04 October 2013

Free / Waive Annual Fee: Savings Account in Malaysia

No Fee Charged for Basic Saving Accounts in Malaysia. Yes, it is still 100% valid until today. Nonetheless, I still find out lots of my friends keep pay for unnecessary charge or fee annually. When I asked them why they did not apply the Basic Saving Account, misleading reasons came out, such as, it is ATM card service fee, it is passbook service fee, it is bla bla bla... In short, you never get a chance to be advised to open a basic saving account from certain selfish or ignorant bank's agents.

First, please ask yourself, how many times you use ATM service per month? If it is just twice or thrice per month, a Basic Saving Account sure is your best option. I have used Maybank Basic Saving Account for years to do my banking activities (mostly online transaction) Free-of-Charge.

For my another bank account, unfortunately, I did not meet a good agent as I met in Maybank who helped me open a Basic Saving Account. Thus, I am still figure out a way to switch it without affecting my current banking activities.

Recently, my best friend told me she must pay RM8.00 annual to have that saving account because there is not such a thing Free-of-Charge account provided by her interested bank. Since I was doing some review on current banks service charge, I found out that she had been misled, again.

So, my final suggestion for those interested to have a basic saving account to do basic banking activities monthly is - if a particular agent tries to mislead you, record his / her name, ask to talk with his / her supervisor or boss. If they insist to mislead you to open Other Savings Account, one solution is to leave and to file a report with our kindness and helpful Bank Negara.

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Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.


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