20 December 2011

8 Things I Have Learnt and Experienced from a Virtual Game (Dragons of Atlantis) : Appreciation Create Fulfillment and Happiness Life

Yesterday, I suddenly realize and understand the reason why appreciation make our life more pleasant and contentment after playing a virtual game (Dragons of Atlantis) in Google Plus for around two weeks.

My journey of Dragons of Atlantis is stated as follows:
“Initially, I was given 7 days protection to build my “virtual empire”. So, I was very excited to make my “empire” stronger before the end of the protection. After having a small group of army, I tried to attack other players to obtain more resources to enhance my “empire”. Everything was nice since no
players attacked me even though I kept attacking them. Suddenly, an alert from my “sentinel” was triggered since someone was going to attack my “empire”. I was so excited and happy because it is my first time to “defend” my “empire”. However, the incoming forces were unbelievable stronger than I could imagine. As a result, all my army which was built by more than one week was gone in seconds. After that, the "attacker" sent a message for me to “advise” me so I will not “disturb” its alliances. The message is in Spanish, by the way. Luckily, by using the Google Translate, I am still able to understand the content of the message as below:

“si vuelves a quitarme un paramo o a robar a mi vecino como esta mañana,no te dejare crecer saludos”

After translating it to English: “if you go to take off a moor or steal my neighbor as this morning, I'll let you grow healthy”

Although the content is still quite confusing, obviously, it advises me don’t attack its alliances as I did before. “ After this experience, I feel that it is impossible for me to conquer it due to its very strong forces (even I use 24 hours per day to manage my “empire” is also impossible). This is because when I grow from 10 to 100, others already grow from 100 to 1000, or even more. So, it is quite pointless to have a desire to revenge or hate. In fact, people deserve what they have given. So, we don’t need to jealous, admire, envy or angry. Scientifically, according to Newton’s Third Law - For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. So, in reality, every dollar you appreciate (action), there is an equal dollar appreciate you (opposite re-action). So, do appreciate everything you have, no matter it is water, air, family, friends, or money even thought you use to have them everyday. When you start appreciate them, they will do the same thing to you.

Lastly, let’s me summarize what I have learnt from this “virtue game” before I “delete” from my Google Plus, as I promised to myself this is just “fun testing” for few days because I have more "problems" need to be conquered in real world.
1. Virtue Game really very attractive to make one forget real life.
So, instead of “wasting” time to conquer or overcome “virtual problems”, I prefer to use my precious time to conquer real problems in real life.
2. To appreciate everything I have.
Because what I have is not only because I tried my best to earn them by myself, but also because others gave such opportunity for me to have them.
3. Everyone has his or her choices to be better or worse.
So, think twice before taking any action and always responsible to our action.
4. Trading is a good way to earn money
If and only if, you know the intrinsic value of every goods and having certain amount of holding power to buy them low, sell them high.
5. Prepare for nothing is better than no preparation at all.
So, don’t find excuses to be lazy. Always be prepared.
6. Better safe than sorry.
Limited knowledge will make you over-confidence. Read more, study more, and think more, before any action.
7. You have the power to take care the weaker instead of bully them.
8. Take care your assets yourself properly.
Otherwise, other will help you take care for them. Allocate assets properly, review and re-allocate them from time to time.

See, so many things I have learnt and experienced from few days “virtual game”. So, everything in this world can bring your either disasters or fortunes, which is dependent on what action you take to it. Good bye, my Great Dragons of Atlantis, and all the best to all players. That's all for today. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated from time to time in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed, look at our sitemap or simply visit our Homepage.

Written by: Xaivier Chia


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