30 January 2012

A Retailer In Stock Market Investment

For me, stock market is just an open market for buyers and sellers to complete deals every working day. Every day when I have free time, I will go to "the market" to see whether I can buy one or two discounted "goods". Since most of the time I could not find attractive deals, once I find a good deal, I will definitely buy it regardless the time is bull or bear market.

To be a retailer, I also know that I must use one of the advantages provided in stock market, that is, zero maintainance fee. In addition, I believe the fundamental logical in this world, that is, everyone like to buy good investment. For me, a good investment in stock market is buying a good business which can breakeven as soon as possible, can provide attractive cash flow (dividend), and can keep growing in the future. Is it the same as your? I don't know. But at least I know what I am going to buy is a good investment which fulfills what I want.

22 January 2012

Five Benefits in Stock Market Investment

Stock market is probably the most convenient place for people to buy assets. Some advantages of stock market investment are stated as follows:
1. Low Cost
The transaction of buying or selling a share of a company in stock can be less than 0.5%.

2. Zero maintainance fee
No maintainance cost is charged even you hold a particular company's shares for whole life.

15 January 2012

Stock Market Investment: Focus on What You can Control

In stock market investmet, there are plenty of uncontrolled or unpredictable events (natural disaster like earthquake and tsunami) that affect the trend of the market in short term period of time. Besides that, unless you are insiders, retail investors like me are lacking of first hand information. Therefore, what we can do is to control what we can control to redure the impact of uncertainty. Here I list out three things we can control in stock market investment:

1. What company to invest?We can choose what we want to invest. Therefore, make sure you have more than 95% confidence about your choice based on your personal homework and study.

10 January 2012

No Fee Charged for Basic Saving Accounts in Malaysia

Sometimes, I was wondering why I need to pay some annual fee for my saving accounts, while other friends do not need to pay. After doing some searching, I find an relevant letter from Bank Negara Malaysia who replied the editor of The Star, regarding an article entitled "Ironic that I 'Paid' bank to use my money" on 24 August 2009.

In fact, Bank Negara tended to create awareneness and provide guidance to public regarding the imposition of fees and charges by banking institutions via the letter. From the letter, "No fee charged for basic savings accounts" is highlighted.

05 January 2012

Investment Insight: Fact and Rumous In stock Market: Plywood Companies Case

Previous information in stock market:
The orders of plywood and construction materials will be increased due to re-construction in Japan after the tsunami disaster.

Current Fact:
The orders of plywood and construction materials will be reduced due to over-orders and overstock-ing of materials immediately following the earthquake in Japan and the slower than expected re-construction exer-cise.

Current information in stock market:
"The manufacturing sector slowed to 2.1% (1Q 11: 5.5%) due mainly to the weaker global environment and the pro-duction disruptions following the disaster in Japan in March 2011. For example, orders for plywood and construction materials reduced in 2Q due to over-orders and overstock-ing of materials immediately following the earthquake in Japan and the slower than expected re-construction exer-cise."(Source: IM BizWatch 8/2011)

01 January 2012

New Year Resolution 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

This is the third New Year resolution which I have published in my blog. After re-read the New Year resolutions for 2010 and 2011, I felt that they are quite silly. But it also means that I have improved my thought, philosophy and insight compared to last few years. It is a good thing to encourage me keep move up in my life and help me to get rid of the same mistakes in my life.

In order for me to make a holistic New Year resolution, I have separated them into non-recurring and recurring resolution. This is because I have learnt that some of the resolution should be maintained annually. In the same time, some of them are needed to be modified to suit present conditions.