18 October 2013

USB Air Moist Humidifier Purifier Freshener: 5 Considerations for Buyers

USB Air Moist Humidifier (also known as Purifier or Freshener) is a useful device to humidify your room and purify air simultaneously. Since they are typical small, it is quite easy to locate them properly. Hereby, I would like to list out the five things that you need to consider for USB Air Moist Humidifier purchase.

1. Volume of water tank

It is better to have a big water tank so that you do not need to 'refuel' it frequently.

2. The size of membrane

Generally, USB humidifier uses some sort of membrane to "transfer" water into mist. Therefore, the size of the membrane will directly relate to the amount of mist that will be "generated". In other words, the bigger the size of the membrane, the larger the amount of mist will be generated, consequently, it will consume water faster.

3. Power adjustment

Some USB humidifier provides power adjustment function so that users can manually adjust the amount of mist for generation. It is quite important because if a USB humidifier consists this kind of function, it should contain some sort of power protection circuit that only allows certain amount of power to be consumed. Otherwise, we must use a suitable adaptor or power source for the UBS humidifier.

4. Water Level Protection function 

When the water is insufficient, a water level protection function is vital to stop a humidifier to prevent any potential damage of some important components due to lack of water. However, I still cannot find a USB humidifier that contains such important function. Thus, care must be taken to manually ensure the amount of water is always sufficient.

5. Spare parts

We should bear in mind that all devices have their life span. In other words, some parts of a USB humidifier tend to be broken faster than other. I believe that the membrane that works hardest supposedly has the shortest life span than other parts of a UBS humidifier. Nonetheless, I still cannot find a supplier who sells relevant membrane to retail buyer. Maybe most of the consumers prefer to simply buy a new one rather to replace that particular part by their own. Personally, I am still looking for a suitable membrane to fix my UBS humidifier that has broken just after few weeks usage.
That's all for today. I hope you will get some useful insight from my sharing about USB air humidifier, and have your desired USB humidifier soon.
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Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.


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