30 November 2012

Inflation Eats the Value of Money Silently and Endlessly

Yesterday, I was shocked by a recruitment advertisement that indicated the payment per hour for a cashier was RM5.00. WHY? Because I still remember the offer for such position was only around RM2.00 last ten years ago...

So, what is the problem? The problem is if you were doing the job and kept all the salary in the bank for 10 years, is your RM2.00 appreciated to RM5.00 now?? NO, the answer is very obvious.

How about your investment? Have you turned your RM200,000.00 to be RM500,000.00 in last 10 years?

No? Then you should revise your investment strategy.

Almost there? Then you have managed to protect the value of your saving.

Outperform? Then you should try to help those victims around you, if possible.

27 November 2012

ECS ICT BERHAD: Re-evaluate Q3 EPS after Bonus Issues

The quarter 3 (Q3) EPS of ECS ICT BERHAD (5162) was 5.40sen. In a comparison to its market of RM1.00, PE was only 5. What a good deal.

Wait!! ECS has issued bonus recently. In other words, we need to re-evaluate or examine whether its reported EPS has been corrected or not.

According to the announcement from Bursa Malaysia,

25 November 2012

Positive psychology: From Inner to Outer

More and more studies from positive psychology indicate that happiness is achievable for everyone. Many people, however, still do not achieve the so-called happiness in their life. This is simply because they spent too many time focusing on negative things daily. Obviously, simply "stop" doing what does not work, and proceed with any workable solutions suggested by those gurus, I believe all of us can achieve happiness in our life.

I believe lots of gurus already try their best to convey the message via different ways so that everyone in this world can achieve the so-called happiness as follows:

20 November 2012

Where to Lodge Complaints In Malaysia

After reading the leaflet from SIDC about the "right to lodge complaints", I think it will be a good idea to list out all sources for complaints so that the atmosphere of complain in Malaysia will be increased. To me, feedback or complains are very important to improve the quality in any matter.

Bursa Malaysia
  • Issues with stock broking companies
  • Complaints against PLCs. 
All complaints to Bursa Malaysia should be addressed to:
Customer Care Centre
Bursa Malaysia Berhad, Lower Ground Floor
Bukit Kewangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-2732 0067
Fax : 03-2732 5258
Email : aduan@bursamalaysia.com

15 November 2012

Create more Values, Make more Money and Wealth

After explaining what is money and the risk of saving previous, I believe another misleading mindset is that creating or making more money can create more wealth in our life or society. As a result, many people have dream or target to make one million or one billion dollars in their life. They spend most of their time to think about the ways to create more money via various "resources" in order to achieve that dream or target faster. They even risk their limited money and life so that the dream/target can be achieved quickly. However, they almost forget what is money and why money exists.

10 November 2012

Investment, Speculation and Gambling: First Things First

Recently, I create the first filter to make my investment decision more wisely, that is, I must answer the question as stated below:

"Is this purchasing a good investment, or a good speculation or simply a gambling?"

Criteria of Investment:
  • Good price to buy a historical proof asset that provides good and stable cash flow instead of dividend yearly.
  • Good price to buy a special asset that has very high potential to grow sustainable and significantly.

05 November 2012

Summary of the Facts from Celebrities and Science 2011

I always prefer to take advices/suggestions from independent people (or third party) who
do not have the conflict of interest with me. Besides, I seldom agree with the suggestions from those people who have self interest (such as, advertisers, celebrities, business owners and salespeople). Recently, I find one interesting website, http://www.senseaboutscience.org/, that provides lots of advices from independent scientists that reveal the true and the fact in our daily life.

I always curious whether it is necessary to spend so many money to buy the so-called supplements or power food to make our life to be more healthier by boosting our immune system. My previous thought was if they were so useful, why I cannot find any scientific peer review article that published such a big contribution to human health? Besides, more of the so-called functions are simply spreaded by "mouth" instead of written black and white, that makes me more suspicious about their functions.

01 November 2012

AHB Holdings Berhad: Qualification of Opinion in External Auditors' Report

"Qualification of Opinion in External Auditors' Report on Audited Financial Statements for the Financial Year Ended XX XXX XXXX"

The above statement is one of the red flags for investors. If your invested company has received such 'warning' sign, you must be very conscious now, and take necessary action for the company - SELL or HOLD or BUY. If you have no idea why you have such company in your portfolio, then you probably should consider to clear them out immediately.

So, what we can learn from AHB Holdings Berhad case?

Firstly, open the latest quarter report of AHB via the following links:

Next, please take note on its "Revenues" from its income statement, that is, 3.5million per quarter and 17.4million per year.