28 March 2014

Four Basic Ways to Earn Money

In order to survive in this world, we need to earn sufficient money that can support our daily basis. Money or cash or asset is a tool that stores or accumulates the value that we have created to other. In other words, the more value we have created, the more money we will earn. In this post, I would like to present four basic ways to create money (value).

1. Use the basic function of our body

-We can use our body energy to help other to move things from one place to another.
-We can use our eyes to help other to take care their goods or assets.
-We can use our appearance to help other to promote their goods or services.

This kind of way to earn money is mainly using our body function.

21 March 2014

One Extremely Difficult Condition When Making Decision in Stock Investment - Buy or Sell


For most people, stock market investment is probably the easiest investment to be involved. All you need to do is to decide what business should be invested or divested with just as low as few dollar charges per transaction.

Since there is no free lunch in this world, I would like to discuss the difficulty behind the decision making in stock market investment.

14 March 2014

Star Publications (Star, 6084): Mini Review 2014


After sharing my first insight about Star Publications (Star, 6084) more than 14 months, Star Publications, fundamentally, appears to be the same. Since the market price has reached its another historical low (from my last review of RM2.60 to RM2.10++) , I decided to spend some time to take a look at Star Publications, again.

Business Prospect

In terms of its business prospect, the group aims to offer better advertising platforms to extend their reach to wider audiences via the Print, Digital, Broadcasting and Television channels. Basically, I really do not think there will be many new audiences from any these channels, except the Digital.

Particularly, most of us have changed the ways of our living - Google, Surfing, Youtube, Facebook etc. In near future, maybe, we will be more smartphone-oriented - Whatsapp, Line, etc.

07 March 2014

Notion VTec Berhad (0083) - Review & Insight 2014


I must admit that I made a huge mistake when I invested NOTION VTEC BERHAD, Notion (0083), at the time Notion was around RM0.67. I thought it was quite good price for me to invest in Notion (0083) due to its profitability based on past performance and good performance in its Q3 and adjusted results in Q4. Nonetheless, the ignorant of the potential negative sides of Notion caused me made this bad decision. The following content is my review and insight about Notion (0083).