10 March 2012

Insight: Is Fast always better than Slow in investment?

"... teaching a fish to walk; a bird to swim; a dog to fly...."

Maybe Fast is commonly recognized better than Slow. But, is the reality the same? I don't know. Maybe it only got suitable or not. If you want to drive  F1 race car, please keep fast. But if you want to walking, please walk carefully. Both of them have their own  pros and cons.

Driving F1 race car
-You can reach your desire destination faster and even reach some places who walks never reach.
Potential risk:
-You may not able to full control the car movement if the speed is over of control.
-You cannot enjoy the atmosphere along the journey because you need to focus your drive in such fast movement.

-You can talk and enjoy the things (e.g. scene, air) around you while you are walking.
-You can also talk with people around you while you are walking.
-Even unfortunately, you fall down while you are walking due to careless mistakes, it should not a big deal.
-You never reach the destination which F1 racer can reach in few days by using your whole life.

Every road can reach rome. The rome is our own very personal target or destination we want. Sooner or later. Different risk levels. Different experiences.

It is really not necessary to convince other people who like to drive F1 car to drive slowly or people who enjoy walking to walk faster.

Both of them may laugh each other, may have no idea why some people enjoy Fast/Slow. But, should we necessary fully understand each person in this world using our limited life time.

Life is short. Appreciate what we do have or do not have; Help who are willing to be help; Contribute to who want to receive; So that,
we can avoid doing silly thing like asking or teaching a fish to walk; a bird to swim; a dog to fly. These could be possible, if any only if, the fish want to walk, the bird want to swim and the dog want to fly.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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