04 November 2013

Dell Webcam Central Problem - Windows 7, Inspiron N5110 (Solved)


The model of my laptop is Inspiron N5110 with Windows 7 - 64bit. Initially, the "Settings" feature of my Dell Webcam Central was missing. Then, I decided to uninstall-re-install Dell Webcam Central. However, after that, I was unable to either remove or re-install my Dell Webcam Central. What a surprise!

What I did

The next thing I decided to do was to "force" delete the entire Dell Webcam Central from my Laptop by using an Uninstaller program. Despite the fact that I had successfully uninstalled (and removed) entire Dell Webcam Central from my Windows 7, I was unable re-install the software!

After ensuring the Driver of my Webcam is fine by using Dell diagnostic tool, I downloaded the Dell Webcam Central installer from Dell official website, and re-installed it accordingly. After several times trials, my Dell Webcam Central still did not appear in my Windows.


My Lucky Try  

After spending few hours using my "brutal force" and "Will Power" to figure any potential solution to 'revive' my Dell Webcam Central, I was attracted the directory of
C:\Program Files (x86)\Creative\Software Update\cache\Dell Webcam Central 2.01.18
Intuitively, I double clicked-on the installer of Dell Webcam Central 2.01.18 and installed it to my Laptop. My Dell Webcam Central 'revived'!
Then, I suddenly understand why an error of "newer version was found" was pop-up once awhile when I re-install my Dell Webcam Central by using either online downloaded installer or the CD that provided when I bought my Laptop, because their versions are 2.00.44, 2.00.35, and even 1.40.05 only.
Therefore, what I was thinking is - maybe, my initial problem may be solved by re-installing Dell Webcam Central using the installer of Dell Webcam Central 2.01.18 that is already in my Laptop. 


Review - Uninstaller

Although my Dell Webcam Central is functionable now, I am unable to see its name in "Program and Features". Maybe the some crucial information have been deleted by Uninstaller. Nevertheless, at least, my Webcam can be used now.
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Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.


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