29 October 2012

5 Useful Writing Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is one of the fastest growing forms of media today. Blogs can reach a wider network of readers than traditional media. However, bloggers are too quick to publish, and this often creates the quality huff in the market. Many half hashed blogs are published by the day, most of them inaccurate, false and poorly written. To optimize the quality of blog posts, this article provides some useful and practical tips for you.

Proofread the post
Bloggers often use their blogs to convey a strong conviction, statements or views. Without proofreading in a huff to complete the post and publish, many bloggers are caught up in middle of serious grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes. The damage from open criticism about wrongful use of words and spellings can be a shaming and costly affair for your blog. The best way to avoid this and establish yourself as a force to reckon with in the field is simply proofread your work.

Right tone
Since different readers have different perspective, you should always use the suitable tone that befits your target readers. Don't forget checking and editing the tone of the blog to reflect your personality and those who subscribe to your ideas.
Double check your facts
Outlandish, commonsense-useless falsehoods, peddled on your blog tell your readers who you are. Don’t publish falsehoods unless that’s your entire blogging purpose. Instead, please ensure that the message you send out to the readers is true and factual. Avoid the controversy temptation that comes with need to be a sensational blogger. There are many looser bloggers who will beat you at reporting falsehoods and the gratification will be indeed short-lived. 
Keep it short
People are generally poor readers and therefore, shouldn’t bore with long pieces in the name of blog posts. Keep your blog post as short as possible.  If you can use fewer words to communicate, then do so.
Don’t rumble
Rambling on and on about nonsense is an unfriendly blogging. This concept which could possibly draw sensationally many comments previously is myopic. Today, you have to provide value to readers to keep that readership in the long term.
Basically, practising the above tips can ultimately claim your blog a ‘must read’.

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