30 May 2013

Stop Screening the Market Price of Stock Market

In this post, I want to share with you about the reasons why we should Stop screening the market price of stock market daily. After a couple of weeks doing such "superman's tasks", I was totally overwhelmed. I realise no matter what decision I made, it will be wrong in a short period of time. No matter my decision was sell, hold or buy, I am going to be disappointed if I keep screening the market price movement.
No one can sell at the highest, nor buy at the lowest prices. Although most of us know about this philosophy, few of us can truly understand and practise it in our daily basis. This post records "the true" that wakes me up from doing useless activities of screening market price daily. It reminds me to focus on the most controllable tasks in the future.

25 May 2013

Three Fears in Stock Market that Investors should avoid: Market price movement

Fear is a nature emotion of human being. We feel fear when something is unknown. In other words, unknown or uncertainty causes us feel fear. In stock market investment, there are three fears that we always experience, that are, we fear market price rises after we sold; we fear market price drops when we bought; and we fear market price stucks after we bought or sold. In short, we fear MARKET PRICE movement! 

FEAR: Market Price Up

"Oh My God! Why I Cheap Sold such a Big Fish (or Winner)!" Sounds familar? Don't worry, you are not alone. I pretty sure nobody can ALWAYS sell with the highest price. Because nobody knows who is the last buyer and what is the highest price that the last buyer want to pay.

16 May 2013

Portfolio Review May 2013: Bull Versus Bear Market

After reviewing what I can learn from my pass experiences during the general election of Malaysia, the momentum of bull trend appears UNSTOPPABLE. Nonetheless, we should always bear in mind that a decision that made by EQ (emotion) has a very high possibility to lead us to the hell. Despite the fact that I failed to speculate (or time) the market trend, and most of my interested counters have been appreciated, it does not mean I should simply wait until the very next potential "tuning point".

As you can see, I still hold around 50% shares in my portfolio after realised some profits from SYMPHY(5622), COMCORP, and LBS. I also purchased some my interested companies with slightly high price, that are, MISC, Tongher, TienWah, and MBSB. Since their prices were not so attractive for me, I only made some purchases and wait for better offers, if any.

8 Reasons to Invest Gold - the World’s Most Stable Investment

In the past, the trend was to buy US dollars during financial crisis or uncertainty. However, it is clear to see that this currency holds little value for many investors.  Since this currency may not be on top forever, many investors are turning to alternative means of investing to safeguard their nest eggs.

Gold is one of the most attractive investments at a time where both currency markets and real estate are volatile. Many banks are making the transition from capital investment to gold seamless and easy. It makes sense for many investors, especially those with global bank accounts with different currencies. 
There are 8 good reasons show that international investors are using gold in ways to avoid long-term financial troubles as follows:

15 May 2013


I must admit that I was frustrated when I saw some strange debit transactions after using Paypal and Ebay on 18 April 2013 as follows :

SALE EBAY.COM.MY\\SAN JOSE\number DATED 18/04/13 RM3.00PREAUTH SALE PAYPAL\\number\ DATED 18/04/13 US$1.00 RM1.02
Even though I cannot find any official information these kinds of transaction from Paypal and Ebay website, some people highlighted that these were for verification only and will be refunded after few weeks. Since the amount is now significant, I decided to wait and see.

10 May 2013

The Opportunity of Bursa Malaysia Stock Market: A review after the General Election

One week after the general election of Malaysia, the price of Stock Market did not drop as expected. Surprisingly, most of my watch list counters appreciated from at least 10% to more than 100%. Did I miss the opportunity again. I think so. Nonetheless, I think the most important thing (besides earn money from stock market) is to learn from experience, and enhance the investment strategy in the future. This post records what the right thing I have done, and which area should I revise and improve.

The Right Thing I have Done - Sell the losers, keep the winners

02 May 2013

China listed Companies in Bursa Malaysia: HB Global (5187) - Cash is not KING

Logic, logic and logic. Logical thinking is very useful to avoid most of the traps. Logically speaking, none of investment is 100% risk-free with attractive guarantee return. In this post, I am going to record the lesson I have learnt from China listed companies in Bursa Malaysia based on my observation and experience since last two years.

Assumption - Cash is KING

All investors have their own assumptions. All the investment will provide positive returns if these assumptions are fulfilled. One of these assumptions is "Cash is KING". This is understandable because if even amount of Cash that stated in an annual report is doubtful, I think nobody has a reason to invest hard-earned money in that kind of companies.