25 April 2011

Common English Grammar Mistakes: Incidence Vs Incident

According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English:

Incidence defines "the number of times something happens, especially crime, disease etc".
For example, poverty causes the incidence of crime increase in this area.

Incident defines "an event, especially one that is unusual, important, or violent".
For example, apart from the incident in Japan our holiday was completely trouble-free.

Next, how to remember them? Let me share with you my method to remember them easily.

In fact, incidence can also be defined as "the frequency of an event". Therefore, all you need to do is you remember the last three words as bold below and link to their respective meaning:

Incidence = the frequency of an event.
Incident = Event

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4 with CD


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