30 June 2010

Export 300 DPI/PPI Resolution Picture/File from Open Office Drawing

Nowadays, it is essential to have a 300 DPI resolution picture if you want to print it as a poster. Direct export your design into .png or .jgp with highest quality still cannot guarantee that the resolution is higher than 300 DPI.

But you might wondering how about 300 PPI? The answer is they are virtually similar to each other. After export a picture in 300 DPI resolution, for example. Picture editing software,  GIMP, show its resolution is 300 PPI. In other words, you should not worry too much about it.

There are two way to export 300 DPI resolution from Open Office Drawing.

29 June 2010

Ayam Goreng Mcdonald ( Mcdonald Fried Chicken ) - Replace it if low quality

The spicy fried chicken of Mcdonald are always my favorite meals. It is not only due to its recipe of the chicken fries, but also the quality of the chicken.

Everyone can make a mistake. As you can see from the picture, it is a white meat or black meat?

28 June 2010

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebe (Maksim)

""Flight of the Bumblebee" is an orchestral interlude written by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov for his opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan, composed in 1899–1900. The piece closes Act III, Tableau 1, during which the magic Swan-Bird changes Prince Gvidon Saltanovich (the Tsar's son) into an insect so that he can fly away to visit his father (who does not know that he is alive). Although in the opera the Swan-Bird sings during the first part of the "Flight", her vocal line is melodically uninvolved and easily omitted; this feature, combined with the fact that the number decisively closes the scene, made easy extraction as an orchestral concert piece possible."(wikipedia)

25 June 2010

bux.to is a scam? How long for cash out? Pending Audit?

I was an active bux.to member during 2007. After participating activities in university, I became very busy so I was gradually forgot about bux.to in my life.

One day, I recalled back that I have a bux.to account and I decided to check it up. The minimum cash out was changed to 50USD instead of 10USD. And, my account have reached the minimum cash out.

23 June 2010

PPStream: Display Chinese language at PPS in Windows 7

Due to default setting, PPStream might not be able to display in Chinese or Mandarin in our Windows 7. However, as Windows 7 users, it should be a peanut for you to show Chinese language at PPStream. All you need to do is to change the option of Region and Language in your Windows 7. In this post, I am going to show you how to change the option of Region and Language.

First of all, go to
  Control Panel
    Clock, Language, and Regional
       Region and Language

22 June 2010

The Most difficult subject in my bachelor degree program(Ten Criteria)

According to my exam experiences after 4 years of degree program, which consist of about 40 final exam tests, more than 100 other tests and quizzes, I can conclude ten criteria of the most difficult subject which i had experienced.

1. Exam questions which you will never find in notes, lecturer's slides, etc. In other words, there will be no difference even if you study hard.

2. Lecturer's presentation slides are totally disorder and incomplete. They will just make you more confusing if you are trying to digest them.

3. You have no idea about what he or she tries to present during his or her lecture. More than 50% of the students are sleeping during the lecture. The remainder 50% of the students just woke up from their bed (because this is a morning lecture).

21 June 2010

Questions for Entrepreneurs to Startup a Business

This is a very important business self assessment for all potential entrepreneurs who wish to own a business. I was found these questions in The Malaysian Life Sciences Capital Fund (MLSCF) official website. And then, I feel these question are very useful and decide to share them in my blog.

Questions for Entrepreneurs

The Market
  • Is there a need?
  • Who cares?
  • Have the market segments been identified and are they well developed?
  • Is the market large, and how fast will it grow?
  • Can the company establish a defensible market position?
  • Is there or will there be formidable competition?
  • How long is the sales cycle?

19 June 2010

How to detect hidden camera, spy camera, video recorder

First of all, all the electricity devices are needed to be turned off before start detecting hidden recorder devices.

Potential hiding place to be planted a camera or microphone:
  • Accessories like a baseball cap
  • in ceilings
  • next to light fixtures
  • electronic devices like CDs, VCRs and alarm clocks
  • common device such as a power outlet, stereo speaker or smoke detector.
  • any conspicuously placed objects such as stuffed animals, smoke detectors, lamps, picture frames or books. 
  • objects that seem to be "pointed" at areas of the room in an unnatural way.
  • under tables or chairs, or inside pots and vases.

17 June 2010

Kindly Acknowledge Receipt of this Email: 3 Steps to Verify a Scam Email

There are three very obvious parts in this email tell us this is a scam email.

