02 October 2009

USB WriteProtector: Prevent USB disc from virus or spy-ware attack

How to prevent your USB disc from virus or spy-ware attack? Pendrive, external hard disc or any removable storage is the easy tool to spread virus nowadays. USB WriteProtector can be use to prevent it. No need to install and free for use now. http://www.gaijin.at/dlusbwp.php

However, I found many disadvantages after use this USB WriteProtector, that are, it cannot prevent virus from other computer to attack your pendrive as well as other pendrive attack your computer. In short, it is totally useless for me.

It is because it need to be actived first in order to provide writeprotector function. For example, if X person's pendrive is free of virus and Y person's PC got virus. The X person's pendrive will not be protected even though the software is activated in other PC. The only way to be protected if and only if the Y person's PC has been used to active this software.


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