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Xaivier Blog is managed by Xaivier Chia, which focus on paradigm shift, consists of book review, self improvement, life philosophy, solution for windows and internet problems, HTML programming tutorial, fun jokes and IQ, investment point of view, English learning tips, Google tips and trap, webmaster tutorial and so on which can be found in our sitemap. Visitors are encouraged to subscribe our updated post for free via either email, atomic feed, Google follower, twitter

Brief Introduction of the author, Xaivier Chia
I am full of enthusiasts in my life. My daily agenda is to crave knowledge, to widen my understanding, and to increase my intellectual ability through my mission statement to achieve my vision. Xaivier Blog is a platform for me to express, share and record what I learn, know, and thought. I always treat myself my company. So, I have set vision, mission, etc to my life in such a way that I will achieve my dream eventually.

Never Regret through the life

 Constantly and never ending improve my life from personal spiritual to interpersonal development through my philosophy of life.

My Philosophy of life

1. A thousand miles journey begins with a single step
2. Success leaves clues
3. No pain, No gain

4. Appreciate everyone, everywhere and everyday
5. Contribute to social
6. Your habits determine your destiny

  7. Repetition is the mother of skill

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