28 February 2013

The Evolution: From Ngan Yin (Cap Tange) to Like Button?


25 February 2013

Remove Ubuntu from Dual Boot Windows 7 without re-install the OS

Finally, I succeeded to remove Ubunte without re-install my Windows 7. The main reason I removed Ubuntu is lots things are needed to be settled up for me to make Ubuntu smooths my daily routine. Since I already spend more than one year to settle a personal system in my Windows 7 and I am quite satisfied its performance, I will only re-test Ubuntu when the time is allow in the future.
This post records some important steps for me to remove Ubuntu from dual boot Windows 7 64-bit.

20 February 2013

Two Business Strategy to Trade Stock for Better Pricing

In this world, we 'trade' almost everything daily. We can 'trade' our assets (such as time, properties, skills) for money; so that we can use the money to 'exchange' (or 'trade' our money for) what we want. In order to 'trade' our time for 'better price', for instance, we need to tell and show our prospective customer (such as, employer) about why we worth this price and what we can do for the company. Thus, it is considered as a strategy to add-value to our assets.

The similar thing happens in stock trading. There are two business strategy can be used to 'add-value' to our shares so that we will got profit from a trading:

15 February 2013

Windows 7: A Contingency Plan to Manage Computer

In this information explosion world, the use of cloud storage looks like a good option to store and backup our abundant important files in real time. Indeed, after two of my hard disks collapsed in the same time previously, I am very serious to find an alternative solution to organise and secure my important files. However, I have many bad experiences from irresponsible providers who terminated their services suddenly or unconditionally. Thus, I decide to use the old fashion way to backup my files, that is, by using extra external hard disk.
Since no one can guarantee that Windows operation system (OS) will never collapse. So, it will be a good idea to prepare for such situation when I still can do it in a normal OS condition. In the following content, I share my contingency plan to reduce the impact from unfortunate events, that is, internal hard disk or windows OS crash.  

10 February 2013

Average Cost Investing: A Bad Long Term Investmetn Strategy

Average Cost Investing is one of silly investment strategies I heard before. This investment strategy may sound promising at the first glance. However, please consider the following facts before apply it.

Business is changing

Yes, business is changing. There are too many factors affects a business,  such as technology, politic decision, key person,  nature disaster, supply and demand and so on. Simply applying average cost investing will only increase our risk if the interested business is going to be 'disquilified' by the market or its competitors.

08 February 2013

Insight: DanaInfra Retail Sukuk / First Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS) for retail investors

Should I invest DIN040000223, the first Exchange Traded Bonds and Sukuk (ETBS) or DanaInfra Retail Sukuk for retail investors? With 4% fixed return, it does look more attractive than fixed deposit of around 3.15% annually.
Back to basic. In order to evaluate its net return, we should consider all possible costs. Let assume the trading cost of this Bond / Sukuk in Bursa Malaysia is the same as any other share trading. Then, the cost of one-off transaction is
>> 0.73%, that is, brokerage of 0.6%, plus clearing fee of 0.03%, plus Stamp duty of 0.1% for dealer; or
>> 0.55%, that is, brokerage of 0.42%, plus clearing fee of 0.03%, plus Stamp duty of 0.1% for dealer;

05 February 2013

S.P.O.T. on Properties Investment

According to Malaysian Investor website, we can use the so-called S.P.O.T. test to detect potential investment scam. Now, let's use this tool to analysis recent properties investment condition.

Sounds too good to be true

"See, YYY bought the house last two years, now the house is already 100% appreciated. Think about that, if you buy ... now, then you ... in next two years"
"This place will be the next super star with lots of foreign investing in the future."