22 March 2015

Revision: Investment Strategy - GST, Ringgit Depreciation, & Oil Price Drop


As an investor in Malaysia, the recent three factors that may affect my investment decision are - GST implementation, Ringgit depreciation, and oil price drop. In this post, I am going to summarize my opinion, particularly, trying to figure out potential opportunity that may once again maintain or even improve my investment return in the next 1~3 years.

Before that, I would like to re-highlight that every decision or view that stated here is based on present available data and information. If an unforeseen circumstance or event happens, all the strategies and decision (especially for those mid- or long- term plan) must be revised timely to reduce (or hopefully avoid) losses.

13 June 2014

3 Methods to Evaluate Market Price of Goods and Services


The determination of the competitive market price of Goods and Services is vital for us to optimize our hard earned money. In this post, I summary three different methods that we can use to evaluate market prices of Goods and Services.

1. Survey

Survey may be the most common method we use to evaluate the price of goods and services.

To implement survey properly, we need to gather sufficient information that come from different independent reliable resources. Otherwise, we may be misled by the bias information that we have eventually.

25 April 2014

Claim Application for Car Accidant: Etiqa Insurance Review


Having a car or vehicle insurance is compulsory for us to renew road tax annually and bring our vehicle on road. This requirement is essential to provide certain "protection" for all road users.

Recently, an unfortunate event occurred in my life - my car "accidentally kissed" other car. In this post, I am going to summarize my experience of making a claim from my insurer (i.e. Etiqa).

1. Calm down

When unfortunate event has happened, the first step is to be calm down, and do not try to blame other. Then, please check whether anyone has been injured. If it is serious, then call for medicate assistance from nearest hospital.

18 April 2014

Share Buy-Back Authority: A Review

Annually, listed companies need to seek their shareholders' agreement to renew their authority to buy-back their shares from the market. This authority can be considered as an additional option for the company to use its surplus financial resources.
All things contain both positive and negative effects. Thus, in this post, I am going to summarise the advantages and disadvantages of this financial tool in the following aspects.