25 February 2012

Value Investors: More Passion in Study, but Less Transaction and Prediction

After being a value investor, my life and thought change significantly. I realise that the difference between market value and intrinsic value. I also become very enthusiatic in studying and analyse the intrinsic value investment, and understand a particular company based on most reliable first hand information, that are, annual reports and quarterly reports. Abundance of useful information such as how a particular company operates, future prospects and business strategies, are available for us to read. The most importance is they are total free-of-charge. However, when I share my passion with my friends, most of them response that we cannot trust the information from annual reports due to some scam cases. But I still maintain my passion because it is not a very convincing reason for me to be lazy and invest based on news, other people's opinions or even secret tips.

23 February 2012

M-MODE BERHAD (MMODE, 0059) - Quarter Review Q4 2011 : Suspicious Profits? Red Flag? Mistakes?

Income Statement:
EPS: 1.16sen
Total 4 quarters: 7.77sen
NoteL Provision for and write off receivables and inventories increased.
Gross profit margin decreased.

Balance Sheet:
Cash amount increased
Term loan (noncurrent and current) increased marginally.
Net Tangible Asset: 24.53sen

21 February 2012

KEN HOLDINGS BHD (KEN, 7323) - Q4 2011 Quarter Report Review: Growth momentum is expected to continue?

From KEN HOLDINGS BHD (KEN, 7323) - Q4 2011 report: 

Income Statement:
Lower Revenue, but better profit margin.
EPS = 7.76sen
Total 4 quarters EPS = 25.53sen

Balance Sheet:
Cash amount: RM62,149,000
Cash per share: RM62,149,000/(95,860,000) = 64.83sen per share (Including Treasury shares and it is approximately only)
Zero borrowing.
Net assets per share = RM1.61

19 February 2012

OPCOM (0035) Q3 2012: Quarterly Review - Slower Cables Take Up But More Supply of Materials for Cables Manufacturing

Income Statement:
Revenue dropped slightly.
Variable cost increased slightly.
Q3 2011 EPS: 3.42 sen
Total Three quarter: 10.59sen

Balance Sheet:
Inventories and Receivable maintains as previous level.
Cash amount reduced due to special dividend.
Borrowing Status: Zero Borrowing

Cash flow statement:
Maintain a very low CAPEX
Paid back some payable.

15 February 2012

Review: Money Secrets of the Amish - Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving

Money Secrets of the Amish
Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving
By Lorilee Craker Published
by Thomas Nelson


"Money Secrets of the Amish" contains a list of savvy thrift tips to help you accumulate your first capital for your dream house, car or investment based on the generation to generation money secret from Amish. Craker collects and provides a comprehensive explanation about smart, applicable and creative thrift ideas to enhance your financial intelligent. Waste less, Want less and Spend less are not only avoid unnecessary expenses, but also save our environment and limited resources in the earth. Inspired idea such as "Money doesn't buy happiness", "Creating memories together is priceless", "The best things in life are priceless (Free)" and "Work that muscle until it was strong and lean and powerful enough to withstand temptations of all kinds" give us a better understanding about want and need, and ultimately control our desires and personal financial conditions.

10 February 2012

Cat Mario - The Funny and Cruelness Game


07 February 2012

8 Advices from a Respected and Experienced Businessman about Life and Business

Yesterday is the 15th day of lunar new year 2012. I was lucky to meet my girlfriend's friend's father in the celebration party last night. I believe it is the so-called 'luck' or 'destiny' to have a chance to learn lots priceless lessons and advices from an experienced businessman about his life and business.
Here I summarise the top 8 advices from the respected and experienced businessman about life and business.

1. Success people must 'drink'.
Personally, I think that 'drinking' is a way to respect the one who treats you, especially when your customers treat you. There are lots of arts in 'drinking'.

05 February 2012

Making mistake is not a shame, but refusing to acknowledge and correct it


03 February 2012

1Malaysia Book Voucher: Insight

Finally, I have my favourite books by using 1Malaysia Book vouchers yesterday. These books have significant influence in my life, they give me motivation and insight to improve the quality of my life. Since they are quite costly, I did not plan to own one of them and I can only read them for awhile in bookstore and library previously from time to time. Now, luckily, I can not only re-read them from time to time in my living place, but also can recommend and lent them to my sibling and friends for free.