25 September 2012

Save 300 DPI High Resolution Image Files from Power Point

Although MS has provided a step-by-step solution to produce 300DPI high resolution image files from MS Power Point (ref: URL 1) and tested by many people (as shown from internet sources), it is still not working in my laptop computer (PC). After spending few hours for troubleshooting, I am still have no idea why the solution does not work in my PC. Therefore, I decide to use my old-fashion approach to complete my task a.s.a.p.


Tools Needed:

21 September 2012

A Life of GO OUT and COME IN - From the beginning to the end

Our life is enriched by abundant of uncertainties. When the uncertainty is what we want, we call it as "surprise"; when the uncertainty is what we do not want, we call it as "accident". We always have no idea about what will happen at the next second in our life. Yet, we are always curious about it and lots of us always crazy about supernatural ability. As a result, we still have little idea about our life.

In fact, our life is just an iteratively "Go out and Come in" process, from the beginning to the end of our life. In the very first moment we reach this amazing yet risky world, we are actually "Go Out" from the body from our mum. After that, the journey of "Go out and Come in" begins:

16 September 2012

Insurance: 4 Misleading Statements Salesperson Told You

Insurance is an indispensable financial tool that helps us to offset potential risks in our life such as illness and accident. However, due to some irresponsible agents (or I prefer to call them as salepersons) who only concern about their "pocket", there are lots of misleading statements to cause consumers make bad decision. Therefore, in this post, I try to highlight few of them so that my readers will have a better understanding about insurance products.

Misleading 1:
The younger you are, the cheaper the Insurance premium;
so it is a good idea to buy insurance when you are still young
This statement is only partially correct. The medical card premium is based on your age, and it will increase every 5 years (no matter how 'young' you are when you buy the insurance). (Please check your policy.)