30 April 2011

Sharing: 6 Tips to Score and Achieve Academic Excellent

After four years undergraduate study, I come out six effective study methods that might help you to achieve excellent results at the end of your study as I did. This six tips are not a secret. In fact, all of you can do it if you have strong determination and desires to accomplish excellent.

1. Never be last minute - Talent is never enough. If you are seriously to be a successful person, you should avoid to do what successful people not do. Always be prepared. Treat everyday is your exam day is my biggest secret to maintain excellent results. 

25 April 2011

Common English Grammar Mistakes: Incidence Vs Incident

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

Incidence defines "the number of times something happens, especially crime, disease etc".
For example, poverty causes the incidence of crime increase in this area.

Incident defines "an event, especially one that is unusual, important, or violent".
For example, apart from the incident in Japan our holiday was completely trouble-free.

20 April 2011

A Shortcut to Calculate the Square of any Two-digit Number Manually

It will be impressive if you can square any two-digit number in front of your friends without a calculator. The primarily requirement of this tips is you must very familiar with the calculation of the square of any single-digit number.

Let me assume that you are very familiar with it, then all you need to do is find a number, r that will make the first digit number become zero by adding (or minus). For example, the x of the square of 56 can be 4 or 6. If we choose 4, 56 + 4 is 60 (or if we choose 6, 56 - 6 is 50).

15 April 2011

Blog Tour: Starting a Micro Business: Introduction, Review and Giveaways

(Cincinnati, OH) With unemployment rates high, the teen population is finding it harder and harder to find work. Adults are competing for the same minimum wage jobs. But there’s an alternative—starting a micro business. What is a micro business? It is a very small, one-person business that you can start easily and quickly with what you already know or own. No money needed, low risk and no debt! Students can spend as much time running a micro business as they wish and can even close it down during busy times. The best advantage for teens to own a micro business is that it not only brings in extra cash (often more than imagined), but students end up learning a great deal about business, money and themselves. It may lead to an entrepreneurial life or at the very least, prepare students for higher learning opportunities.

14 April 2011

Dropbox - Get extra space free up to 18.8GB for Free User Account (Online Backup Service)

After compare both Zumo Drive and Dropbox in my previos post, I am going to share with you some tips to get extra free space for DropBox user up to 18.8GB!!!.

Firstly, do visit https://www.dropbox.com/free, and then complete four simple tasks as follow to receive extra free 128MB for each of them.
i. Free 128MB when you connect your Twitter account with Dropbox.
ii. Free 128MB when you connect your Facebook account with Dropbox.
iii. Free 128MB when you follow Dropbox on Twitter.
iv. Free 128MB when you send some feedback to Dropbox.

10 April 2011

Get a FREE issue of the new Bloomberg Businessweek Now

After receiving and reading a FREE Copy of Shares Investment Malaysia Edition, I find out we also can get a free copy of new Bloomberg Businessweek as well via internet application.

First of all, let me summarize the previous free digest (Shares Investment Malaysia Edition):
The digest start from few current economy or business articles or reviews or forecast, then some fundamental summary of the listed companies, which include top turnover, top gainer, top loser, top dividend, top ROA etc, and then, follow by briefly reviews of each listed companies. However, one drawback I found after reading the digest is : It did not contain all listed companies. Maybe those companies, I was looking for, were too inactive. However, as an valued-investor, I always try to get rid of too active stock since most of them are over-valued or over-optimistic to the future performance.

Next, in order to receive a free copy of new Bloomberg Businessweek, all you need to do is go to the link below and fill out the form about your mailing detail.

05 April 2011

Lunch, Dinner, Meal Price all Increases 10 percent (Malaysia 2011)

Inflation really powerful. Just now i went and buy dinner, you know, its price has been 10% increased, suddenly. From RM5.00 to RM5.50!!! And it happens in small hawker center!!! And it happens in a poor student like me!!! The boss just explained that the price of raw materials is increased, so they need to "adjust" the price of their food as well. Really? Maybe, but I think another reason is the hawker center always crowd of people. Supply and demand theory: When demand is higher than supply, the price, of course, will increase, and vice versa.