22 December 2011

Happy Winter Solstice (Mid Winter Day) 2011 冬至快乐 + Some Thought

It is good to have family members and friends get together during this special season. But the unlimited money always costs lots of our limited time in our daily basis.

Life is short. Enjoy more priceless pleasure. Yes, it is priceless and costs you nothing but your precious time.

So, what do you want from your priceless time? To exchange it to priceless happiness or priced pleasure? It is up to you. No one force you to have a big car, branded bag, slim and fit body, etc. This is only our personal desires to show off.

As always, human's weakness: Fear and Greed.
Fear to lose face so buying expensive (but always useless) things to show off in front of others.
Greed, buying discounted things which is always useless at the end.

So, conquer your fear and greed, you will achieve better life everyday.


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