30 April 2011

Sharing: 6 Tips to Score and Achieve Academic Excellent

After four years undergraduate study, I come out six effective study methods that might help you to achieve excellent results at the end of your study as I did. This six tips are not a secret. In fact, all of you can do it if you have strong determination and desires to accomplish excellent.

1. Never be last minute - Talent is never enough. If you are seriously to be a successful person, you should avoid to do what successful people not do. Always be prepared. Treat everyday is your exam day is my biggest secret to maintain excellent results. 

2. Be discipline - Nothing is more powerful than consistency. Ask yourself, how many times you had quited your resolution after few weeks or even few days. And how many times you have achieved your target with consistency? 

3. Ask an expert - Just ask people around you. And PLEASE, listen to them. Don't try to complain with them. Just listen and think about their advices deeply.  

4. Believe yourself - How can you achieve something which you haven't ever believe in?

5. Be attention during class - Guess what, your lecturers will teach what they are going to test you in the exam. Without paying attention during lectures, you may loss direction and have no idea what you should focus. Therefore, be attention during every lecture will definitely save lots of time.

6. Take care your health - Last but not least, you should keep exercise regularly to maintain your health. Eating healthy food like fish, vegetable and fruit are benefit to your brain.    

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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