17 November 2011

TESCO RM10 Cash Voucher: Download and Spend it now

Personally, I quite like the strategy of TESCO to giveaway RM10 Cash Voucher as a reward to its clubmembers. RM10 discount when you are spending a total of RM100 means you can save 10% from your purchases in TESCO. Besides, if you are using credit card and TESCO reward card (of course, you must have it to enjoy this privilege), you can get at least another 0.5% debate from your credit card and the reward card, respectively, or total at least 1%.

This time, TESCO has implemented more clear guideline for this exclusive rewards compared to previous TESCO RM10 Voucher giveaway as stated below:

1. You must have Tesco clubcard membership. This member card can earn at least 0.5% debate from every dollar you spend in TESCO based on my calculation. Besides, it does not have any annual fee and registration fee (totally FREE). So, to get it, simply register it at your nearest TESCO customer counter or Tesco outlets .
2. This Cash Voucher must be printed out by PRINTER instead of photocopy machine.
3. One Cash Voucher per transaction per day.
(To optimise your rebate, maybe you can consider ask each family members to register as Tesco clubcard member.)
4. Find out more at its Terms & Conditions

How to get TESCO RM10 Voucher
1. Go to TESCO official website: http://www.tesco.com.my/
2. Click on the picture of RM10 Voucher in the Tesco Official Website
3. Enter the number of you Tesco clubcard.
4. Download and Print it out according to the size stated in the instruction (Printing Instructions).

Lastly, I must highlight that Tesco RM10 Cash Voucher does not always available weekly, every Friday or monthly. It simply comes out without any notification. So, previously, I also missed few times of this exclusive cash debate.

Spend wisely, save wisely. Always be smart consumers and every dollar can be more meaningful than what you can imagine. That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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