28 February 2010

Google Chrome Extension: Customize browse

Finally, I have decided to add on some extension on my Google Chrome to enrich my surfing experience and make it more variety. Basically, what I focus on is to find some auxiliary tools to save my surfing time. There are six extensions here which I have installed them in my Google Chrome today.

1. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer
- Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
Very user friendly since user can read the document file directly instead of download the document first.

26 February 2010

Bursa Malaysia tips: Free Effective Analysis tools in investment - Formula

People who can read the number know the trend of market. To be able read a financial statement is an essential skill to estimate a company performance in the future. Here are some financial formula to help you more understand about a financial statement.

Basic Formula
Shareholder’s Equity = Assets – Liabilities
EPS Earning per Share = Net Profit after Tax/Total No. of Shares
NTA Net Tangible Asset = Net Tangible Asset/No. of Shares
ROE Return on Equity = EPS/NTA or Net Income/Shareholder’s Equity
PE Price Earning Ratio = Market Price/EPS
DY Dividend Yield = Annual Dividend per share/Market Price

23 February 2010

Couple Relationship Tips: Improve your relationship with commitment approach

In my last post, "Couple Relationship Tips: Boost your relationship during Valentine's day?", I have stated out two effective tips to improve relationship via communication effectively with each other and build a good habit together.

This article depicts how to bring your relationship forward via commitment approach by answering the questions of "what is commitment in a relationship?" and "how to use commitment to boost your relationship?"

21 February 2010

Virtual Stock Trading Game: Stock Challenge of RHB Knowledge based


After missing the opportunity to participate bursa pursuit 2007, in the end, Stock Challenge from RHB Knowledge based have provided another "similar" platform for newbie like me to have more experience and knowledge of stock trading in Bursa Malaysia.

Some benefits for this game are :
1. To gain access to market reports and exclusive trials of charting tools used by the professionals.
2. Besides that, you have an option to receive additional information, that are, Learn To Invest Series, Seminar Alerts, and Star Online News.
3. Of course, you have an opportunity to win prize as stated below:

19 February 2010

Blogger Tips: Adding Label Cloud Widget in Blogspot


This tutorial will help you to add a label cloud widget in your blogspot.

1. Search the code below in "edit HTML" which can be reached at Layout after login your blogspot account.
<b:widget id="Label1" locked="false" title="Labels" type="Label">

18 February 2010

Matlab tips: Transferring Simulink Scope data to Matlab Workspace

In Matlab, you can transfer your Simulink scope data to the Matlab Workpace.

This post shows how to transfer the output graph of a scope to Workspace in such a way that you can avoid unnecessary usage of ink and make more analysis on your Matlab Simulink simulation.

First of all, double click the scope in your Simulink then select "Data history".

In this section: 

  Firstly, check the "Save data to workspace" box
      Then, enter your desired variable name
          After that, change its format to "Array" as shown in diagram below.

16 February 2010

HTML Programming: Create Scrolling moving text by MARQUEE HTML code

This is a tutorial to show you how to create scrolling or moving text by MARQUEE HTML code.

Do you want to make your text "moving" in your site?

There is not a difficult task to do it now^^

Just using  <marquee> HTML code, for example,
<marquee> Your text here </marquee>
The output is:

Your text here

14 February 2010

Couple Relationship Tips: Boost your relationship during Valentine's day?

This may be very important for us to have a memorable and fantastic Valentine's day to improve our relationship and subsequently move our relationship forward to the next level, if possible. It might be sound good to spend some money to have a precious gift such as diamond and a wonderful dinner in 5 star hotel during this special day, Valentine's day. However, what I suggest is constantly improve your relationship instead of an "occasionally mass improvement" during so called "special days". Although it cannot be denied that those special days or events are important throughout our life, personally, I will just treat them as reminders for me to improve my relationship in daily basis.

Now, I would like to share with you about my top two tips to improve your relationship throughout your life.

12 February 2010

Monetize review: Google Adsense, Entrecard, Adgitize blogger, or CMF ads

 or Adgitize your web site. or CMF Ads

This post is for bloggers who wish to increase their site traffic, earn more money, or looking for more information about Entrecard, Adgitize blogger, and CMF. However, if be aware, they might against Google Adsense TOS and policy.

According to my knowledge that all of them should not against Google Adsense Term and Conditions for publishers. If somebody here has updated information, it will be very nice to share here via comment box below. Some comparison between these services are shown below.

05 February 2010

Blogger tips: Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap to Google Search Engine


The purpose of submitting a Sitemap is to tell Google about pages on your site which might not otherwise be discovered by Google. As a result, this is considered as a good Search Engine Optimize (SEO) approach for webmaster. Besides that, it is a good idea to resubmit Sitemap every time you update the contents of your blog to make sure Google know about it. Three steps to accomplish this SEO approach are shown below: