25 March 2012

Who are investors? Time, Money, Knowledge and Skills

Answer: All people are investors.Yes, we all are investors. The differences are what we invest and why do we invest?

All of us have time, do you?
Some people invest their limited time to 'earn' unlimited things, such as money, knowledge, confidence, and status;
Some people invest their limited time to 'exchange' priceless things, such as true love, true friendship, true kinship;
And some people even invest their limited time to 'gain' temporary pleasure, e.g. drug, violence, and sabotage.

All of us have money, do you? (more or less) Among the above things we can 'earn', 'exchange' or 'gain' from our limited time, MONEY, as a currency, can be used to 're-invest' the things we want or need.

For example, we can use, recycle, or exchange more knowledge by participating a course via money. Some people feel more confidence when they wear branded shoes, watch, or having an i-phone, which need lots of money.

All of us have certain knowledge and skills, do you? Besides MONEY, both KNOWLEGE and SKILLS play as catalyst to increase our capability to "exchange" more MONEY via our limited TIME.

Now, you know what you can invest. So, why do you want to invest?
For Financial Freedom. Yes, when we achieve financial freedom, we can 'invest' our limited time to "exchange" priceless thing like true love, friendship and kinship. We also can use our limited time to help other to achieve financial freedom.

How to achive financial freedom? Here is my personal procedure:

1. Invest TIME to 'earn' MONEY, KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS:
2. Then invest the (MONEY + TIME) to enhance my KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS.
3. When my KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS reach certain level, then I will invest my MONEY + TIME multiple my KNOWLEDE & SKILLS to earn more MONEY.

So, can you see the difference between business owner and employee?
Employee use their TIME*(KNOWLEDE & SKILLS ) = Earn monthly Salary.
Business owners (or investors) use their (MONEY (or capital) + TIME)*(KNOWLEDE & SKILLS ) = Earn more MONEY

NOTE: Of course, the risk is the money (or capital) of investors and business owners will gone if the KNOWLEDGE and SKILLS is NEGATIVE (wrong).

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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