31 January 2014

Free Lunch in Stock Investment: Tips or Experience Sharings

Very often, we receive tips from 'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' about:
- which counters will be the next winner,
- which counters are good for investment now,
- which counters can be invested for long term, and so on.
However, what have bothered me is - are these  'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' sincerely to help other people to earn money in stock market? This is because it is quite rare (impossible) for a person to be too free to help other to earn money. 

My points are:

1. If these 'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' are really capable of foreseeing the next winner, then they must be extremely rich now. So, do you have any idea why they still want to sell ticket or lesson for people who need their help?
2. If you have such ability to find the next winner, then, logically, you should go to bank and loan as many money as possible to give an 'ultimate strike' on this winner. After having so much profit from that particular counter, you can, of course, do as many donation as you want to help the needy. Therefore, I still cannot see any motivation to provide tips (to exchange money) if these  'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' are truly able to find the next winner.
In short, personally, I think the tips provided by these kinds of  'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' are full of conflict of interest. Thus, normally, I just ignore them.

Free Lunch

Nonetheless, I do receive many free lunch from those truly capable investors. Now, let me highlight the three main free lunch that I have received in my life (In fact, they are invaluable).

1. Experience sharing:

Successful investors do love to share their experience to help youth to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Throughout this healthy experience sharing, successful investors are given a chance to recall their thought, strategy, and experiences that consequently enhance their investment ability. On the other hand, new investors learn from their mistakes by carefully examining their personal investing strategies. Thus, it is a win-win situation.


2. Knowledge sharing:

Successful investors love to share their knowledge if time is allow. But they will be bored if you simply ask them about some basic knowledge. This kind of basic knowledge is always available and accessible easily and free-of-charged (if you are resourceful). So, please make a good impression next time when you meet successful investors by asking a good question.
In short, successful investors prefer to "teach you fish" instead of "give you a fish".
Nonetheless, most people still prefer to "eat fish without fish fish". Consequently, it provides significant market for many 'guru', 'insiders', or 'expert' to survive by providing "fish" to other, despite the quality of "fish".
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Written by: Xaivier Chia

P/S: The above sharing is solely based on personal insight and information that believed to be reliable. Your valuable feedback are very welcome.


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