24 October 2013

Three Innovative Tips for Using Your Credit Card

"Guest contributor Michael shares 3 tips to optimise the value of our credit card in this post."

Credit cards are handy things to have and there are a lot of benefits to owning one – it helps you build credit, fund your start up, or for just simply buy airline tickets for a quick jaunt to a beach in Malaysia. Other more popular benefits to owning a credit card is that it lets you accumulate points that could go towards air travel miles while other credit cards offer very enticing rewards such as free coffee at your favourite coffee shop or a trip to the spa. We’ll delve into some of the lesser known benefits of having a credit card.

18 October 2013

USB Air Moist Humidifier Purifier Freshener: 5 Considerations for Buyers

USB Air Moist Humidifier (also known as Purifier or Freshener) is a useful device to humidify your room and purify air simultaneously. Since they are typical small, it is quite easy to locate them properly. Hereby, I would like to list out the five things that you need to consider for USB Air Moist Humidifier purchase.

1. Volume of water tank

It is better to have a big water tank so that you do not need to 'refuel' it frequently.

11 October 2013

The 5 basic money knowledge that you should know

The five basic money knowledge that I found necessary to revise them based on my experiences are stated as follows, that are, Risk and Return, Opportunity Cost, Compounding, Time value of money, and Car loan. 

1. Risk and Return

It is well-known that the level of return is always equivalent to the level of risk taken. Nonetheless, nothing is certain in this world, so that this rule of thumb. For example, the risk may appear much higher than its actual risk due to irrational behaviour of human beings. When this situation happens, you can actually get very attractive award by taking a little risks.

04 October 2013

Free / Waive Annual Fee: Savings Account in Malaysia

No Fee Charged for Basic Saving Accounts in Malaysia. Yes, it is still 100% valid until today. Nonetheless, I still find out lots of my friends keep pay for unnecessary charge or fee annually. When I asked them why they did not apply the Basic Saving Account, misleading reasons came out, such as, it is ATM card service fee, it is passbook service fee, it is bla bla bla... In short, you never get a chance to be advised to open a basic saving account from certain selfish or ignorant bank's agents.

First, please ask yourself, how many times you use ATM service per month? If it is just twice or thrice per month, a Basic Saving Account sure is your best option. I have used Maybank Basic Saving Account for years to do my banking activities (mostly online transaction) Free-of-Charge.