30 August 2013

5 Things you Should Know about your Credit Card By Brendon Lee

Reading your credit card terms and conditions (T&C) is about as enjoyable as watching paint dry. But a T&C document contains vital information that you must know before using your credit card. To avoid getting surprised with extra fees and requirements, it’s best to take the time to give your T&C a thorough scan before committing your John Hancock. To help ease the process, here is a list of things you should be looking out for in your credit card T&C.

Interest rates

Some credit cards operate on a tier system and only offer the lowest interest rates to cardholders who have been consistently prompt with their payments for an extended period of time. New cardholders usually start off with interest rate as high as 17%, and then the interest rate is gradually reduced to 9 or 8% IF they maintain good payment records for the next 12 months. Nonetheless, some cards start off with a low interest rate for a set period, and then the interest rate will be reverted to the highest default if the payment record is not good. Regardless of these mechanics, you should always settle your bills on time if you wish to benefit from low interest rates.

23 August 2013

Why I sold Malaysian China based listed Companies in Bursa Malaysia: XDL, MSPORT, and MAXWELL

Firstly, I must clarify that the China based listed companies that I sold were: XDL, MSPORT, and MAXWELL that are still listed in Bursa Malaysia. I shared some of my insight about these companies few years ago. They are still fundamentally attractive, I must admit it. However, some questions that appear in my mind cannot be answered satisfactorily. Thus, I decided to clear them out from my portfolio with margin loses.
The very first question is: If you got many extra cash, do you put all your cash in bank account or fixed deposit account for years? 

17 August 2013

An Alternative Way to Pay Credit Card - Interbank Transfer

Generally, we may have one or two credit cards that issued by a bank without having its saving or current account. Consequently, most of us are going to do a similar "exercise" monthly - queuing in front of an ATM to pay our credit card bill. Since the number of credit card users is getting more, the time taken to complete this monthly routine task using similar method is also getting longer. An alternative method is needed to save our precious time.

Luckily, Bank Negara has asked our bankers to provide cheaper interbank service. In other words, we can complete our monthly obligation (clear credit card payment on time) via our current online banking system, with as low as RM0.10 only.

16 August 2013

Maybank TreatsPoints - Double Inflation?

This is a very short sharing about Maybank TreatsPoints system. Maybank TreatsPoints is the points that Maybank card owners earn upon each dollar spent. These points can be used to exchange gifts or rewards from Maybank website of www.maybankard.net.my.

I have exchanged quite a number awards (mainly shopping vouchers and for service tax payment) using my "hard-earned" points. Even though other banks do provide more attractive reward system, I  use Maybank credit card simply because the nearest bank in my living place is Maybank.

09 August 2013

5 Risks of the investment in FiA for Solar PV Installations (Malaysia)

Logically, investment contains risk. An investment that claimed zero risk is either a scam or a illusion. While getting more and more people are interested in the investment of FiA for Solar PV Installations, it is necessary to highligh some risks for this "almost perfect" investment.
The aims of this post is not going to discourage you to invest in FiA for Solar PV Installations; rather to provide some potential risks for consideration so that all (potential) investors can be well-prepared for the foreseen circumstances.