05 January 2013

An Idea Housing Design: Sustainable and Eco-friendly

I believe a good housing design must fulfil the two fundamental criteria: Sustainable and Eco-friendly. Instead of focusing on those the so-called IN or fashion design, I expect my dream house to be sustainable and eco-friendly.

This article discusses what is sustainable and eco-friendly and how to be them, accordingly. However, please leave this page if you are truly enjoy to "renovate" or "re-design" your house frequently. This article only suitable to those who prefer to save their precious time and money via sustainable and eco-friendly housing design.

To be considered sustainable, a house shoule be well design so that the rate and the cost of maintainance are diminished. Many design may appear to be 'Wow' and attractive at first glance. In the long run, they may hardly to be clean up or may be very fragile. To avoid "long-term pain" from "short-term pleasure", we should only consider solid design. Besides, the material used for the design also needed to be investigated properly. Good material may be relatively expensive, but it is more worthy to save your time to maintain or even replace them in the future.

Be part of nature 
Wind: Yes, let the nature wind be your best friends; let them visit your house daily via a well design air ventilation system. Sliding window can limit the open area of a room. So, it is a not good selection if you want to optimise the open area. In short, you should have basic knowledge about air ventilation system before design your house, such as, to understand the nature of the air flow.

Sun: Yes, let the sun be your another best friend; let the sun 'see' your house daily; let it makes your house bright even without man-made light bulb. Additionally, try to install a solar plane on your house to generate eco-friendly electricity energy. If it is still too expensive, then do consider install some sort of water reservior on the house that will absorb the heat from the sun and supply warm water for bathing.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas that can make our house sustainable and eco-friendly. Consequently, it will help us save time, save money, and even save our earth in the long term. So, why you are still struggling to fix those air-conditional and water heater systems?

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Written by: Xaivier Chia


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