25 February 2011

Free Online Backup Services: Zumo Drive Vs DropBox - A Combination

I have utilized two kinds of online backup software, that are, Zumo Drive and DropBox, in my computer to backup some of my important documents since last few weeks. It is very important to backup our important documents in various methods, such as print it out, store it in external harddisk, burn it in DVD/CD etc. However, if natural disaster attacks our place, these kind of hardware backup methods look like quite useless and risky. Online backup, on the other hand, can be considered as one kind of remote backup via internet. Therefore, this method is quite promissing to variate our backup methods in such a way that our data can be stored safety. Before I explain how I have combined both Zumo Drive and DropBox to make my backup system looks like more variety and safer, let me introduce these service as below:

24 February 2011

Yahoo! MyBlogLog to be discontinued - A Scam Email

This is a scam email. Why? Let me quickly summarize what I have observed in this scam email that indicate it is a scam email.

1. Email did not have the Yahoo! official logo

2. Source of this email is not convincing!!
From: Yahoo! "one.yahoo-email.com>"

3. The link redirect you to other web page, that is,  "http://yahoo-email.com/a/hBNZmRnBs19FXB8XEGCNshZL4WB/mybloglog7" instead of what is shown "https://billing.yahoo.com", and "http://yahoo-email.com/a/hBNZmRnBs19FXB8XEGCNshZL4WB/mybloglog2" instead of the real help page of Yahoo!.

20 February 2011

The Secret of Human Behaviour: Do you Learn From Mistakes or Others?

Most people do not learn from their mistakes. They just learn from what they want. For example, gambler only "learn" the lesson that they won money instead of they lost money. In investment, for instance, majority of the so-called investors "learn" the moment they earn money by taking incredible risk, instead of the moment they lost money. Obviously, majority people do not learn from their mistakes, but, from their pleasure. As a result, most of us are still struggling in the same problems and troubles, repeatedly, again and again. In this post, I am going to point out some important issues regarding students, investors, and employee, which might shift your paradigm, eventually.

15 February 2011

Common Mistakes: " In terms Of " Vs "In Term of"

Previously, my friend explained that we should use "in terms of" when the thing we describe is plural, and "in term of" when the thing we describe is singular. However, after a simple investigation, I realize that we should always use "in terms of".

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, "in terms of" can be used for describing either plural or singular fact or event.

10 February 2011

Financial Freedom Plan – The power of Passive Income

Generally, the definition of financial freedom is the time that you are no longer needed to work hard for money. In other words, you have enough passive income to support your daily spending. For example, if you wish to have a passive income of 5,000 per month, or (5,000x12) 60,000 per year, and you are able to generate 10 percent return from your investment. By having a capital of 600,000, you already achieve your financial freedom. Pretty simple, huh? There is why investment is very important and is a must in the journey of financial freedom.

05 February 2011

Malaysia Debit Card: Two Important Things You should Take Care While Use It

Besides different charge rate and refund period that we need to take care when we use our debit card in petrol station, there are another two important things we should know to avoid unnecessary loss when using our debit card. In this post, I am going to discuss them one-by-one based on my experience.

1. The receipt of Transaction

What a surprise! Based on my observation, most people use to throwing away their receipt after any purchasing. This is a very dangerous behavior. On one hand, you cannot prove your transaction according if you want to claim something upon it, such as refund. On the other hand, it may cause delay of your inquiry because people take time to trace back your transaction, especially, you forget the date, the time, or the place of the particular transaction.

02 February 2011

Happy Lunar New Year 2011 - Before, During and After the Festival

For Chinese, Lunar New Year is a very important festival that all the family members will gather together no matter where they are working currently. In this post, I am going to share with you about what we do before, during and after the festival.

Before Lunar New Year, all people is preparing to have a good sign at the beginning of the new year. A good sign includes "having a new beginning in the coming year", "all bad luck is gone", "good luck and fortune are coming" etc. Buying new clothes is one of the most common activities, I guess. Most important thing is to clean entire house, from inner to outer, to make it like a "new house" and "throw" the "old" and "bad" thing away. Besides, food and beverage should be prepared enough to treat guests who are going to come. After that, if affordable, some people will also decorate their house to make it full of New Year atmosphere. 

01 February 2011

Lies the Government Told You : Myth, Power, and Deception in American History - A Review

Lies the Government Told You
Myth, Power, and Deception in American History
By Judge Andrew P. Napolitano
Published by Thomas Nelson

In this book, “Lies The Government Told You – Myth, Power, and Deception in American History”, Judge Napolitano explains how politician of both parties have routinely disregarded the constitutional limits on federal power and violated our natural rights. The lies they have told in our daily basis, from our food, money, economy, medication, health to security. Judge Napolitano uses 17 chapters to describe and categories these repeatedly deceptions, such as “all men are created equal” and “America has a free market”. This book will definitely shift your paradigm toward what the government has told to salvage the freedom of the people.