30 October 2011

A Secret Your Boss Never Tells You – Work can never be finished

“Yes, finally… I finish my task.” Is this sound familiar with you? Many of us, especially those entry level employees in a workplace, feel overwhelming and frustrated compared to senior level employees. This is because experienced employees know the disclosed secret in the workplace, that is, “work can never be finished”.

However, please don’t get me wrong. I am not asking you to stop doing your work since your work can never be finished. Rather, having a better understanding about the fact and a right attitude toward this matter, you will enjoy your job ultimately.

25 October 2011

When Stock Market Reaches its Bottom - Based on Global semiconductor industry association Sales Reports

Unpredictable Market Trend- Based on FBMKLCI, the bull started from 2003 May to 2004 Mar, then continued adjustment for around 2.5 years. The strong bull continues climbing the mountain from Jun 2006 to the peak at Dec 2007 (around 1.5 years). After that, the bear came immediately started from Jan 2008 to Oct 2008 (around 10 months), then a baby bull was reborned and grow slowly for Nov 2008 to March 2009 (around 5 months). When the baby bull was strong enough, it started to climb the mountain from April 2009 to Jun 2011 (around 2.2 years). So, what will happen next? What can we refer to?

Based on Global semiconductor industry association Sales Reports, when all the negative news were reported (December 2008 to April 2009) only during the FBMKLCI market reached its bottom (Nov 2008 to March 2009). However, this is the hardest period for all investors when all negative and bad news continue bomb-blasting the mind of investors to make bad decision (selling their shares in the bottom of the market).

20 October 2011

A Better Way to Manage Your Fixed Deposit Account – Having enough FDs which mature in different consecutive months

Besides allocating main fund in investment portfolio, tools such as fixed deposit account provides a relative secure and liquidity for investors to ensure they have sufficient cash to invest more in the future when opportunity comes or rebalance their portfolio when economy crisis occurs. As we know, opportunity is for people who have enough preparation. This preparation is in terms of capital and knowledge. So, in this post, I would like to share the way I use to manage my high liquidity account, that is, Fixed Deposit Account.

1. Liquidity Vs Return
The first thing I concern about is how to optimize the liquidity of my Fixed Deposit account. Generally, the interest rates of one month and one year fixed deposit accounts are slightly different, that is, less than 0.5%. Therefore, personally, I prefer to “sacrifice” the extra “0.5%” to optimize both liquidity and return of my fixed deposit. In other words, I use the 0.5% interest to buy an “insurance” in such a way that my fixed deposit account will earn interest even though I need to cash out it suddenly within one year. Moreover, this approach makes me more comfortable to cash out my fixed deposit anytime for better investment in the future.

15 October 2011

Personal Financial Management 1: To Differentiat the Need and Want in Our Daily Basis

The first thing to do in personal financial management is to distinguish our Needs and Wants. Needs is something that is necessary to our daily basis. For example, we need water to survive; we need food to survive; we need to have a sun glass to protect our eye; etc. Wants, on the other hand, is something that will fulfill our desires, temporary. For instance, we want to drink beer to get rid of stress, temporary; we want to eat $100 per meal instead of $10 per meal to make us look like more superior, temporary; we want to have a branded sun glass that costs extra of $300 to protect our eye; etc

However, the fact is it quite hard to distinguish Needs and Want in our life. For example, car can be categorised either Needs or Wants. For a salespeople, having a car can be considered as Needs. This is because car is a essential tool for salespeople to do their business. Salespeople need to travel from one place to another place everyday depends on their marketing strategy. Without a car, salespeople will face difficulty to do their business. In constrat, if your workplace is just 1km a way from your home or the public transport is quite convenient for you, having a car is considered as Wants unless you have special reasons.

10 October 2011

When should Investor to Rebalance, Hold or Cut loss When the Market Price Drops

In stock market investment, after buying some shares of a certain company, we need to monitor the financial condition and profitability of the company in order to make a better decision on it. When the market price drops, we got paper loss. However, knowing that the market price is so-volatile in short-term period of time, we should make our mind calm down first. And then, review the condition of the company before making a decision to: Rebalance, Hold, and Cut-loss

My personal strategy:
Rebalance, only if
1. The fundamental of the company is still the same or even better.
2. Cheap sell due to the EQ of "investors".
3. It is already cheap enough.

05 October 2011

The Ultimate Time Management Skill - The Secret of Time Management

I must admit that there are lots of time management skill tutorials, training, workshop, advice articles etc available in both offline and online. Therefore, I am not going to teach and give a piece of advice to help you manage your time. Rather, I am here to tell you a secret I realize suddenly when I am trying to digest and practice those so-called excellent time management skills.

24 hours per day
Yes, this is a “disclosed secret”. Every one of us has 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hours and 60 seconds per minute. Obviously, time is very fair for us regardless you are rich or poor, healthy or sick, hardworking or lazy, etc.