1. First of all, the sender's email address is not from so-called Sony Ericsson. Do you believe that Sony Ericsson not afford to buy email address for their employee but got money to give you??

2. The receiver's email address is not specific. In other words, more than one people will receive this kind of email with the same Ticket number: Sony/89bgn002876/2010. How can the company who will obtain the price. All people who show out this so-called ticket number?? Come on, this is not logic and the company will bankrupt soon this email is real.

15 June 2010

Monetize review: Google Adsense, Adgitize blogger, and CMF ads

This is a new monetize review after the previous review about Google Adsense, Entrecard, Adgitize blogger, or CMF ads.

First of all, let's talk about the performance of  this blog. After doing some SEO in XaivierBlog and quit the Entrecard program three months ago, one of the biggest changing is the percentage of traffic sources, which is shown in the chart below by using Google Analytics tool. Personally, I am quite satisfied with the 71.43% traffic from Search Engines.

14 June 2010

Tutorial: Basic Internal Rate of Return,IRR, Calculation and Explanation 2

This is the second part of Tutorial: Basic Internal Rate of Return,IRR, Calculation and Explanation. Now, let's see the third example.

Example 3:

Question: Return at the end of period is $455,996.00, Annual saving is $6000.00, Period is 30 years, initial saving is $6000.00 as well.

1. First of all, let's see the cash flow below:

Year 0: Initial Saving = PW = $6000.00
Year 1: Annual Saving = AW (Annual Worth) = $6000.00
Year 2: Annual Saving = AW = $6000.00

13 June 2010

Tutorial: Basic Internal Rate of Return, IRR, Calculation and Explanation

First of all, let's assume

P = present
F = Future
A = Annual
W = Worth
N = number of year

Basically, two equations are involved in this tutorial
1. PW = FW (P|F, IRR , N)
2. (P|F,IRR, N) = 1/(1 + IRR)^N

(1 + IRR)^N means (1 + IRR) to power N.

11 June 2010

3 Must-Know Facts about Tooth Whitening

Before whitening your teeth, make sure you have know some important information about the process involved, finding professionals qualified to perform the procedure, and possible side effects.A teeth whitening products contain peroxide as a main ingredient. It is responsible for bleaching the enamel of your teeth to make them whiter. However, when considering whether or not to get your teeth whitened, make sure you know these important facts:

1. Process involved
There are several whitening methods available, including:

10 June 2010

Get a FREE Copy of Shares Investment Malaysia Edition Now

Indeed, you can get a free copy of "Shares Investment Malaysia edition" now after fill in all required details in the official website of SharesInvestment,  http://www.sharesinvestment.com/mysurvey/index.php. Besides that, you can also read the latest issue "Shares Investment Malaysia edition" in the above link online.

Furthermore, you have an option to choose the language either in Mandarin or English.

04 June 2010

Show, Record, Write Mandarin / Chinese in Notepad, Open Office, Microsoft Office

This is a trouble for me to copy and paste a mandarin sentence in a notepad as a record in some computer because most of them was became something like below:

After do some searching, finally, I got a solution for this problem.

03 June 2010

Pachelbel's canon in D Major

"Pachelbel's Canon, also known as Canon in D major (PWC 37, T. 337, PC 358), is the most famous piece of music by German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel. It was originally scored for three violins and basso continuo and paired with a gigue in the same key. Like most other works by Pachelbel and other pre-1700 composers, the Canon remained forgotten for centuries and was rediscovered only in the 20th century. Several decades after it was first published in 1919, the piece became extremely popular, and today it is frequently played at weddings and included on classical music compilations, along with other famous Baroque pieces such as Air on the G String by Johann Sebastian Bach." (wiki)

01 June 2010

Futera World Football 2010: Cards and CodeTrading

I got following cards and code:

(Highly demand) Promo Stars (US $3.00 per codes)
David Beckham

Promo Stars (US $2.00 per codes)
Fernando Torres, Emmanuel Adebayor, Cristiano Ronaldo

Four Stars: (US $1.00 per codes)
Benni Mccarthy, Nihat Kahveci, John Arne Riise, 

Three Stars: (US $0.50 per codes)
Craig Bellamy, Eduardo Da Silva

Drop an email to me at xaivierchia@gmail.com if you are interested in anyone of them. The card code will be sent via email in the term of photo.