20 August 2011

How to Search a House or Room for Rent / Buy

Finding a room for rent is one of the problems that many people, who are going to work far away from their hometown, must tackle it. Some lucky people can stay with their relatives or friends. But most of us need to rent a room as soon as possible. Hereby, I would like to share the free but effective tools that I use to find a house/room for rent/buy, that are, Google Maps and Google Search Engine.

1. Location
The first step is to find the company, which you are going to work, in Google Maps. It could be as simple as typing the address of the company and then click search.

2. Scope
After that, do try to list out all local residential areas you can find around the workplace from the Google Maps. This is to narrow the scope of search areas and ensure your prospect living place will not far away from your workplace.

3. Searching
When you have a list of the residential areas, you can start Google these areas with the key words of "area name + rent room or house buy".

4. Data Collection
After that, record all findings (e.g. contact information, location, and price) in a piece of paper or notepad.

5. Take Action
Next, you can start sending out email or sms to the owners to inquire further information (e.g. is the room still vacant?).

6. Live visit before making decision
Go and visit prospect room or house with few friends. And try to drive from the house to your workplace during working hour in advance if possible to experience real traffic condition from the place to your workplace.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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