24 July 2015

Seed to Plant - Controllable Versus Uncontrollable Factors

When we plant a seed into soil. There are three possible outcomes - Nothing will come out; Expected plant is grown; and unexpected plant is grown. The reasons behind could be mainly due to two factors: our personal technical mistakes (e.g. our ignorance or careless); and environmental issues (e.g. weather). The former can be classified as controllable; while the latter can be categorized as uncontrollable. In this post, we are going to discuss a way to achieve what we want via differentiating these Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors.

17 July 2015

Free Presentation Tools via Your Smartphone - Wireless Microphone and powerpoint controller - offline

Due to the intensive development of smartphone applications, we can use our smartphone as a multipurpose device. Its application can be from as simple as a torch or a calculator, to a medical diagnosis device. In this post, I am going to share with you a way to use your smartphone as an effective presentation tool, i.e. a wireless microphone and controller, for your business or presentation. These tools do not require an internet connect, but you need to use your laptop as a hotspot for your smartphone.

07 May 2015

MALAYSIA STEEL WORKS (KL) BHD [S] (Masteel, 5098) – Delay Audited Financial Statement (AFS) - Case Study


Latest Quarterly Summary: Future is going to be better.

From its latest quarterly report (2014 Q4), MALAYSIA STEEL WORKS (KL) BHD [S] (Masteel, 5098)appears to be very optimistic about the future as follows:
The Company is expected to increase its bar sales volume by 10% for the first half of the year and upon the commissioning of its new rolling mill during the second quarter, for the second half the year, it is anticipated to sell an additional 100,000 mt of high tensile steel bars.
The margin is expected to improve due to the following factors:
1) the continued decline in scrap prices.
2) the reduction in electricity tariff of 5.8% from March till June 2015.
3) higher levels of economies of scale due to higher volume of production .
4) the suspension of natural gas price revision by the Government.
5) due to the stabilizing international iron ore prices, the prices of Chinese steel imports are expected to bottom out.
The Company is expected to perform well in the following quarters based on prevailing business conditions.
The impending impositions of goods services tax (GST) on the Company’s products are not expected to have any material impact on the sales volume of the Company.

Shareholding Analysis: Something opposite

According to 2013 Annual Report, Dato’ Sri Tai Hean Leng, Managing Director and CEO of Malaysia Steel Works (KL) Bhd had around 4million Masteel shares.
However, the Managing Director disposed 4.1 Million shares on 30 Dec 2014 as that stated in Bursa Malaysia at a price of RM0.80 only. In other words, the Managing Director already disposed all the shares that directly held by him and obtained around RM3.28million cash.

Question: Why the Managing Director who was so confident with Masteel’s future sold 4million shares?

04 May 2015

Investment Lesson from Misjudgment on Market Trend in 2014~2015: Review – MALAYSIAN BULK CARRIERS BERHAD (5077)


By forecasting Market Trend, investors can position their portfolio accordingly to embrace the coming profits from the coming Market Trend. Again, everything is always easier said than done. After the sharing of Investment Lessons from Unpredictable Events in 2014~2015: PJ DEVELOPMENT HOLDINGS BERHAD(1945), in this post, I am going to share with you about my misjudgment on Market Trend in 2014~2015 - MALAYSIAN BULK CARRIERS BERHAD (5077).

Summary: MALAYSIAN BULK CARRIERS BERHAD (5077) – Bought Average RM1.55, SOLD Average RM1.38, Average Loss ~12%