31 October 2012

Everything is Electronic Now: Bursa Malaysia SMS me!

"RM0.00 COMPANY NAME dividend RM AMOUNT paid out to your bank a/c on DATE - Bursa Depository."

This is the first SMS from Bursa Malaysia to my personal mobile phone. It tells me that one my invested company bank-in dividend to me. What a good idea. However, why it is just started to be implemented? Maybe nobody thought this idea previously. Or simply because the technology is just completed (due to security issues, most of the time).

29 October 2012

5 Useful Writing Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is one of the fastest growing forms of media today. Blogs can reach a wider network of readers than traditional media. However, bloggers are too quick to publish, and this often creates the quality huff in the market. Many half hashed blogs are published by the day, most of them inaccurate, false and poorly written. To optimize the quality of blog posts, this article provides some useful and practical tips for you.

25 October 2012

Review: 4 Investment Myths and 1 Truth

Adam Hartung summarized the 4 Investment Myths and 1 Truth in Forbes(http://www.forbes.com/sites/adamhartung/2012/10/18/remembering-the-87-crash-4-investment-myths-and-1-truth/2/ last visited 24/10/2012). It is a very fascinating and useful contribution. However, I believe value investors are very unique, all of them has own personality and investment philosophy. Based on my investment philosophy, I do not totally agree with the Myths. In this post, I simply list out my points of view regarding the Myths:

Myth 1 – Equities are Risky
Partially agree. Because all investments have their own risks in nature. These are unavoidable and very normal in general. However, I do not recommend people to take unnecessary risks. My view is doing sufficient homework can ultimately reduce unnecessary risks and increase the probability to make a right investment decision.

19 October 2012

Two Effective Ways to be Famous in the Short Term

One of the most effective ways to be famous in a very short period of time is to say something or do something that many people curious about but only few people dare to say or do so.

1. Critically Comment Celebrities
For example, you can simply critically comment some celebrities so that their "fans" or "opponents" will be attracted by your comments. What a brilliant idea to leverage celebrities' influence. Yes, celebrities may tend to ignore you in the short term. However, celebrities and people are not silly in the long term. If you are really talented, then, maybe, people may still will to buy "Nasi Lemak" from you. But, if you keep doing the same trick without "innovative" and "creative", eventually, you will be hit by "Badminton Racket".

17 October 2012

Visitors Overview via Google Analytics: Review

After around 15 months since the time I analysis the visitors of Xaivier Blog via Google Analytics tools, new statistics data shows that the I have successfully increased the percentage of Returning Visitors from 8.3% to 11.12%. This is very encouraging because maintaining the loyalty of visitors could be the toughest task for many writers.

15 October 2012

Value Investing Strategy: Review and Future Forecast - Bull Market End?

When we talk about future forecast, most people will focus on economy trend, business cycle, currency, supply and demand, politic etc. As a "tiny" value investor, I am not capable of predicting these uncontrollable events. So, what is the future forecast from a value investor like me? Since most value investors are very independent and unique, this post only discuss my personal points of view.

Yes, the only future forecast from me is just about those controllable investing decision. For example, when I decided to buy a stable dividend payout company, I could predict how much the cash in terms of dividend will flow-in to my pocket in the future. When I decided to buy a growing company, I could predict the amount of appreciation if and only if the assumptions are fulfilled in the future.

10 October 2012

About Book Voucher and Schooling Assistance from Malaysia Government

It is good for me to have another book voucher to buy my favourite books in the coming year. Suddenly, I feel that the primary and secondary students should have book voucher as well instead of the RM100 Schooling Assistance. Why? Because I believe to nurture reading habit should to be started as early as possible.

Besides, with book vouchers, the interest of students also can be protected compared to cash that can be used to buy irrelevant things. Parents also can accompany their children to use their vouchers.

Most of us know that there are few students abuse their book vouchers to buy irrelevant things. I believe most of them do not understand and appreciate the value of book so that they simply abuse their privilege that could increase their knowledge. Some people may simply have no idea what book should buy because they do not have reading book habit.