13 September 2013

PayPal in eBay: Transaction STILL cannot be completed - Solution

Previously I have shared about some tips that suggested by PayPal representative to overcome the error of "Transaction cannot be completed". The suggested solution appears promising. However, it still does not work for me recently.


What I have tried

After trying all "the rules of thumb" to use PayPal correctly, I still cannot complete my simple payment. "The rules of thumb" that I tried were:
1. Clear cache and cookies. Then, try to complete the payment once more.
2. Using different browser, InPrivate browser, and mobile browser.
2. Try it again within the next 24 to 48 hours
3. Make the payment from other secured network.
4. Request sellers to provide an invoice via their PayPal account to complete the payment.

Invoice does not work

Look, I even bothered my seller to prepare an invoice for me so that I can make that tiny amount of payment. Unfortunately, I still cannot make that payment based on the invoice in PayPal account. What a surprise! What I received was "An error occurred while processing your request. Before submitting this again, ...". My question is, what is the error?

PayPal works on other website?

I were almost desperate about PayPal. Surprisingly, when I simply try to complete another payment from BuyInCoins.com, it worked. The payment was done without an error.
Immediately, I thought the error was fixed by PayPal. But I still cannot complete my payment in either eBay or PayPal platform.

Send payment function also fails 

After trying these useless rules of thumb several times, I still cannot done my payment. In order to be a good buyer, I decided to send the payment directly from my PayPal account. Guess what, it did not work. What I received was "Sorry - your last action could not be completed..."

Last solution

My last solution is using the immediate solution that stated in my previous sharing. Even though it may have some drawback, I do not think I have other option to complete my payment within 24 hours.


Since PayPal works on other website (BuyInCoins.com), it appears that there is a problem between PayPal and eBay.
The payment can be done by using other option of providing my card details indicates that it is not my local bank issues.
Nonetheless, the failure for me to send a payment from PayPal platform suggests that PayPal has lots of space to improve their systems.



In short, an alternative online payment system is demanded and needed (at least for eBay in this moment) to kick out those second grade system so that the quality of online payment system can be improved.
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Written by: Xaivier Chia

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whiteTiger said...

If you can pay by "visa-debit" option on ebay then the problem is that the bank account limit is set to "not authorized." First thing first. The first thing is to set a limit of my purchase via Maybank ATM. After that, register/login your Paypal account. Then, add your debit card to your Paypal account. (P/S: Not Authorized means that it is the banking option for the card is set to 'no purchase' on the Maybank ATM. You will also need to select confirm purchases by SMS. Transactions wil not complete if this option is disabled. You will need to have one or two mobile phone numbers previously registered to your account. Once you receive the ATM verified 6-digit code then enter that into to the popup window. If popup is disabled in your browser you have to enable it. I confirmed this function by purchasing skype/google-wallet credit and then buying from eBAY using my debit card. Why should you even want to open up your bank account to paypal and give them RM10+3%. The seller usually is willing to give you a 3% discount when you contact them directly.

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