08 November 2013

Oversea Travel Tips: Emergency Cash Needed?

One of considerations for oversea trip or travel is to bring sufficient money for spending. For those who frequently travel, they can simply activate their credit card for global access. However, if you are just like me, travel oversea occasionally, then you may find some useful information from the following sharing.

1. Credit Card

The first step is to let your issued bank know the DURATION and WHERE (country) you will use your credit card for security purpose. Nonetheless, I still do not quite confortable to use credit card oversea. Thus, I normally consider my second option.

2. ATM Card with Global ATM access (PLUS)

Yes, you can use your ATM card that contains Global ATM access (PLUS) function. Just like credit card, for security purpose, it is better to let your issued bank know the DURATION and WHERE (country) you will use your ATM card (activation).
Moreover, you can limit your daily withdraw amount via local ATM machine for security purpose, again. 
Lastly, please ensure that your bank have sufficient amount of money for you to withdraw in other country. If you still run out of money in your bank, then you may need to call back to ask your family (or friends) to deposit some money to your bank account.

Personal experience

Last time in Taiwan, I suddenly need extra cash to buy some thing unexpected. Luckily, I bring my Maybank ATM card with Global ATM access (PLUS) function. After calling back to Maybank customer service to activate the Global ATM access (PLUS) function, I was able to withdraw my cash from Taiwan to buy what I want.  
Besides that, I also found out that the exchange rate from Global ATM access (PLUS) is comparable with that from local money exchangers.
Even though my friends told me that Global ATM access (PLUS) will charge some fee (RM10~20), I did not see any extra fee from my transaction record.

Global ATM Locator

Lastly, the first step to use your Global ATM access is to ensure that the country you are going to visit provide this service. Thus, don't forget to do your homework via the following URL:
URL: http://www.visa.com/atmlocator/index.jsp#(page:home)
That's all for today. Wish you a happy travel and wonderful trip. More fascinating articles and sharing will be updated weekly in Xaivier Blog. So, you are welcome to subscribe our feed to receive our latest sharings.

Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.

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