA and dividend yield are never enough in investments

Sometimes, it is quite common for new investors crazy about calculate so-called investment tools like EPS, P/E ratio, NAV, ROE, ROA and dividend yield etc during choosing a good investment. However, experienced investors always share their experience since investment is not merely a mathematics calculation and comparison. This article, Understanding Fundamental Analysis (Part 5), have explained the reason behind.

This article is using Lehman case as an example to explain why EPS, P/E ratio, NAV, ROE, ROA and dividend yield are never enough in investments.

17 October 2010

Debit Card: Shell Vs Petronas - Different First Charge Rate and Refund Period (Malaysia)

I am used to using my debit card for buying petrol or gas to avoid running out of cash and to earn some bonus points. It was quite normal for me when the Shell charged RM200.00 initially when I used my debit card to purchase petrol. Then, the money (RM200.00) will be returned to my account and the price of the petrol will be paid from my account within three working days. In other words, we need to put RM200.00 "deposit" when buying petrol from Shell via debit card. I was thinking that every petrol station will do the something as what Shell do until I used my debit card in Petronas recently.

09 October 2010

Time Management: 8 Useful Tips for Moms to Manage Their Time

Eight useful time management tips in this post will help every mom to make her time effectively and efficiently in such ways that all domestic responsibilities, kids’ needs, and even tasks at work can be done without affect the relationship with spouse.

1. Get organized
A well organized day will help every mom get away from the stress of failing to remember a number of appointments, unfinished tasks, and forgetting other relevant activities. This can be done by making a ‘to do list’ as a guide of the things that you need to finish during the day.

08 October 2010

A Reply about McDonald's Seasonal Promotion - email scam

After receiving a reply from McDonald about my question, I can once again confirm that the liars or the spammers were attacking my blog last few days about one of my post regarding a McDonald scam email. Since the spammers or the liars were trying to convince me that I do the wrong in such a way that I will delete my post and more people will be cheated by them. I decide to share this reply with my visitors so that all of you can get rid of their trap. In order to take care other people privacy, I purposely delete the content of the sender. However, if you have any further clarification or assistance, you can just go to McDonalds official website and then write an inquiry via their system which is how I did last time.

Besides, I have purposely highlighted few important points to ensure that you will never loss any important information. The content of the reply is shown below:

07 October 2010

How Spammer Attacks My Blog: Step by step Explanation

After attacking by spammers several times. I think I should do something to prevent them to contaminate my blog.

Firstly, I have changed my comment setting in such a way that only registered users can drop a comment in blog. It is really very hard for me to make this decision since I love to hearing something from my visitors. However, the thing is I have no free time to "entertain" those spammers.

Next, I will try my best to explain the way to recognize this spammer in this post. The archive of the comments from this spammer is shown below: (which included a comment from me)
(Note: This spammer was normally attacking my blog by using Anonymous account)

05 October 2010

Stock Investment: The difference between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

Generally, investors can be classified into three category.
1. Based on fundamental analysis
2. Based on technical analysis
3. Combination of both technical analysis and fundamental analysis
(note: gambling is not included)

Firstly, we should know why undervalued company is considered "cheap". This is because its market price has not reached its intrinsic value.

03 October 2010

Review: A Leader's Heart 365-Day Devotional Journal (John C. Maxwell)

A Leader's Heart 365-Day Devotional Journal
By John C. Maxwell
Published by Thomas Nelson

“A Leader’s Heart – 365 Day Devotional Journal” is designed as a one year journal with “January 1” as its first page of content until “December 31” as its last page of content. Each day occupied only one page with a systematic structure, which is, starting with a short Scripture followed by a quote or a summary from the previous publications of John C. Maxwell, and then, ending up with a direct question. The remainder space in each page can be used to jot down a thought or answer for further review.

01 October 2010

Microsoft Word 2007: Display Endnote Cite Plug in after disable

Endnote is a very citation management software for word processing software. A very not user-friendly about this software is no idea how to enable it after unconsciously disable it in Microsoft Word 2007.

Follow the steps below, hopefully, your Endnote plug-in function will once again display in your Microsoft Word 2007.

1. Follow the picture below, click on the button on the top-left side of the window, and then, select "Word Options"

2. Next, in the "Word Options" window, select the "Add-Ins" on the left column.